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  1. Jacketcoach

    Master Schedule

    Derby City on Dec. 9 will be at Central
  2. I am Coach Founder from Central. First off I would like to apologize for your interpretation of the match. Coach Hayes, myself and Faridale's coach spoke after the match on what occured. Although Coach Hayes or myself didn't see what happened, your son's coach said that what happened was not malicious in any way and was an accident. His kid reacted like anybody would and that is what was saw by the ref. I do take offense in you impplying that anybody at Central would teach such tactics. I have stopped matches for smaller offenses that I have seen. Although everybody likes to win, we would rather our wrestlers win in life. We teach that this will be accomplished not by cheating or taking short cuts but by working hard.
  3. Jacketcoach

    Uniform change?

    I am in favor of whatever grows the sport. The only issue is getting teams with not as much revenue the money to get new uniforms. It will have to be a year or two transition process.
  4. Jacketcoach

    Sharkbait@ Manual

    Waggener Perry Central PRP Western Bullitt Central Atherton Louisville Central Holy Cross Male Manual Iroquois Southern Seneca
  5. Jacketcoach


    Region 4 @ Atherton
  6. Jacketcoach

    Region 4 Rankings 1/12/16

    Allgeier wrestled 182 this weekend.
  7. Jacketcoach


    Is that wishful thinking? LOL
  8. Jacketcoach


    How many things is the weather going to mess up? 5-8 inches for Louisville area on Friday.
  9. Jacketcoach

    12/19 Rumble in the Hive

    Will post completed bracket tomorrow.
  10. Jacketcoach

    Meade Co. Tsunami Duals

    Central didn't wrestle Meade and lost some close ones to Apollo, Christain, and Larue. Hard to make up a 12 to 18 point lead in every dual. Hopefully well be able to final get a healthy full lineup after the break.
  11. Jacketcoach

    12/19 Rumble in the Hive

    Team tournament. Teams are: Atherton, Central, Doss, PRP, Meade Co, Male, North Oldham, ST. X "B", Valley, McCreary Central, Tates Creek, Manual, Harrison County, Bullitt East, Southern, Western Hills It will run 4 pools of 4 and winners will come out.
  12. Jacketcoach

    Derby City Classic Results

    Special thanks to Coach McCoy for running a great tournament. We had some good matches. 2015 Derby City Classic Team Scores.pdf 2015 Derby City Classic Brackets.pdf
  13. Why Is Duncan from Central so low at 170?
  14. Jacketcoach

    Battle of the Bridge!

    Some kids pulled out because of various reasons. Been hard to get X and Trinity because of timing. We wIll have kids from Male, Central, Iroquois, Fairdale, Atherton, and Southern. The goal has always been to try to create an event that is fun and could get some kids noticed. Coach Struck has blasted the bios of all that are wrestling out to over 200 colleges. Wreestling will start at 6 at Jeffersonville. The weather has definitely put this in jepordy this year, but I am very thankful we could pull this off.
  15. Jacketcoach

    Kentucky State Folkstyle Tournament

    Looking forward to getting kids as many matches as possible. Walk ins are welcome to come register from 7:30- 8:30. Look forward to seeing you all there.