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  1. VisionQuest

    Wrestling Family and a story about a Tux

    Levid Rodriquez and his parents are awesome and I am not surprised at all hearing this. Nice job again Levid.
  2. VisionQuest

    State Tournament Follow Up

    Results for the Ky State Wrestling Championship were published in the Lexington Herald Leader today on the back page of the paper. In all honesty I didn’t think they were going to be published this year. Who is responsible for getting the results out to the public?
  3. VisionQuest

    State Tournament Follow Up

    There was also team trophy presentations for semi-final losers.
  4. VisionQuest

    Venue for next year..

    Has a venue been acquired for next year’s tournament? Hopefully no COVID and no more horse.... from the KHSAA on finding a suitable site.
  5. VisionQuest

    MOW ?

    Congratulations to Noah Duke and also the Ryle team for their 2nd place finish. Duke was very impressive throughout the tournament.
  6. VisionQuest

    2021 Ranger Report part 2

    Great job on the rankings again. A few surprises cracked the top 4 but overall great job.
  7. VisionQuest

    State Tickets

    That’s probably it, they went on sale today at noon and there was a limited amount. My wonderful sister got mine for me while I was on the golf course.
  8. VisionQuest

    State Tickets
  9. VisionQuest

    Region 8 and Semi-State 4

    Officials miss calls in every tournament. Weigh-ins at 10:00 and wrestling starting at 11:00 had a lot to do with later finish. The only breaks in wrestling were necessary. Cleaning mats between rounds. There was a little longer break between the blood round and placement matches but unless the rule has changed and I am unaware of the change wrestlers have a required time between bouts. I say very well ran by Martin County.
  10. VisionQuest

    Region 8 and Semi-State 4

    Excellent one.
  11. VisionQuest

    Region 8 and Semi-State 4

    I would like to give thanks to Martin County for the well run tournaments. The tournaments were both very well ran by their coaches, staff, and parents. Special thanks to the ladies who provided the hospitality room from this old coach.
  12. VisionQuest

    Semi-state tickets

    On sale now for semi 4.
  13. VisionQuest

    Semi-state tickets

    When do they go on sale for fans?
  14. VisionQuest

    Regionals are this weekend!!!

    Pretty amazing feat since they only had wrestlers in 13 weight classes.
  15. VisionQuest

    Regionals are this weekend!!!

    You are probably correct. The seeding meet is usually held Friday evening before.