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    Region 3 Regional Predictions

    Easy Tiger. You might wrestle her only if I enter her so be nice. As far as 189 is concerned, Justin Smith pinned Josh Stinnette in the 1st period the only time they met at Region 3 duals. That was only Justin's 4th match ever. Even so, I expect a better match this time around if they meet, but I wouldn't sell Justin short. He's much improved since then. He's learning quickly and I'm looking forward to seeing what he can do at regionals and on into next year. Good luck to everyone.
  2. Charger Coach

    Mustang Classic Predictions

    The weight class with the fewest number of participants is 215 with 19. There are 31 listed as entering for 152 so that one will have to have a 32 man bracket and if I'm not mistaken, you can't use a 32 man bracket for one weight class and then a 16 man bracket or whatever for another. If one has a 32 man bracket then they all have to.
  3. Charger Coach

    North Oldham Tourney Nope, I coach in Bullitt Co so the above suits me best. Anybody know if I can buy this off Amazon?
  4. Charger Coach

    fahy in indiana?

    Case in point, in 1993 there was a 103 from Bloomington North by the name of Pat Cassidy. He was a tough little wrestler. There was another kid from Vincennes Lincoln who was just about as tough. Both teams were in the Bloomington regional. Cassidy beat this kid from Lincoln (can't remember his name) in the finals at regional, then again in the finals at semi-state, then again in the finals at state. So this kid from Lincoln finishes as regional, semi-state and state runner-up and all 3 times he lost to Cassidy in the finals.
  5. Charger Coach

    North Oldham Tourney

    The people at North Hardin had a pretty good one at the Trojan this year. Without a doubt though, NO has the best hospitality room and the people who run it are really nice and friendly. Hell, they even try to scoop the food onto your plate for you. The only thing I would like to see different is a Lazyboy set up for me, but hey, you can't have everything. Coach, you think you can work on that for me, lol. I'm guessing weigh-ins @ 8, hospitality room opens @ 8:30 and wrestling starts when all the coaches decide to get back to the gym.
  6. Charger Coach

    North Oldham Tourney

    It's a 1 day tournament. With the number of teams confirmed to be in attendance, I'm assuming that if you lose your 1st match, the highest you'll be able to wrestle for would be 7th place. Again, that's just an assumption. Coach Fulk would have to confirm that.
  7. Charger Coach

    North Oldham Tourney

    Coach Fulk and the people at NO have always put on a great tournament and I don't expect this year will be any different. I'm sure with the cancellation of many tournaments last weekend, some of the teams who usually send their JV have opted to send their varsity and a few new teams decided to join in the mix. They won't be disappointed. I know especially many of the coaches won't be disappointed with the hospitality room, lol.
  8. Charger Coach

    fahy in indiana?

    John Fahy would do just fine in Indiana. Winning a state title would be tough, but he would without a doubt be a contender. Speaking of which, I know this thread is about Fahy, but I see Brandon Nelson listed above as #1 at 119 in Indiana. Didn't Bradbury beat Nelson at sophomore nationals a few years back?
  9. Charger Coach

    Dragon Inv.

    An elementary program would be great. You volunteering to come coach it? Because unless you are, that's not going to happen. Myself and my assistant will be running the middle school program for the 1st few years until we can find someone to do so. We can practice middle schoolers with the high school kids, but that's not feasible with elementary school kids. Yes, it would be great to build from the bottom up, but we're having to build from the top down.
  10. Charger Coach

    Dragon Inv.

    I personally think as a whole we could use this situation to help better our state in wrestling. I'm trying to start a middle school program at Bullitt East and I've actually mentioned Mark Hall to some of the middle school kids to peak their interest in wrestling. They hear about a middle school kid who can wrestle varsity in high school and then hear about the success they have and the next thing you know, they want to give wrestling a shot. Obviously, not all those kids will stick with wrestling, but if you gain at least a couple who stick it out, then you've gained some numbers in your program, which is what most high school teams in Kentucky struggle with. Sure, some of those middle schoolers won't be physically advanced enough to wrestle in high school just as of yet, but then you wrestle them in middle school meets. Part of the problem is simply getting kids to come out for wrestling whether it be middle school or high school just so you can have the opportunity to get them "hooked". Who cares if the kid is from Michigan and won't be staying for his high school career. Even if you don't have a "dog in the fight", use it to your advantage. I've mentioned Brock Ervin just the same amount as Mark Hall.
  11. Charger Coach

    Currently Wrestling In College

    Derek Nickel with Lindsey Wilson. And I'm just curious, what ever came of the Ryle boys Peace and Reid?
  12. Charger Coach

    Dragon Inv.

