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  1. Anklepick

    Observations From High School State - Positive and Negative

    Moving the scoreboards to the outside of the mats made fan viewing 1000 times better.
  2. Anklepick

    Coach Branch Updates?

    Is there any updates on how Coach Branch is doing?
  3. Anklepick

    random draw
  4. Anklepick

    106 State Bracket

    106 R6-1st Joey Scaggs, DIXH, 38-1, 10 R2-4th Dawson Bingham, LARU, 35-10, 8 R4-3rd Kinen Grimm, ATON, 12-10, R5-2nd Nick Wise, OLDC, 40-14, 9 R8-2nd T.j. Bowen, JOHN, 36-17, 12 R3-3rd Alex Lee, MDCT, 26-6, 9 R7-4th Michael Mattox, HARC, 29-6, 8 R1-1st Travon Thacker, HOPV, 26-1, 12 R2-1st Jake Burroughs, HTHD, 45-0, 10 R1-4th Wesley Gray, CWC, 26-5, 7 R8-3rd Jacob Dodd, WAYN, 43-8, 8 R3-2nd Hunter Baum, HLYC, 37-5, 11 R4-2nd Toby Siddens, MOOR, 34-11, 9 R5-3rd Dallas Ochsenbein, NOLD, 23-13, 9 R6-4th Brett Osborne, RYLE, 24-16, 10 R7-1st Trevor Lawson, WDFC, 42-5, 7 R5-1st Jorge Vega, FERN, 42-5, 10 R8-4th Austin Pinkerman, ASHB, 28-10, 11 R6-3rd Brad Krebs, CMPC, 38-13, 9 R2-2nd Grant Hall, CENH, 21-11, 8 R7-2nd David Hernandez, HRCL, 28-8, 11 R1-3rd Tyler Ward, APOL, 3-1, 10 R4-4th Will Kuhn, DPTM, 11-14, 9 R3-1st Ansar Kurbanov, IRQS, 26-9, 9 R8-1st Codey Stephens, MCYC, 33-1, 11 R3-4th Matthew Quintanilla, SOUT, 18-18, 11 R2-3rd Zack Mesker, BARC, 15-4, 12 R1-2nd Bryce Sheffer, UNIC, 29-9, 8 R6-2nd Colin Roth, WALV, 33-12, 11 R7-3rd Corey Jacobs, FRNC, 35-7, 9 R5-4th Jordan Denslow, MALE, 37-18, 12 R4-1st A.j. Bindner, STXR, 25-7, 9
  5. Anklepick

    Region Seeding Meetings
  6. Anklepick

    the dragon invitational

    Winners I can remember: 106-Vega 113-Boston 152-Cooper 160-French 170-Canter 182-Chamblee 195-Holtsclaw HWT-Bryant MOW-French St. X
  7. Anklepick


    John Hardin is attending
  8. Anklepick

    #2 beats a #1

    I wasnt trying to qoute you. My bad, damn smart phones. The picture from his hudl is from last year when he weighed 170. There is no need or reason to pad stats for football. Simple fact is he is not a big fan of cutting weight. Wade wrestled in the Cincinnati Youth League for several years. We watched Stephan and Austin wrestle many times as kids. They were studs then and nothing has changed. Wade never wrestled Stephan or Austin. Man I sure miss those youth wrestling days. That league was the best.
  9. Anklepick

    #2 beats a #1

  10. Anklepick

    #2 beats a #1

    Wade is playing in several all star football games and wants to keep his weight up for them. He cut down to make 185 lb for his fat test and wanted to give 182 a shot at the KOB. He wanted the option to wrestle either weight this year. He is not sure what weight he will go come State. He played football during the season at 195. There are many great wrestlers at 182 and 195 neither are cake walks.
  11. We lost a member of our Bulldog family early this morning. Jordan Murphy a 2010 graduate and 2nd place state placer died in Louisville from injuries he received involving an auto accident. Please keep the Murphy family in your thoughts and prayers. Jordan will be greatly missed!
  12. Anklepick

    Questions About State

    1. No missed the atmosphere of the civic center. 2. About the same as last year. 3. Stayed 3 miles away in Lexington. 4. Medals and trophies collected during the year. I would like to know who the genius was that thought the scoreboards where ok to put on the outside of the mats? They blocked everyones view especially in the finals. Hopefully this is fixed for next year.
  13. Anklepick

    Congratulations John Fahy

    Congrats nice accomplishment for John, family, and Trinity.
  14. Anklepick

    Coaching changes 2011-2012

    John Hardin will be filling a head coaching position.
  15. World's Greatest 7 Year Old Wrestler. You got to check him out. My link