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  1. old140

    Congrat to Coach Hitchings

    Who was the coach last year? Did he move on some where else?
  2. old140

    Potential match ups

    Did they even have the internet back then? LOL, just messing with ya.
  3. old140

    Wrestling forum

    I am glad that others agree that this forum does not have to take every thread down that people disagree in. While I understand some threads go to far and must be closed, I hate seeing threads closed or people wanting them closed when a nice debate/argument is going on. Of course not everyone is going to see eye to eye on every subject and I think that the kids and younger adults that get on here need to know that it is perfectly fine for you not to agree or have some one not agree with you. I have strong feelings on many things but if you come at me with a respectful argument you may very well change my mind on certain things. Having everyone agree with everyone or closing a thread when this does not happen teaches nothing.
  4. old140

    The Great Debate - Public vs. Private

    The difference I see is that the private schools dont really let a lot of kids just get by like you can easily do in public schools. I went to Pleasure Ridge Park, pushed myself, took honors classes and got a pretty good education. At college I was in the same classes as the kids that came from private schools and my bachelors degree is the same as theirs as well. In high school I seen a lot of kids do the minimum and get passed through. I would always joke on the people that would flunk out because all I figured you HAVE to do is show up to pass. From what I have heard, this does not happen as much in private schools like Trinity and X.
  5. old140

    Best wrestler to never win state

    Daniel Theunamen(Spelling??) and Pat Banks are the first two that pop up for me. Some others are Andrew Cooper, Josh Cooper, Tony Perry, Carr( Small one from union), Ben Hines, Kid from South Oldham that lost to Hagerdorn in a great match. All great wrestlers.
  6. old140

    Wrestling Specific Training

    Sounds like a great chance to get much stronger and better over the off season.
  7. old140


    I think that the Myers looked like great wrestlers as well, no one is doubting that. You bring up a good argument. Lets say that Austin actually does get to stay at one school through his HS career(doubtful), he dominates everyone and never gets the OW award. I would say this is solely because of his Fathers antics. It's sad but you think that Dad would realize this and just keep quiet. Something must truly be wrong with him if he cannot see how his words and antics are actually hurting his kids in some ways. It would not suprise me if these two young men have some serious "daddy" issues when they get older. I hope I am wrong.
  8. old140

    Teams in a slump

    This can be said for most teams in the state. I can remember sitting in the stands at state near Woodford. They would have a whole section just for them and they were usually the loudest. It seems they are lucky to get a fraction of those people attending now. Do their fans only follow them during championship years?
  9. old140

    Question about Alltech Arena

    It will be interesting to see how much the arena lets go on. Like most on here, I loved the atmosphere before and during finals at Frankfort. I would hate to see kids getting escorted out for something they figured was alright to do.
  10. old140

    TJ v.s Brock

    Anybody know how close it is in practice between Brock and Carr?
  11. old140

    Region 3 Pre-season Rankings 10-15-11

    Bryce quit already?
  12. old140

    Prayers needed for Brad Stafford

    I hate to hear this. My prayers are go out to his family and friends.
  13. I just hope that these two kids get a quality education. If they ever post, I will be able to understand it hopefully. Unlike MR NKY and his posts.
  14. old140

    Growth in Kentucky

    How does Seneca not have a coach? They were always a top 15 team just a few years back. Seemed like they always had a couple of little guys battling for a state title. It would be sad to see a program like this not continue on. Did coach Reed quit?
  15. I agree about Sheldon Clark. It was not to long ago I always seen a few of their guys in the finals with a couple usually winning it all. They were always around the top 5 team wise.