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  1. crevelett


    Who MOW at state
  2. crevelett

    NCAA Predictions

    your thinkin of Cole Konrad from minnesota and Ellis is a beast i went to ben askren's camp and he was there helping he was huge and has only gotten bigger
  3. crevelett

    Fort Campbell Tourney

    if i was refing i would have called it a pin
  4. Steven Lamb of Caldwell County beat Jeron Trice of Christian saturday at regional duals at 160
  5. crevelett

    Mir or Nogueira?

    Nogueira by submission Griffin by decision Silva by knock-out
  6. crevelett

    215 in Region 1

    yea i know i cant believe he droped all that weight, any way i guess i just wrestle heavyweight
  7. crevelett

    215 in Region 1

    we will find who does good this year, so dont run your mouth
  8. crevelett


    A lot of the Caldwell guy are underated and can all have a real good season if they work hard
  9. crevelett

    Worst Cauliflower Ear

    He did have pretty bad cauliflower ear
  10. crevelett

    region 1 finals and scores

    1.Union County 2.Christian County 3.Caldwell County
  11. crevelett

    David Richey vs. Jason Walls

    they were both great wrestlers, David being the greatest ever out of caldwell county and Jason being so good in high school as well as college. So if they were the same weight i say David would win.
  12. what did he do for his coach not to want him back, he was their best wrestler
  13. crevelett

    NFL worst team

    Detroit signed Dante Culpepper, but dont know how much he will help them
  14. crevelett

    Fund Raising

    we sell lemonade