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  1. ocwrestler

    Class of 2012

    Chase Boone 220 wins,2x regional champ,5x state qualifier. state placements{ 6th,4th 2nd ]
  2. ocwrestler

    Ft Knox

    the match between Boone and killebrew was the worst officiating i have seen. the ref cheated Boone out of 3 points to lose 4-2. this match also effects regional seeding. I believe KHSAA should do something about the refs that arent qualified to officiate.
  3. ocwrestler

    vote for MOW

    Ok the kid is state champion dont bash him. He worked hard for it and apparently was the best 215 in the state or he wouldve lost in the finals. He beat a great wrestler to win state so quit bashing him.
  4. ocwrestler


    Kyle Terry is going to win state
  5. I heard Kyle Terry is going 130, is this true?
  6. ocwrestler

    state tournament pics

  7. ocwrestler


    For you that can't make it to Frankfort, live coverage at www.khsaa.ihigh.com starting at 4pm central time.
  8. ocwrestler

    Updates from State

    They are just in first round consolations. OC has 3 still in it. TYLER and CHASE BOONE 2-0, Jacob Bennett 1-1. Good Luck Boys.
  9. ocwrestler

    Updates from State

    I can tell you that Tyler (125) and Chase (112) Boone from OC both won their first match.
  10. ocwrestler

    pray before we play at state tournament.

    you can count the oc wrestlers in. Well, I can't speak for all of them but the Boone's are in for sure.
  11. ocwrestler

    Paduach Tillighman Duals

    and OHIO CO
  12. the first pin was in the 1st period the 2nd was about a minute into the 2nd not that late of pins
  13. I agree he is a tough wrestler but he did not almost beat Chase Boone I have pinned him both times we have wrestled
  14. ocwrestler

    112 in region 1

    yes who is gonna be ur 119
  15. ocwrestler

    112 in region 1

    no i can make 112 on the 7th