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  1. Have to agree with most on here. Something special about Frankfort.
  2. WKY i was aware of Nick's injuries. Sucks hes been struggling the last few years. Hope it doesn't carry into his college career. They don't come any better than the Lee's. Great family.
  3. Red is good but Nick Lee is equally good. Had him on the ropes but couldn't hold on.
  4. PinAndWin

    Sportsmanship at the state meet

    AJ, you know I love ya but I remember reading that:)
  5. PinAndWin

    State Prediction Game 2016

    He was up by 2 and kicked him in the last few seconds to avoid a reversal. Not saying it was an easy match at all. My point was he controlled the match and maintained the lead throughout. No he did not pin him. Hats off to Trent. Hes a fine young man and an exceptional wrestler.
  6. PinAndWin

    State Prediction Game 2016

    Im assuming you mean Johnson. Logan controlled the match throughout and never lost the lead. Johnson is a solid wrestler. Not easy running the table after a huge loss in the first round. Thought Aj deserved MOW. Beating Johnson, Oxford (kid is very tough), and Angel. I don't think it gets any tougher than that. But you can't argue Dallas getting it. He beat some tough kids as well.
  7. PinAndWin

    Upset Post

    The gesture was not at the crowd it was at Collins after he headbutted him twice and wrestled a very dirty match. Anyone who says otherwise is a liar or just plain delusional. I was disappointed to see it but man I can understand why he did it. Logan was up by 8 and had already hit a suicide cradle (not a throw) once for nearfall. He was foolish enough to do it again and the trinity kid posted, kicked out and capitalized on a not very smart decision on Logans part. Unfortunately that cost him a state title. He wrestled an extremely solid tournament other than the one mistake. Im proud of the way he sucked it up and went to work. I will say I was delighted to see AJ and the Bindner family finally get one. Well deserved. Aj wrestled brilliantly and I told him he carried himself very well throughout the tournament. The way Angel handled the loss was pure class. Also very proud of Hudson and elated for him and his dad finally winning a state title. Say what you want about the officiating. It was nail biter either way and Hudson beat him a second time. He earned that fair and square.
  8. PinAndWin

    State Prediction Game 2016

    I believe the same as logan. 2x
  9. Agreed. All mentioned above can win it.
  10. I will say that Sparh is very capable. Can he beat Angel in the semis? I think its very possible. Hopefully they meet in the finals.
  11. I will be the first to congratulate Sparh on a great win. However anyone that saw the match saw Logan run out of gas. I was giving him pediatlyte to get his electrolytes back after he threw his guts up for about an hour after his Tech performance in the semis. Again, great win, but you may see a rejuvenated Logan at State. We shall see how it unfolds very soon.
  12. Meiman as I suspected was just a rumor. He's not in the regional bracket.
  13. PinAndWin

    Region 6 seeds and brackets

    Seeds saved bracket built. Come on. Make it public already.
  14. Heard Oschenbein defeated Hurst this past weekend.
  15. interesting....welcome back Johnny Meiman
  16. Cook lost to Moore by 2 I believe in OT at the Rumble. Great match. I don't believe he has wrestled the other 3 mentioned this year according to track. So to say its a big drop to #4 would be a stretch in my mind. He's capable.
  17. PinAndWin

    Conner Duals

    That's what I thought coach, then I looked at Conner's Track page and they had the schools listed by BootsN. If anyone from Conner could clarify, it would be greatly appreciated.
  18. PinAndWin

    Conner Duals

    What teams will be there this year?
  19. PinAndWin

    Conner Duals

    25 views...I guess none of you know.
  20. PinAndWin

    State Duals

    I actually heard loud feedback when the mic was dropped.
  21. PinAndWin

    State Duals

    Doesn't make any sense. Team hosting should be able to slide in.
  22. Guys you are far worse than Nature Boy would ever dream of being, because you antagonize him. Grow up.
  23. Perspective...Logan was down 4-3 on Ford with about 30 ticks left and Ford was stalling like a mother. Logan was called for an illegal hold and two unnecessary roughness calls. Which made it 8-3. Illegal hold was bogus. 2 hard cross faces were borderline. He got beat but that match was anyones down to the end. The paluska kid was a quality wrestler. Logan was the 1 seed. Paluska was his first match. He overlooked the kid. Wouldn't warm up. What can I was a learning experience. He beat him easily for 3rd. Both angel and mason were wrestling up the week mason beat him fairly handedly. Mason wrestled a not very smart match at the rumble in my opinion. Angel is too good tone not be on your A game. Angel, AJ and Trent are all studs and it's going to be a very fun weight class to watch come state time.
  24. PinAndWin


    I officially don't like snow anymore. Ruins great weekends of wrestling.