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  1. pinthis

    Help north Hardin youth tourney

    Does anyone know what time the 1st session begins?
  2. pinthis

    Free clinic at the Bluegrass State Games

    Thanks for doing this Charger! It's going to be a good day for wrestling in Kentucky!!
  3. pinthis

    Trinity Open Mats Mon/Thur 5:30-7pm

    Is Trinity having open mats this Thursday?
  4. pinthis

    Open Mats - Post here

    Please post you open mats here and give times and days. If you're going to shut down for a couple of days or a week, list that, too. Thanks!
  5. pinthis

    Trinity Open Mats Mon-Thur. 5:30-7pm

    Will you have open mats the weeks of 7/8-7/11 and 7/15-7/18? Are you doing remote weigh-ins for the Bluegrass State Games this year?
  6. pinthis

    Anywhere but Alltech, Please

    Memorial has women's basketball and gymnastics in February. May be tough to find an open weekend.
  7. pinthis

    Anywhere but Alltech, Please

    Personally I would love to see it in Louisville, because Lexington either has or is getting everything else. The baseball state championship is also played there. But if you do it in Louisville, parking is the issue. Some places don't have enough, and others charge too much.
  8. pinthis

    Raider Rumble (Youth Tournament)

    You guys did a fantastic job with this tournament! Other than the BGSG, this was our first youth tournament and we were very impressed.
  9. pinthis

    Schools Adding wrestling

    Some promotion for wrestling may have already started,although not how we would have expected. The mainstream media has included wrestling in recent TV shows and movies (The Middle, Suburgatory, Diary of a Whimpy Kid), which is a good start and long overdue. I've also seen it on some of the young teen shows my kids watch on Disney and Nick. I have always thought that it would be pretty cool to see wrestling featured during half- time of a HS basketball game. Have the mats ready to go, roll them out, tape them down, then wrestle a couple of matches with wrestlers from each of the schools. Maybe just 1 minute periods. Have the announcer call the points when they're scored since most people don't understand and to create more excitement. Last year we had a Saturday dual against a rival school that had just added wrestling that season. It was the last Saturday before regionals and we had a pretty nice crowd. People were saying that if they knew it was that good, they would have come to more matches. Sometimes that's all it takes.
  10. pinthis

    Schools Adding wrestling

    I really don't think Title IX is the issue in most cases, especially at medium to large schools like Ballard, Male (which has it now), etc.. Volleyball is the offset sport for wrestling at most schools. Field hockey for football. Every other male sport has a female sport counterpart. Regarding medium to large schools that don't have wrestling - Most schools don't want to dedicate the space to wrestling for a mat room, they certainly don't want to give up the gym, and there is an initial cost for a mat that must be covered and wrestling doesn't generate much revenue. Plus, if there is space that could be dedicated to wrestling, there are coaches in other sports that want that space and those sports already exist within the school. In some cases of schools that once had prominent wrestling programs, football coaches came in and took the wrestling space for their football team. Football coaches that don't like their players wrestling usually have 3 problems with it. The first is cutting weight, the second is the weight room time that wrestlers miss when they are wrestling. Both are absurd reasons, but it's all about perception. And the last is inuries, which is the most ridiculous reason I have heard coming from a football coach. It's not hard to find outstanding HS football players in the state of Kentucky that wrestled. JJ Jude, Mister Cobble, and Jordan Tenyson come to mind.
  11. pinthis

    St. X open mat

    How long will you guys be doing open mat?
  12. pinthis

    Master Open Mats & Clubs Listing

    Thanks Coach! USA card and anything else? Also, are elementary kids allowed?
  13. pinthis

    Master Open Mats & Clubs Listing

    Any open mats July 10th -12th in Louisville?
  14. Are you doing open mat after the dead period? If so, what days and times? Thanks