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  1. maybe it still has a chance to be saved. write your congressmen people.
  2. SnapDrag

    Jones brothers

    What an amazing tourney for both of them. Seeing Logan fiilled with tears because he was so happy for his brother despite his own troubles and battles in the tourney is what its all about. They define the word "brothers". I have no doubt either one of them would pick the other to win state if they knew only one of them could be the champ.
  3. SnapDrag

    Region 1 at the State Tournament

    FCHS/JCU125, excellent run down on your region with great insight. i would like to point out that region 6 people are not snobs, at least not the majority of us. i assume you make that point because of region 6 people claiming to have the toughest region. if that is your point then you really cant deny the facts of where the majority of state placers will come from. i personally have great respect for region 1 as a whole and i think they benefit from their close proximity to illinois, indiana and missouri just as region 6 benefits from ohio and the louisville regions benefit from indiana. i think the only difference is population , louisville is split in half so they dont get the same benefit that region 6 has of keeping all the talented population in one region. trust me, there are many good wrestlers in region 6 that would love to split it in half as they were sent home yesterday and could of easily made it out of some of the other different regions. i think stud for stud however, that can be found anywhere in the state and will differ each year. region 6 does not have a lock on this as it typically turns out to be a God given talent mixed with hard work and a decent coach. i by no means think kevin cooper and stephen meyers are any levels ahead of brock ervin. i personally couldnt tell you who is the best but if i was forced to use my same statistics i used in saying region 6 will have the most placers then i would say brock will graduate with the best resume. he has handidly beat garth yenter and sean fausz to win his state titles and i have the highest respect for those 2. kevin and stephen have had people running from them with good reason so they have not had the challenge that brock has had. so dont think we are snobs as i think the majority of region 6 fans are not , but we are realist and will give credit where credit is due.
  4. SnapDrag

    Caleb Ervin!!!!!

    does anyone know if this will be live on the net anywhere?
  5. SnapDrag

    the dragon invitational

    well that sucks then. haha
  6. SnapDrag

    the dragon invitational

    this is last years teams. this is as good as i have for now. Bourbon County, Central High, Christian County, Cooper, DeSales, Doss, Eastern High School, Fern Creek, Henry Clay, Holy Cross, Jeffersontown, John Hardin, Lafayette, Louisville Male HS, Moore, North Oldham, Oldham County, PRP, Ryle, Scott High, Simon Kenton, Southern, South Oldham, St X, Tates Creek, Trinity, Walton Verona, Woodford County.
  7. SnapDrag


    clay wrestled 138 for coaches classic last weekend but is going 145 for lafayette. looking forward to that bracket.
  8. SnapDrag

    State Team Scores

    all is good. good luck to kent.
  9. SnapDrag

    State Team Scores

    bulldog leader, for the record "ccwrestler oldschool" is not Dusty Brown. Dusty is currently in bootcamp with no access to computer,cell phone, pen and paper, fire for smoke signal or any other form of communication. dont know why you have to bring dusty in to this.
  10. SnapDrag

    best finals match

    DW, I have to agree with ya on the jude vs canter match . I had no dog in that fight and I was on edge of my seat. I think that took a lot out of both of them for the rest of their matches. Neither one had much left in their remaining matches. As far as best match in finals , i liked the blackwell vs killebrew match. On a side note I like a 3 day tourney vs this 2 day setup. Too many matches on final day to see the boys at their best.
  11. SnapDrag


    not sure either but thats what was on the kids resume for seeding meeting and what they announced. either way the kid was a 2 time state champ and a good win for clay. ky did well against out of state teams at both this tourney, gmvwa and mater dei.
  12. SnapDrag

    Good Wrestlers W/O Medals???

    I was surprised by whalen not placing. He is a Damn good wrestler and I'm sure he will be on the podium several times over the next 3 yrs. Abernathy just looked to turn it up tremendously at state and wrestled really well. As far as this topic goes , I will add Logan Jones to the list. tough , deep weight class with no room for an off match.
  13. SnapDrag

    State tourney stats

    That's good stuff Goo, I think this is a good sign for the state in terms of competitive balance. I believe this shows that overall we are getting deeper in our quality of wrestling. Goo , any chance you can research scoring differential in the finals as this also appeared to be better.
  14. SnapDrag

    Ranger's state tournament report

    Page 1 2011 Kentucky High School Wrestling State Tournament Report Similar to first edition I have patterned the design and much of the content of this report based on the work of Brian Brakeman who annually creates the Brakeman Report prior to the Ohio high school wrestling post season. His work is admired by many throughout the state of Ohio (and us KY folks who compete across the river quite a bit) so I decided why re-create the wheel. I also want to acknowledge the valuable input from many parents, coaches, wrestlers, and fans across the state throughout the course of the season. A few do a particularly great job of keeping me up to date on not only their team, but also opposing competitors that deserve to be recognized. I have not gone to the effort of explaining the process of ranking individual wrestlers and the issues that arise when attempting to do so, from receiving little to no information on some individuals and teams to receiving limited or incorrect information. Instead I will direct anyone interested to at least read the introduction published by Brakeman at: For those of you who have followed me over these last 5 or so years, you know I willingly admit I am far from perfect. Add to that the fact that I have far from perfect data from which to base this report, so I am bound to make some mistakes. But hey, this is high school wrestling, it ain
  15. SnapDrag

    Ranger's state tournament report

    ok thanks for the clarification, it will be a great bracket to watch. no doubt.