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  1. ManBearPig

    Team KY at fargo

    Looks like just Cornett and Myers still in it
  2. ManBearPig

    Team KY at fargo

    With the event getting ever closer who all is going to represent the state?
  3. ManBearPig

    Flo Rankings

    Congrats that's awesome
  4. ManBearPig

    Brute Nationals

    Looks like Chandler Martin also got 5th
  5. ManBearPig

    Brute Nationals

    Looks like KY had 2 AA there with Ackley pinning his way through and Dulak getting 5th congrats to both of these kida
  6. ManBearPig

    Any good open mats in Louisville?

    And J-town
  7. ManBearPig

    Border Brawl and Flo Premiere League 5 .

    Congrats to Austin on his 18-2 Tech fall that's awesome
  8. ManBearPig

    KHSAA TV Announcers Are A Joke

    It was a Nebraska match its on YouTube somewhere
  9. ManBearPig

    Trea Blackwell

    Pretty sure it is an accomplishment, he can't control how many teams are there and who he wrestles but he did beat a tough senior in morales who's ranked and deserves a congrats
  10. ManBearPig

    Wrestlers who excel at MMA

    Do aldo and Pettis have wrestling backgrounds?
  11. ManBearPig

    Currently Wrestling In College

    Hardy Hendren is wrestling for VMI
  12. ManBearPig

    Wrestlers who excel at MMA

    Tyler Voth is out at team alpha male with TJ dillashaw and Uriah Faber
  13. I don't think North Oldham has won a state title
  14. ManBearPig


    Dakota jones from Central Hardin got DQ'd first rd for an illegal slam and was the 1 seed
  15. ManBearPig

    Camps Closer to Home

    All the wrestling colleges in ky put on camps over the summer