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  1. VisionQuest

    FCA 2022

    Johnson Central will be there.
  2. VisionQuest

    Middle school state > high school

    Not close enough to Lexington. My opinion.
  3. VisionQuest

    Question about the MS States Brackets

    It’s been a while but I if I remember correctly in a 16 man bracket you cross in the quarters. 8 man bracket cross in the semis.
  4. VisionQuest

    State final predictions

    Morris was in 7th grade last year.
  5. VisionQuest

    State final predictions

    Are the seeds released yet?
  6. VisionQuest

    State final predictions

    Are the brackets released yet?
  7. VisionQuest

    Region 3 Tournament

    I find it hard to believe with all the high schools available in the Louisville area 1 wouldn’t allow you to host the Region 3 tournament. Numbers were low, you could have held it in a middle school.
  8. VisionQuest

    NIck Giompalo

    Congratulations to former Johnson Central wrestler Nick Giompalo, 2022 West Virginia 3A State Champion at 182 lbs.
  9. VisionQuest

    2022 Ranger Report Part 1

    2. Johnson Central (2 finalists, 1 champ, 10 placers) Great job with the rankings again Ranger. Johnson Central finished in 2nd place with 2 finalists, 1 champ, and 10 placers.
  10. VisionQuest

    KHSAA Hall of Fame

    Phil Coomes Coach Jack Cline Coach-Official
  11. VisionQuest

    KHSAA Hall of Fame

    Reading earlier on another post, the question was asked about members of the wrestling community in the KHSAA Hall of Fame. This should have a thread by itself. I’ll post this for my friend Jim. JIM MATNEY (Coach / Johnson Central and Sheldon Clark) – The late Jim Matney coached football and wrestling at Johnson Central and Sheldon Clark. In his storied career, he amassed a 309-133 record in football. His teams made five KHSAA 4A State Championship appearances, winning twice. In 2020, he was named Kentucky Football Coach of the Year. He was equally successful on the mat, guiding his teams to 12 straight region titles with two KHSAA State Championships and one runner-up. He also coached two dual meet state champions and countless individual champions. He was named 2020 NFHS High School Wrestling Coach of the Year. He was inducted into Johnson Central’s Hall of Fame in 2015 and wrestling’s KWCA Hall of Fame in 2017.
  12. VisionQuest

    State Tournament Hope

    I think gates open at 10 for fans, don’t want someone standing for an hour waiting.
  13. VisionQuest

    State Tournament Hope

    We have been floating the location, float the date for the better venue.
  14. Former Johnson Central wrestler Levid Rodriguez won the 220 pound weight class wrestling for Grundy High School. Congratulations Levid.
  15. VisionQuest

    Biggest Upsets State 1st Round

    They stepped up big time for Johnson Central.