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  1. threequarter

    Region 5 Predictions

  2. threequarter

    Region 5 Predictions

    any rankings for region 5? just curious
  3. threequarter

    Mustang Classic Predictions

    I enjoyed Rusch vs Pender. Rusch was impressive.
  4. Obviously he's right... I go to North and know that this is true... So you should probably keep your mouth closed before looking like a fool on a forum about Kentucky Wrestling...
  5. threequarter


    I chuckled... :roll:
  6. threequarter

    What is the Worst Habits to avoid for HS wrestlers

    Tom Ryan (Ohio State Coach) said that one of the worst things for high schoolers to do is tie up all the time. And another thing is if you are going to tie up go head to head instead of ear to ear because "your head is your first wall of defense." and if you tie up actually try to set up takedowns from there
  7. threequarter


    Anybody going to some good wrestling camps this summer? I'm going to 2 Ohio State camps.
  8. threequarter

    Strongest High School Wrestler

    i wish i could do the frying pan thing.... ridiculous
  9. threequarter

    Xbox live id

    ZXCH xbox live... usually playin COD: WaW
  10. threequarter

    Open mats at North Oldham

    There are none this week its spring break.
  11. threequarter

    wrestling facemask

    okay thanks. i know i can get them online but i dont want to wait for 3 weeks and pay extra for shipping.. open mats are tomorrow.
  12. threequarter

    Region 5 - Very Pre-Season (3/13/09)

    Loren Avera will most likely go 135, Rusch was saying 130 and Richardson 125.. could be the other way around if Rusch's weight plan lets him go 125
  13. threequarter

    wrestling facemask

    anybody know if there are stores in the louisville area that have wrestling masks?
  14. threequarter


    are they bred in a lab? one made for each year? theyre animals and there are so many of them haha.
  15. threequarter


    so how many ervins are there?