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  1. BC FROG

    2010 Season Review

    Found results from 2005 Region 2 Tourney on KHSAA.org looks like Josh went 2-2 at state that year which would give him 31 wins according to KHSAA Josh Johnson will definitely go down as one of Kentucky's Best!! Josh is a great kid too!!!! Weight: 103 1st: Mason Bradbury, Central Hardin High School 8th 33- 1 2nd: Josh Johnson, North Hardin High School 7th 29- 12 3rd: Carlos Jauregui, John Hardin High School 8th 19- 14 4th: Aurthur Ohmes, Fort Knox High School 9th 26- 22 5th: Tristen Hines, LaRue County High School 8th 16- 17 6th: Corey Vincent, Anderson Co. High School 8th 13- 16
  2. BC FROG


    Ryle does have some good individuals such as osborne, palmer, and t.j. but they lost all their guys from 171 to hwt. so idk if they will be a complete team
  3. wow bernard ray at 189? 160 to 189 is alot of wieght. is it steriods or potatoe chips?
  4. BC FROG

    Who's Going to Ryle's Camp ?

    Hear some Ohio boys are coming. Should be good camp?
  5. why did you move jake up to 171 anyway?
  6. BC FROG

    Open Mat AT Campbell County

    will jake lee be there? what bout ryle and ohio guys?
  7. BC FROG

    Caleb Ervin

    Caleb was already ranked Nationally amongst the best Freshman/Sophomores in the Country. He should move up in the rankings after his performance at Nationals. He might even crack the "All Class" Rankings. Caleb is a great kid and it was fun watching him wrestle at Nationals Congratulations to Caleb and Coach Ervin on a great sophomore year. http://www.wrestlingusa.com/02%20wusa%20web%20root/highschoolbest/2008HighSchoolSoFrRankings.html
  8. BC FROG

    What wrestler will you miss the most?

    hands down jordan whiting!! i love watching him get upset and even watching him beat up on some fat kids is fun
  9. BC FROG

    top 10 sophmores in the state

    Ervin really the only one in his class with a shot at winning multiple titles?
  10. BC FROG

    Open Mats?

    Cooper has open mats every wendsday from 6-8 you do need a usa card
  11. BC FROG


    160- JAKE LEE!!! nobody even thought he would place!! he got second in the region AND at state!! jake lee really stepped it up last weekend. i mean he gave courtney a match unlike most people. even though courtney did beat him he wasnt outstanding because hes a 4 timer now
  12. BC FROG

    region 6 seedings?

    Looks like 152 is going to be an exciting weight class to watch this weekend!!!!!!!!! It's on like Donkey Kong!!!!!!!!
  13. BC FROG

    region 6 seedings?

    If these seedings are correct? @ 152lbs how did a kid ranked 3rd in the State get a #4 seed in the 6th Region?
  14. BC FROG

    Region 6 at state

    Alot depends on the random draw but here is a list of wrestlers who have a chance (some odds better than others )of being in the finals for region 6. But don't count out any wrestler not mentioned there are always suprises at the Regionals/State Tournament. 103 Ruschell Ryle 119 Osborne Ryle 125 Palmer Ryle/Schneider Campbell County/Supe Scott 130 Norbury Simon Kenton/ Bates Cooper/ Lonkard Ryle 135 Roland Ryle 140 Shotwell Campbell County 145 Brown Campbell County/Bolog Ryle 152 Black Campbell County /Mace Ryle 160 Lee Campbell County / Coyle Ryle 171 Hogben Ryle 189 Bradford Ryle/ Stevens Scott 215 Ilg Campbell County 285 Gronefeld Dixie
  15. BC FROG

    Region 6