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  1. WHS98

    Bryce Sheffer

    Coach Roth that is an EXCELLENT idea.
  2. WHS98

    Bryce Sheffer

    My deepest sympathy goes out to the Sheffer family.He was an outstanding young man and one of Kentuckys all time greats.May God bless all the family and friends in this time of need.
  3. WHS98

    NAIA Championships

    Soon as I read the story about Tessari and his comeback I immediately sent it to Aj.Great story,kids his age loose their way all the time but it was great to see him turn it around.After 2 years in row in which Aj beat a kid that wrestled for the national championship and him not even in the tournament,well need say he is on the verge of throwing in the towel.I think it would be a big mistake but its his decision.Congratulations to all our ky young men that represented us so well.
  4. WHS98

    NAIA Championships

    Congratulations to Brandon Reed for AA. Well done young man
  5. Although I said I wouldn't post on this site again,I feel it's the college forum and not high school.Aj Bindner just completed an amazing season that comes to an untimely ending due to skin disease.People had been asking me what happened, and so nothing gets distorted I decided to post what happened.Aj was coming off a year in which he had 2 knee surgeries and his 6th surgery due to wrestling.After a year,last year,in which it was so bad he packed up and came home.He started the year off unranked and quickly climbed it like he would a rope.After the first month he went to 14th.Then after finishing 2nd in the toughest NAIA tournament of the year and beating an AA ranked 4th,He climbed to #6.The day before conference in which he is seated only behind the returning National Champion,he came down with bad skin disease and was not going to pass skin check.He had been on oral medicine and creams to prevent it but it still didn't work.I watched him go from a kid they laughed about being a ky state champ to a real contented for AA.So I know how rumors fly about why a kid is or isn't wrestling and I wanted to nip that real quick.He had an amazing comeback and I am very proud of him no matter what he decides in the future.
  6. It was brought to my attention that the comments i made could lead to ranger no longer making his rankings.That is in no way what i wanted to happen.I let out some of my frustration on here by trying to get him to admit to a ranking on a kids behavior.This all came from an incident over the summer. Aj bindner my son cussed a coach.I in no way condone that behavior.Like i have always said when i was coaching " you can't coach all kids the same".Me and his coach were addiment that we were going to get him to practice this summer.Even though thats not what he wanted to do.If it had not been that it was going to be his senior year it would not have been that big of a deal.But we both felt like he needed to be there.He was coming off a small but nagging injury in which he was sometimes questioned about its authenticity.But believe me i have the doctors bill to prove it.I questioned aj about why he would cuss his coach.His response was"he kept putting me with one tough kid after another".Well to anyone else that would sound great because that means he is getting one heck of a workout.But that is not always the same with kids.When he is put out in the center for all to watch and he is not near at his best then odds are he is going to lose.To most people that is no big deal.Its just practice right.Not to aj.He has something i can't explain about having to win at everything.If you thing i am exaggerating i can show you some medical records of an incident that happened his freshman year.He is diagnosed with adhd but he had so many side effects with the meds we would choose not to put him on it.Well his freshmen year we had to rush him to the hospital because he went into what looked like a seizure.I thought he had some type of brain tumor because he was shaking violently.They kicked me out of the room because i demanded they do something.After it was all over and they ran many test the doctors came to me and i am expecting to get bad news.They asked me what was going on in his life.I said the only thing is he started high school and he wrestles.They asked does he put any pressure on himself.I said with a laugh yes he hates to lose but what the heck does this have to do with what happened.They replied,they have seen this befoe and it is caused by built up stress.Now i like anyone else said come on no way did stress do that.Their reply was stress can build up in people until they release it.All people release it different but they will eventually release it.I have seen kids get exhausted and do and say things they don't normally do.One kid left practice and didn't come back for awhile.Other kids start balling crying.I have tried to console a kid and he told me to F-off.I held no ill will toward him because i knew he wasn't in his right frame of mind.Aj was mentally and physically broke that day at practice.I have had to deal with some pretty crazy things raising him.Some times i support him and sometimes i don't.When i tried to trick ranger into saying his rankings were based on behavior and not results and he brought up that day i figured i was right.Now you can say aj is cocky and arrogant and i will never say a word .I have learned to deal with it.But you cant take away from his talent as a wrestler and all the hard work he puts in.Just ask his high coach who works the hardest at practice.I get that people don't like him. Growing up i hated Mohammad Ali because he danced and ran his mouth but anytime someone ask me who was the best boxer ever it only takes me a second to reply Ali.Aj has issues and if you have a perfect kid i am envious.But he is my son and i love him and sometimes i do feel the need to take up for him.So ranger i apologize and if you keep doing the rankings i will promise to never post again. Andy Bindner
  7. WHS98

