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    Winning isn't everything, but wanting to win is.
  1. door1

    Region 8 prediction.

    i think brad williams of perry will pull an upset on jayce carr of johnson central.
  2. door1

    Region 8 prediction.

    i think ur all wrong u cant win region @135 cuz i am
  3. door1

    region 8

    chris is a good wrestler and the last thing he does in a match is stall so if u have wrestled chris so many times then wat r u so confused about because he doesnt stall.
  4. door1

    region 8

  5. door1

    region 8

    103: 1.Justin Gross Let 112: 1.chris cory per 2.Robert Ankrom JC 119: 1.luke troxell wayne 2.tyler smith let 3.brad williams per 125: 1.jayce carr jc 2. 130: Zach Salyers JC (zach will prolly still be at 125) Vincent Lewis MCC 135: Greg Hibbard Per (will wrestle 130 or 135 hasnt decided yet ether way top contender for regional title) 140: 1.Matt Slone SC 2.Aaron Dodd Way I heard Duncan Caddell wasnt wrestling.. Slone vs. Grimm will be a great match tech vs strenghth.. 145: Avery Ray SC Zach Troxell Way Larry Sammons MCC 152: JJ Jude JC Casey Delong SC 160: Preston Shoopman MCC (cant wait to see him and Lee wrestle again.. always fun) Todd Sites JC Mathew Sullivan Way 171: Austin Stepp SC Andy Perry McC Soloman Vanover Whit Jordan Jones Way Sam Preston JC 189: Brad Stafford SC Samuel Vanover Whit 215: Cody Mink Way Cody Hollon Per (cody wrestles for pike central now) 285: Ryan Harlow JC Tyler Pace Way
  6. door1

    region 8

  7. door1

    Region 8

    David Phillips who?
  8. door1

    Region 8

    Greg Hibbard will be a top contender at 130lbs. I dont knows why he is gettin overlooked
  9. door1

    Region 8 Tourny

    i think it will end up being hibbard and slone in the finals @ 135
  10. door1


    i think brad stafford will win it all. :mrgreen:
  11. is zach salyers wrestling 125 or 130 for region?
  12. is matt slone goin 135
  13. door1

    best matchs in region 2 part 2

    grimm(jchs) and hibbard(pcc) will be a good match to watch...