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  1. I want to see somebody cut weight or bulk up and give Harrison Courtney a run for his money......ANY TAKERS? Is this John Fahy kid as good as everyone says? Never saw him........Dustin Thomas finally got some respect. #3. Hes a tough kid and with a good draw could very easily take third. Im going to state this year. Stengel you have to upstage what you did last year, but in my day I would have never had the balls to wear long johns. That was classic. I had the lucky UK sockhat every where I went. Finally had to retire it....lol :mrgreen:
  2. Shame Bryce Alexander wont be able to compete at 135 in KY this year. Him and Luke Ervin had some dog fights. They would have been an exciting matchup, maybe in the state finals the way the state tournament goes. He'll be wrestling in Missourri. Somebody to keep a look out for. Scotty Hogan may have had a chance to place at 130. He beat Joe Young decisively last year and he is ranked #12 in the state......Would have definitely been an exciting year for Henderson County this year......But the coaches had a lot of fun, and the schoolboard and superintendent did not want to hear anymore. I really have to say they left a bad taste in my mouth and really hurt region I wrestling and the sport altogether.
  3. Dee Lovell ranked 10th in the state at 112........hmmmmm, I dont buy it. This kid is tough. I have a hunch top three possibly top two finish.
  4. uncleruckus

    Henderson County program needs your help!

    You know the team was really looking to have there best year in a five year exhistense. Henderson has many ranked wrestlers in the state, and has been ranked as high as 23rd in the state. All coaches are volunteers, we have always provided our own practice, transportation budget, and tournament fees. Going to a mid 20's ranking from almost the bottom of the list just a couple of years ago, is a big step. We are asking for help from anyone who would like to see wrestling grow as a sport. Thanks, Coach Cole
  5. uncleruckus

    Henderson County program needs your help!

    You know its funny you say that. Because Henderson does have a coed cheerleading team. They have at least one boy doing somersaults and what not at each basketball game. Ive seen it myself. Im calling the schoolboard to see what we can do about an appeal. But yeah, any monitary donations would be great. We have consulted a lawyer, but the price to represent has not yet been determined.
  6. uncleruckus

    update Henderson wrestling

    http://www.hchs.henderson.k12.ky.us/staff_pages.htm Contact info can be found on the website, if anyone would like to voice their opinion.
  7. uncleruckus

    5 match rule and tourney time

    I have been to several Indiana wrestling tournaments as a wrestler and as a reporter for a couple of newspapers. As a general rule, they ran nice and smooth, but that may not be all of them. Kentucky faces the problem of inexperience. When a coach puts on his first tournament it is hard to get good schools to come, especially if the first attempt is not well organized. Coaches need to work together with new coaches to allow for a good season for all. Parents help usually and brothers and sisters too, but they may be inexperienced. The coach really needs to plan out everything, and expect things to go wrong and already have a mapped out way to fix them, or get that guy from Caldwell County. He can run a tournament very well.
  8. uncleruckus

    update Henderson wrestling

    I coached these boys for the past 3 or 4 seasons, and I must say it was hard to look into their dejected faces at the board meeting. But I was really proud of them. They didnt stay sullen very long. I have always tried to instill that wrestlers fight until the final whistle sounds no matter what the score and no matter who your wrestling. These kids have been told no, and they are still fighting. Henderson County has a stomp team, yes a stomp team. A mulitude of cheer, dance, and every other sport the state offers. But for some reason providing funds for a wrestling team that is up and coming is out of the question. They are one of the biggest schools in KY, and myself along with a handful of guys have volunteered our time to coach these fine young men. We have never asked for any money, we havent even practiced in their facilities. The school signed off on this team since it began to go to the state tournament. Its just kind of cold that they would turn their back on their own kids. Thats all I have to say. Coach Cole
  9. uncleruckus

    update Henderson wrestling

    The Henderson County school board on Monday night voted not to elevate the Henderson County High School wrestling team to varsity status. Superintendent Thomas Richey said there were several reasons for the decision. The primary reason is Title 9. The district is spending $19,000 more on male sports than it is on girls sports, he said. Also, coaches are required to be paid. The head coach must receive $2,000 and the assistant coach must receive $1,500. Other issues include unknown transportation costs, wrestling supplies and uniforms, and the costs of renting a practice facility. When that was added all together, it came to between $10,000 and $11,500, Richey said. The wrestling team has operated as a club sport for the past four years without the financial backing of the school system. Parents and coaches organized fundraisers to pay for expenses. The team was allowed to compete against other high school teams during the regular season and the postseason, including the Kentucky High School Athletic Association state tournament. However, last February, the KHSAA advised Henderson County athletic administrator Jody White that "club sports do not exist in the eyes of the KHSAA," and that club teams are not eligible to compete in KHSAA-sanctioned events. "I think they (the KHSAA) just now realized what we were doing," Richey told The Gleaner last month. "I'm not bitter, just disappointed," said Dennis Daugherty, whose son Jackson was a senior on last year's team. "The kids put in a lot of work. They're passionate about the sport." The team has sent wrestlers to the state meet every year since 2005, including an all-time high seven last year. It is ranked 23rd in the state and has nine ranked wrestlers. Timothy Hogan is a parent whose son, Timothy Scott Hogan, is ranked 11th in the state. The elder Hogan said his son has received a full ride to wrestle for four years at the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy in Kings Point, N.Y. However, he said his son must complete his senior year of wrestling to keep the scholarship, and may have no option other than to transfer to another school. "I think it's pretty wrong that they are going to take away wrestling when kids are getting scholarships," he said. "This is a shame. My heart's been ripped out, and my son's, too. This team has some great talent." Hogan said a lot of kids didn't want to go to school if not for wrestling. He added that the club has been surviving on $3,000 each year, and that one year it cost $2,500 to operate. Brandon Cole, one of the coaches, does not get paid for his services. He has been with the team for three years. He said he was 19 when he started volunteering as a coach and he has developed close friendships with the team members. Sherry Higgins has a son, Alex Higgins, who is ranked 16th in the state. He made it to nationals in the eighth grade. His dream was to go to college and wrestle. Christie Dukes'son, Corey Roberts, went to state in his first year of wrestling. He will be a freshman this year. She said he's already been looking at colleges to see if he can get a wrestling scholarship. She said wrestling has helped her son become more disciplined. "It's just aggravating to us to see them (the school board) take this away from us," she said. One parent said the wrestling club would appeal the board's decision. Richey said that under state law, there is an administrative procedure that says the club can ask for an appeal hearing within 30 days. That appeal would be heard by the local school board. "I'm not opposed to wrestling," Richey said, "It's just a matter of budget cuts, and problems with Title 9 compliance, and facility needs. It started out as a club sport, and no one ever promised that this would be elevated to varsity status."