    Big Announcement is here

    Ok ranger first off let me apologize for my tactics. I have always liked you in years past and defended you to aj.He has said for years dad ranger just don't like me. My replie was always oh aj thats not true. Well i won't name names but i heard through the grapevine that was true.So i decided to just try and find out for myself.That is what the post were for.Then when you made the comment about cusing I knew he was right.So let me get this right.You think it would be ok if for example here in Louisville the person or persons doing the rankings ranked Trinty ahead of male in football because the trinity players have better behavior than male players.If so then thats where we totally disagree.You will never get on here and hear me say aj is any kind of angel.Now that would be stupid.And in my mind you liked to get a rise out of him(knowing his compulsive personality) just to watch him get mad,and we all know he would.I know he tried to do the same to you by making comments about saul beatting ryan.Not much different in my mind.I not going to compete with you on rankings its a tough job and yes i only focus on the weights i know something about.Aj can get upset and cuss many other kids cuss but know how to not do it around adults.But i am getting ready to watch football and i challenge you to watch it all day and see just how many players and coaches use foul language and these are adults.So its pretty easy to see how society picks it up so easy especially kids.Now on his ranking i will state his case on the other thread were someone is trying to get aj going by his screenname 'iambetterthanaj" lol very creative
  8. WHS98

    Big Announcement is here

    So curse words and disrespect does not gain him anything in the rankings????? You just proved my point.What in the heck does that have to do with a kids ranking.Ya my kid gets mad and cusses do i agree no,but its ok for a kid to cry like a baby at practice?? If being competitive and cursing. Is the worst thing he does compared to what some kids are doing nowadays,i will be fine with that.Both very childish and you know what i mean.So your going to bring up an 8th place finish where he got a concussion and his nose was sideways and he had to ff . He has never at any level in ky. ,ele,ms or hs finished worse than 3rd except for that year.So i guess you think he was going to lose that match.lol. how did mason do against keegan.ya thought so. If keegan went 138 i am 99% sure he would be ranked number 1.and aj has wrestled him better than anyone ,loosing all 4 matches by 2 points or less, exactly like i predicted i might add.but you keep ranking on what you see at practice(by the way i know of one lower ranked kid that beat a higher ranked kid a couple weeks ago at practice.shouldn't he move up??no.... its only if you see it ) .Practice, a kids personality,who his parents are ,what school he wrestles for,what club he wrestles for should never factor into rankings ,only results. Enough said,we will see you this season and i well bet whatever you want that whatever weight aj goes he will beat your 4th place ranking.I am done.like the guy said last year when you were debating about yenter its your site and you cant disagree with the great ranger. By the way who was right about yenter??
  9. WHS98

    Big Announcement is here

    Pinned500 you start off saying you don't always agree with his rankings and that is my point i didn't agree and voiced my opinion at least if i don't agree with something i have the backbone to say it.So we can't debate without being called ungrateful.lol. like i said if they didn't matter at all then why do the papers,coaches,tournaments, the state tournament all use them. I never said he doesn't put alot of work into it but if going to be the face of the sport it is open for debate
  10. WHS98