    Go to Under wrestling, it will have a list of the current coaches for each school and their contact info. I don't know if Coach Fiser would let you in on such late notice, but good luck anyway.
  13. Charger Coach

    Region 3 Duals

    I don't have full results. Someone from Southern or Meade will have to post those. I know both Decker and Crow pinned their kids in the 1st. The HWT from Southern pinned the kid from Meade. Huffine pinned Kelly in the 1st period as well. Giddens won by decision. O'Leary pinned the kid from Meade Co, but I don't recall which period it was. And of course, the one that caught me by surprise a little was Pike tech falled Tucker 17-2. I remember some of the outcomes in some of the other matches, but I'm not for certain of scores so I won't post anything about those. I do know this time around the dual wasn't as close as the 1st time these 2 teams met. Southern beat Meade Co. by 1 the 1st time they met, but beat them pretty handily this time winning by more than 15.
  14. Charger Coach

    Region 3 Duals

    I thought Pike from Meade looked pretty tough as well. I was surprised by the outcome of his match with Tucker from Southern. I definitely wasn't expecting that.
  15. Charger Coach

    Region 3 Duals

    For those interested, the following is the breakdown of the Region 3 duals. There will be 3 pools of 3 and then 1 pool of 4. Which teams finishes last in the pool of 4 is done for the day. The top team from each of the 4 pools will then face off, the 2nd 4 from each will face off and then the bottom 3 from each pool. The pools are as follows: Pool A (Meade Co., DeSales, BC), Pool B (Doss Western, Shawnee, Iroquois), Pool C (Southern, Holy Cross, BE) & Pool 4 (PRP, Fairdale, Valley). Southern was the top seed, Meade Co. was the 2nd, PRP was the 3rd seed and Doss was the 4th seed. Weigh-ins at 8:00 Saturday morning with wrestling to start at 9:30. Good luck to everyone.
  16. Charger Coach

    Region 3 Duals

    That about sums it up although we are working on a few changes. We're actually looking into tag teams in case someone gets tired during the course of a match. It's something the coaches have been debating but haven't officially made the call on yet. We've even tossed around the idea of it possibly being a father/son tag match, but we would have to get clearance from the KHSAA 1st. The coaches did give the go ahead to lumberjack matches that way the official doesn't have to waste his time getting the wrestlers back to the middle when they go out of bounds. See, even us simple minded Region 3 folk can be sarcastic.
  17. Charger Coach

    Region 3 Rankings 1-12-10

    We have 27 wrestlers in the program. We consistently have 24 or 25 at each practice. And yes, we have a girl at 112. We also have a girl at JV 160.
  18. Charger Coach

    Region 3 Duals

    Meade Co. is correct
  19. Charger Coach

    oc jv

    Bullitt East was suppose to come. It was going to be our 1st tournament / meet. However, Bullitt Co. schools will be closed tomorrow as well so we'll more than likely not be attending.
  20. Charger Coach

    Wrestling Workouts

    We've only done the ASU plate workout a few times, but like I said, it's a great workout. None of my guys could complete it the 1st time either and that's with knocking it down to 10 reps to start instead of 16 like in the video. I've also made a few other alterations to meet my teams needs. In the video, all of the ASU wrestlers use 45 lb weights. Not all my wrestlers use 45 lb weights. I let some of the smaller guys use 25 & 35 lb plates. I start with 10 reps then 9 reps. We break and run 2 churchills in the gym for time. We then come back together and do 8 reps then 7 reps and so on and so on. It's something I'll implement more in the offseason and then only use a few times during the season next year. It's a great total body workout with extra emphasis on the core. It really combines distance, interval and strength training all in one workout if done correctly and using a few alterations.
  21. Charger Coach

    Wrestling Workouts

    Here's a link to the above mentioned workout if anybody is interested.
  22. Charger Coach

    Wrestling Workouts

    Huh, monkey humpers and donkey kicks. Sounds like something straight out of Bob and Tom. Sorry, had to throw that in there. Anyway, In addition to using workouts that we used on my high school team, I've been able to find quite a few on Just type workout in the search and there are quite a few that pop up. The Arizona State plate workout is a pretty good one that I would recommend. It really emphasizes the core. I altered it a little bit to meet the needs of our team and the facility we have available to us in the winter. I start at 10 reps instead of 16 and I use churchills in the gym instead of the run around the track.
  23. Charger Coach

    Woodford County Invi.

    I have to agree with SOWrestler on this one. I saw the match against the Eastern kid in the finals. The Corydon kid wasn't physically imposing but he was really tall and used that to his advantage. He just kept chugging along in the match and wore the Eastern kid down. He even caught the Eastern kid in a surfboard which you don't see real often at the higher weights.
  24. Charger Coach

    Beast of the East!

    The one thing that sticks out to me is that none of our KY boys went 2 & out. All at least won a couple of matches and it's not like only 1 or 2 wrestlers were representing the state this year. That can't be said for years past. Congrats to all those who competed from KY and thank you for representing the state well.
  25. Charger Coach

    King of the bluegrass

    When the hospitality room starting going downhill, so did the tournament, lol.