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  1. i would agree that travis more than likely wasnt mentioned before because of the fact he wrestler at lower weights. that isnt because that is what he weighed either. check his off season weigh ins. he wrestled 125 or 119 i cant remember which. im not downing him for cutting weight, but once you get to 112 the competition is mostly younger less experienced wrestlers. i would have way more respect for him if when he moved up in weight, he actually wrestled there. not that i dont respect what hes done or his accomplishments already but the fact is 119 and 125 are the two hardest weight classes with the most depth year in and year out. winning that many matches there would have definitely more of a challenge and more noteworthy.
  2. tc125

    wrestling class starts

    a new gym by the name of extreme me has opened up in nicholasville across the street from the toyota dealership on nicholasville road. The class is being held every tuesday at 730 and lasts about an hour. There are also opportunities for private one on one teaching sessions to be held if you so desire. the more of a turn out we have at the class the more classes will be available. the only charge is a membership at the gym which runs around 40 dollars. but that membership also gives you access to all of the other classes the gym teaches too such as boxing and muy thai. if you are interested just comment on this thread with your questions or private message me and ill try and get back to you in a timely manner.
  3. whats all this stuff about john not finishing what he started? did he quit in the middle of the season? im pretty sure he didnt. he wont state, and then he moved on with other things of interest. maybe in his mind being a multiple state champion was just as important as being a single state champion. regardless, he finished his season, maybe not his career, but how many people start something their freshman or sophmore years and just do it for a year? are you going to down them for finishing the season, but not their highschool career in it? i know i wouldnt. at least they tried it, and john happened to be very good at it.
  4. just in hopes of getting some clarity, i heard a rumor that jj jude was playing football and was a tailback for johnson central and weighed around 185 of solid muscle. any truth to this? if so id say 152 is a bit of a stretch for him to make.
  5. tc125

    Region 7 Duals

    they determine by alphabetical order of the schools in the region. just for future reference.
  6. tc125

    Harrison Courtney vs John Wolsiefer

    it was a legit statement, but what i meant by nice try was nice try on trying to make me look bad, when the kid i got beaten by placed fifth in the state. he was the toughest 3 seed at the entire state tournament, of that, i have no doubt. anyone that says stephen supe isnt a good wrestler, is lying.
  7. tc125

    Harrison Courtney vs John Wolsiefer

    that guy that beat me first round happened to place fifth or sixth as well. nice try though.
  8. tc125

    Harrison Courtney vs John Wolsiefer

    yeah good luck to you too, maybe you'll make it out of the first period of of your regional finals match next year. :wink:
  9. tc125

    Harrison Courtney vs John Wolsiefer

    mac you make me so mad sometimes i go blind in my left eye and start to shake... you said earlier this is dumb and no one should talk about it, yet now you are telling me to get back to the topic at hand. make up your mind man. anyway, toss up match, with wolseifers takedowns getting the better of courtneys tilts and reversals.
  10. tc125

    Harrison Courtney vs John Wolsiefer

    illogical is a word... it means devoid of logic, or senseless...
  11. tc125

    Most Improved

    im going to throw andrew wrights name out there. he has been in the weight room and wrestling room as much as he can ever since the season ended. his strength will improve greatly, along with his technique, making him a power house at 52 or 45 again next season.
  12. tc125

    Harrison Courtney vs John Wolsiefer

    first of all, i said two kids in different weights, but one being ranked above the other at another weight. and second, i never said it was illogical to talk about that, or more logical to talk about hc or jw, i simply said it was MORE FUN to talk about two wrestlers a lot of people know of very well. try and up your reading game before posting next time.
  13. tc125

    Best match at state

    its great when there was no one else this year that took him down. as far as i remember anyways, someone correct me if i am wrong. so for no one else to have taken him down, cody to take him down two or three times in one match, seems like a really good accomplishment to me.
  14. tc125

    2009-2010 high school allstar team

    wow myronB, you comment like you are on his team or something and actually know...jeez. why dont you leave the commenting up to people like newfan13 that actually watched him get beaten.
  15. tc125

    Harrison Courtney vs John Wolsiefer

    thats because who wants to sit around and talk about a wrestler not everyone knows? why talk about whether or not the 19th ranked kid will beat a 20th ranked kid in another weight. it's no fun, because not everyone knows who those kids are. i will sit around and talk about whether or not a kid on my team can beat a kid on another team with people that know both of the kids, but im not going to talk about it on here. i will however talk about wrestlers everyone knows, such as zarth, courtney, thueneman, or who ever else comes up for discussion. it just so happens, that most of the wreslters everyone knows, happen to be the best, or close to the best in their weight class. thats how they became known.