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  1. jbigdaddy

    Open Mats

    I think we've all recovered and had plenty of time off. So, when and where are the open mats? I'm particularly interested in the Hardin, Jefferson, and Oldham counties.
  2. jbigdaddy


    ^^ get a job, dork !! JK, jk ...
  3. jbigdaddy


    I know it's easy to bash the KHSAA leadership, and I'm not here to defend them. It does bother me that the wrestling background is missing from the leadership group that makes decisions for our sport. How hard would it be to find a reputable, successful, and experienced wrestling coach to take the reigns as commissioner of wrestling for the KHSAA? I also hope someone will keep track of participant numbers, particularly those who drop out due to moving the tournament to the second week of March. Some will drop because they have moved on to baseball / track season, others because they simply ran out of gas in February, and I can't help but think that others will drop because they simply don't want to manage their weight for another three weeks. I don't know what better scenario is out there, but moving the tourney until mid-March will be especially hard on some wrestlers (and coaches).
  4. jbigdaddy

    Region 3

    I know some of these weights have changed: Hoffman-FC (152), Barrett-Sout (170), Childress-PRP out for the season with a back injury, Weird-Fair (220), and Steven Brown-Doss (195). There may be other changes also, but I know of these. North Bullitt's 170 is pretty decent, and Bullitt East does have several solid, as does Bullitt Central.
  5. jbigdaddy

    Wrestling in Bowling Green

    I would love to see our state target Bowling Green as an area to expand our sport. The number one greatest commitment to Bowling Green would be to hold our state tournament there for several years. That would showcase the sport in that area, and it would also show the "powers that be" that wrestling brings good crowds and there is public interest.
  6. jbigdaddy

    need head wrestling coach

    Head Wrestling Coach needed at Louisville area high school. Program is established. Please text or call 502-681-5213 and be prepared to email a resume. Thanks.
  7. jbigdaddy

    Open mat index

    Plenty of places to train this summer, stay busy preparing for next season.
  8. jbigdaddy

    Open mat index

  9. jbigdaddy

    Fallen Wrestler

    Sorry Coach Founder, what a tragedy. Also sorry for the loss to the Bourbon County wrestling community.
  10. jbigdaddy

    Open Coaching Positions

    Pleasure Ridge Park High School in Louisville is also looking for an Assistant Coach. This coach will continue the development of the upper weights, so experience wrestling the heavier style is required. If interested, contact Athletic Director, Craig.Webb@jefferson.kyschools.us or Head Coach, Joseph.Frech@jefferson.kyschools.us.
  11. jbigdaddy

    Open Mats

    Any new additions to the open mat schedule?
  12. jbigdaddy

    Open Mats

    I received word that Nathan Boston is hosting an open mat tonight at Fern Creek at 6:30. Should be a good one.
  13. jbigdaddy

    2014 Kentucky USA Wrestling Folkstyle Belt Series

    Might be a dumb question, but this is my first summer tournament. We did remote weigh-ins and wrestling begins at 10 am. Do we roll in at 9:30 or do we need to be there earlier to pay the fee, etc.? Thanks. Found it on the other thread. Thanks.
  14. jbigdaddy

    Open Mats

    Male HS this Saturday evening, March 8th. 7:00 - 8:30. Bring USA card.
  15. jbigdaddy

    Open Mats

    Rivercity - Tuesday and Thursday at 5:30 beginning March 4th. USA card required.