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  1. VisionQuest

    State finals location

    Murray is 400 miles 1 way from some Eastern Ky schools. Corbin or Northern Ky more reasonable.
  2. VisionQuest

    State finals location

    If Murray is a possible choice lets throw in the expo center in Pikeville as a possible choice. Not going to happen.
  3. VisionQuest

    State Updates

    1 of the pins credited to him was a medical default. Horn of Johnson Central was leading 2-0 in the second period when he was unable to continue due to shoulder injury. Congrats to Pratt for wrestling back to 3rd after loss in opening round.
  4. Zach McCoart of Johnson County Middle will be a tough out.
  5. VisionQuest

    Region 4 Tournament

    Went very well and the hospitality room was great.
  6. VisionQuest

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all the wrestlers, coaches, and fans.
  7. Joe Jackson should also be back for Johnson Central at 170 or 182.  Nice problem to have a few extra bigs.

  8. VisionQuest

    MS National Duals in Danville, Illionois

    Great job Levid.
  9. VisionQuest

    Middle School and Youth State

    Terrible rule change. This rule in no way is helping to promote wrestling in Kentucky.
  10. VisionQuest

    Section Duals- inclement weather forecast

    Thanks, didn't think they had wrestled or had common opponents.
  11. VisionQuest

    Section Duals- inclement weather forecast

    What would that criteria be?
  12. Little off on some of Johnson Central.

    106 Cain

    113 Lawson

    120-126 Webb

    132 Conley

    138 Spradlin

    145 Begley

    152 Gamble

    160 Stapleton

    170 ?

    182 Johnson

    195 Horn

    220 Horn

    285 Pierce

    Hope this helps out with where they will be.

  13. Brayden Sexton of Johnson County Middle placed at state last year and will be an eighth grader this year.  I not sure if he is wrestling this year due to an injury in football.  I will find out and let you know what weight.

    1. Chris Duke

      Chris Duke

      This is why I took him off.  I heard he broke his leg I think.  I had him preseason #1.  I hope he is healthy and able to return. 



  14. VisionQuest

    Sean Fausz

    Representing Kentucky well, Good Luck.
  15. VisionQuest

    2017 Ranger Report

    Actually 2 weight classes, 160 and 285. 285 was out due to injury, so he correctly picked 12 of 13. Pretty awesome.