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  1. top shelf

    Help Me Fix The State Finals

    I couldn't agree more with NPaden93 and also others, as a 2x state champion and 3x finalist I remember dreaming running under the spotlight for the finals. You don't only train everyday during the season but year round for yrs to be the best and be a state champion, unfourntaly they can't do it in Frankfort like they use to because of having 32 man brackets. This just water downs the tournament at the same time Kentucky is deff on the rise in quality and competition, when I graduated in 2001 only 1 other wrestler received a D1 scholarship in the previous 5 or 6 yrs before I did and now a bunch have since, it's an honor to make a state tournament and in many regions you only have to win one match to make it. I don't think the problem is the ky horse park, it's a great arena for the tournament but more on the people calling the shots all the medal rds from 3rd to 8th place should be wrestled at once with the championship finals wrestled alone on one mat one match at a time. The kids who put in blood sweat and tears yr round for yrs to get there deserve being the sole match going on with all eyes on them
  2. top shelf

    Watching State

    Yes the finals have been available to watch online the last few to several years, it was commentated by Rusty Parks but haven't found this yrs yet and it did it the last few yrs without charging for parking, the state tournament could not be held in Frankfort anymore even though I loved the spotlight there are just too many wrestlers in it now since they have watered down the state tournament by making it a 32 man bracket from 16 at the same time that ky is on the rise in quality. Yes the semi state tournament in Indiana can be a really bad thing at times cause only one kid makes it from semi state. For example Naton Boston only lost one match in his career but didn't make it to state as a freshman in Indiana due to getting 2nd in semi states. You want you watch great great wrestling. Watch the Indiana finals this yr. I can't remember what weight it was off top of my head, one of the 130's it featured the no 1 and no 2 kid in the country with one wrestler having a 187-0 career record I believe it was. A great match
  3. top shelf


    The majority of my matches were in extremely tuff ohio tournaments and was one of the first ky wrestlers to compete in several national tournaments. Dont worry about seeding, it just sets you up for failure looking at seeds. show up ready to compete and to be your best. You do that and ky wrestlers will take care of business as I know they are capable of. Ill take a high placer over a high seed any day
  4. Dont find many opportunities to learn from a wrestler of this caliber. Top riding is most underrated area of wrestling in HS and youth wrestling that is not worked on correctly or enough. To beat high level of competition you must be able to ride and turn opponents. Nick Simmons has the most unique style and can control you from the top position better than you will ever see. 208 pins and tech falls in 211 hs matches speaks for its self
  5. top shelf

    E: 60 documentary on Fairdale wrestler

    Incredible story about a true champion. What stood out to me was the heart it takes someone to have the desire to continue a sport so hard after losing so many matches first. Its hard to continue to show you when you haven't felt the taste of success. Being a former 2x state champion and collegiate wrestler and now being confined to a wheelchair myself, im just disappointed I didn't know about Will sooner as I would of loved to get on the mat and roll around and teach a thing or two to this fine young man
  6. top shelf

    This years suprises

    something I believe everyone should recognize is that the very last match of the state tournament, dixie coach was ending 57yr career in his final match we will ever coach he not only went out a win but also coached dixie to their first state champ was there any who deserved the last match like him. No way. He deff went out with a bang . You have done so much for this sport over the past 50+ years. I wish the best of wishe in anything you choose.
  7. top shelf

    This years suprises

    There is simply no doubt about this one. David Carr beating Blackwell who is an ironmam placer and competing with the nation's top kids and going to Oklahoma next yr. It blew my mind to see how well David over came his lack of muscle maturity he down in his loss at the rumble
  8. top shelf

    Tough Quarterfinal match ups

    There is no way to avoid quarter final match ups that should later in tournament with a 8 region 32 man bracket format. It's just something we got to deal with under that format which I'm not a big fan of
  9. 126, 132, 138 is off a little
  10. top shelf


    Congrats on impressive job by Ervin and Blackwell, at ironman you better bring your A game every min. Many NCAA champions and All Americans have gone through the iron man. After seeing all the matches I would have to say trae impressed me the most
  11. top shelf

    Raider Rumble

    Mike frankrone, yes I agree with you that the outcome in boxing is easily effected most by reff, but where is it that you saw this reffing and it effecting outcomes
  12. top shelf

    Raider Rumble

    Fuasz is an incredible challenge and match for Bowsier but it sure won't be his tuffest competition all yr
  13. top shelf

    state champs if we had two classes

    In grappler. They are not partial to NKY schools, NKY is the strongest region and produces the most talent
  14. top shelf

    state champs if we had two classes

    Silly question, their is not even close to enough schools to have 2 divisions