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  1. meadecowrestler

    Region 3 Final Predictions

    oh well that makes regionals soo fun...russia?u sure lol
  2. meadecowrestler


    r theses serious?
  3. meadecowrestler

    Which team will win state this year?

    yay...meade county :-D unions got it in my opinion
  4. meadecowrestler

    State Predictions

    i spoke b 4 i looked my bad
  5. meadecowrestler

    State Predictions
  6. meadecowrestler

    State Predictions

    im hopin elliot and woodford go at it again!!!!amazing is wat id call his match w when elliot lost half the statium started cryin for real :|
  7. meadecowrestler

    Region 3 & 4

    yea our principals and coaches were talking about it....region 3 is supposed to be held there for sure :|
  8. meadecowrestler

    new guy here...just saying hello...

    which branch?
  9. meadecowrestler

    region 3 Rankings

    oh and btw im 2-1 on me and blakemore idk???
  10. meadecowrestler

    region 3 Rankings

    i think the 189 should be just a big "?" because everyone has beaten everyone pretty much so its gonna be a toss up ...or at least the stats say it
  11. meadecowrestler

    UNION COUNTY (over rated?)

    lol that was sumone makin fun of we like tied for 13th lol :|
  12. meadecowrestler

    new guy here...just saying hello...

    im going after i graduate marine corps. ....meade countys 171 is going to the navy as well
  13. meadecowrestler

    Least favorite conditioning exercise?

    ok ....the green wave thing was kinda funny :|
  14. meadecowrestler

    regional rankings before regionals?

    lol pridewrestler shut up....seriously.... :oops: enough of the meade stuff....dang...i just want to see how everyones doing :wink:
  15. meadecowrestler

    regional rankings before regionals?

    or the other regions ?jw