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  1. He is right where he should be. Based on what I saw from him in the past and what the others have done in the past.
  2. SheHateMe

    Backyard fight [Dog vs Rooster]

    I had a rooster doing the same stuff growing up. Brings back good memories, kinda. It spured my brother once and he kicked it across the back yard. Looked like a football going end over end. That rooster chilled out considerably after that.
  3. SheHateMe

    I would like to thank everybody for...

    Did you win.
  4. I don't know what he did. I know I have made stupid decisions and choices in my life and I wouldn't be where I'm at if someone hadn't given me a second chance. After paying the price for my actions first.
  5. SheHateMe

    I was just thinkin' about this

    I already miss you poet.
  6. SheHateMe

    Interview with a High School Wrestling Coach

    Did I miss something? What are you talking about.
  7. SheHateMe

    I have come to the conclusion...

    My dogs have eaten chocolate also. However, they have left chocolate all over the house for us also :-o Not to mention all the aluminum foil :roll:
  8. SheHateMe

    Coach Bankemper's son, Corey, injured

    Hate to hear it. All my family's prayers are with him.
  9. SheHateMe

    Fern Creek - The year that could have been

    Why did so many good wrestlers quit. Doesn't make sense. Guys that are dedicated to wrestling will put up with anything to wrestle.
  10. SheHateMe

    '08-'09 Region 3 Pre Season Rankings (4/16/08)

    What happened to Northington this year. I didn't see him wrestle once.
  11. SheHateMe


    There are some of us on here that would like to see you succeed instead of in a drunken stupor or worse in a singlet with a beer gut :-o
  12. SheHateMe

    Region 4 Pre- Season Rankings ??????

    What happened to the state rankings.
  13. SheHateMe


    You know I don't see a state champ among them :-D Wait a year atleast until after you have a spot on the podium.
  14. SheHateMe


    I'm not sure what is up with that bracket. He is either doing great or not so much. Lets assume the first.
  15. SheHateMe


    Individual results for Tuesday. Because I had some extra time. Freshman: 1-2 Taylor 0-1 Wade 1-0 Lampe 0-1 Coyle 0-0 Sophomore: 10-8 Bradbury 1-0 Bracco 0-1 Krauziewicz 0-1 Osborne 0-1 Goodwine 0-1 Demery 2-1 Murphy 0-1 Ohlman 2-0 Johnson 1-0 Slone 2-0 Shotwell 1-0 Warren 0-1 Hitchings 1-0 Frost 0-1 Junior: 7-10 Lenz 0-1 Zarth 3-0 Brown 2-0 Lynch 0-1 Courtney 0-1 Choate 0-2 Guagliardo 0-1 Garcia-Chavez 0-1 Houchens 1-1 Hogben 1-1 Kelly 0-1