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  1. raise hell-head pe undead-hollywood undead break stuff-limp bizkit walk-pantera :mrgreen:
  2. lawrenceCo140

    What wrestler will you miss the most?

    im gonna miss ryan kelly. hes amazing...words cant describe how hard he works for everything...i wish him luck in life past highschool :-(
  3. lawrenceCo140


    it was a good match, but matt deserved, he got cheated out of back points and on a take down, but ervin pulled it out in the end, cant take away from that.
  4. lawrenceCo140

    State Tournament

    chiba's speed is crazy for his weight, but he if anyone gets him out of the first period he is gased, but he is a great wrestler :mrgreen:
  5. lawrenceCo140

    Ryan Kelly vs Jordan Whiting

    kelly would win it. whiting has amazing speed for a heavy weight, but whiting couldnt out power him. it would come down to who can perform under pressure, which ryan kelly done all through the tourniment :wink:
  6. lawrenceCo140

    135 top #1

    matt sloan will win the whole thing...he's a beast and is just the best 135 in the state
  7. lawrenceCo140

    Region 8 results

    i wrestled tyler grimm in my first match at regionals he's the best 140 in the state...i cant wait to wrestle him next year, its always a pleasure watching him, or wrestling againts him , i wish him all the luck at state :mrgreen:
  8. lawrenceCo140


    yeah you'll get to wrestle 112 as long as you dont get above 114 because you get 2 lbs after christmas :-)
  9. lawrenceCo140 HS Rankings 2008/2009 - JAN 7

    i dint understand how the Lawrence county program isn't ranked. they have the best coaching staff in eastern Kentucky, led by Todd norton and assisted by 3 time state champion Jacob murton and his brother 2 time state champion jarius. theyre gonna a tough team when they get to their regionals. they have 3 really good wrestlers in the Rigsby brothers and Ramsey Compton...theyre young but dont count them out