    Big Announcement is here

    No goo i agree with you about rankings but my son don't. I try very hard to use them for motivation for him. That is the mental part i am talking about.He comes to me and doubts his self on rankings. I don't understand it but all kids are different and why it bothers him so much i don't know.If he loses a take down in practice it makes him mad.Thats the way he is and i have learned to deal with it.But i told him i do agree with him based on accomplishments at 138 he should only be 2nd behind Vasquez.If all the tournaments and papers didn't make rankings an issue i don't think he would.plus if they don't matter at all then why does ranger waste his time.
  11. WHS98

    Big Announcement is here

    Ok since i feel like i could be one of the people ranger is talking about i will throw my 2 cents worth in.I don't have a problem discussing something in gentleman fashion unless someone starts throwing insults then i can fire back with the best.Your tournament was a great idea and should be built on. Usually most years aj would have been jumping at the chance to be in it.All i have heard since he was 5 yrs old was don't burn that kid out on wrestling and my response was i am not he is burning me out bc he was always wanting to do it.Now he is getting to the end of his hs career and he wanted a break.I thought thr timing was bad other coaches thought the timing was bad but what do you do he is 18 yrs old.So i declined for him.He would have done it but he would have been at about 70% and lost.Then you have people jump in and say it doesn't matter if they win or not.Well all kids aren't the same and i know mine he would have dwelt on it and it would have been a very negative thing for him.Aj needs more work mentally than anything and if he ever gets his head on straight then i have no doubt he will be a state champ.I was one person that always said rankings don't matter.Well like i ssid people are different and your rankings have drove aj crazy.He is just so competitive and when you slight him like you have done in the past it really eats at him.Now i wouldn't just say you slighted him without facts.Freshman year he was unranked and i told him you must have just forgot he was a freshman but that wasn't the case.That year he finished 3rd.1 point from the finals to the eventual winner.Now you cant say ranger he wasn't slighted.His sophomore year you had a kid ranked above him that he beat 3 times(finally loosing 1).You had another kid ranked above him that he beat twice and once majored.His junior year he never moved up to 2nd until the kid you had ranked 2nd tore his acl.You may not like him but you should not let that change the way you rank him.I also say the same thing about refs.Just because they don't like a kid that shouldn't effect the way they call the match.I know rankings are just that but when your local paper only uses them to talk about the top ranked kids then it slights kid that have put in tons of work only to get overlooked and it bothers him to know end.I will be the first to call aj out when he is wrong but i will also be his biggest supporter when he is right(which may not be to often.lol).So you have to know when i seen the kids allstar shirt where it said on the back BECAUSE I WAS BRAVE ENOUGH. Now to me and aj all that did was call the kids that turned it down scared.I can tell you without a doubt aj wasn't scared.He has wrestled the number1 kid in the nation and the number 4 thats a jr and is already committed to penn st.so there is not a chance in hell he was scared.So if you can't understand how that shirt would upset people then i don't think we could have a realistic debate.You made it a point in your video to call me out about frankrone wrestling but you had to go out of state to get someone it was supposed to be ky alstars.But i totally understand how hard it would be to find someone to wrestle him and they shouldn't be categorized as not brave.They need to be at the top of their game and then its a major task.O well you talked about agreeing to disagree so thats what i wanted to do.
  12. The best place for you is on the mat practicing and off the computer
  13. Nobody listen to aj he is so full of it. He don't know what he is doing tomarrow much less in a few months.lol
  14. WHS98

    Big Announcement is here

    Hey hey glad to hear i was worthy enough to make the video plus glad to see frankrone is in.You might want to get 2 106s to wrestle him but i am still picking frankrone.lol.Being that you all didn't give your picks i will give mine.I predict every ETC kid that was consistent this summer and wrestled a couple tournaments will win.Not trying to be bias but a firm believer in the conditioning aspect plus if a kid can get off the couch (just a figure of speech)and beat the likes of them kids their pretty bad news.But i really have no idea how much the other kids have trained i just know how passinate the founder of etc is about making practice.hope you all have a good turnout.
  15. WHS98

    Walton-Verona HS Bearcat Brawl

    Looks like a good field john