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    Billy Cahill

    It's with a heavy heart that announce the passing of Billy Cahill. Billy wrestled at Doss High School. He graduated in 2008. His senior year he was the Region 3 champion @ 140 lbs. Billy was an outstanding wrestler, but more importantly, an even better young man. As a coach, nobody could ask for a better person to coach on or off the mat. Billy always gave 100% effort. You always knew each time that he stepped on the mat, you were going to get everything he had. He will be greatly missed. Please join me in offering prayers and condolences to the Cahill family.
  2. Charger Coach

    Bullitt East Needs Assistant Coach

    There will also be teaching positions available in Special Ed, as well as Sociology/History. There are other positions that will be open, I just don't know which subjects.
  3. Charger Coach

    Bullitt East Needs Assistant Coach

    Bullitt East will be in need of an assistant wrestling coach for next year. We currently have 3 other assistants. However, none of my other assistants work in the building, which is what I prefer. There will be multiple teaching positions open at Bullitt East next year including 2 math positions. So, if you're interested in both teaching and coaching, please send me a PM and I can help direct you in the right direction.
  4. Charger Coach

    Bullitt East Needs Assistant Coach

    One more thing to add. There's a very good chance this will lead to an eventual head coaching position at the school. I only intend to coach a few more years to get the program up and running and then I will be stepping down. So if more incentive is needed, there you go.
  5. Charger Coach

    2011 State Tournament Will Be @ Frankfort Again

    Me thinks, me wasn't or whatever the hell you're saying. Anyway, the bottom line is that St. X / Trinity couldn't fill Papa John's on one of the two biggest days of the high school football season (regardless of the temperature) and the venue was less than 15 minutes away from both schools. I'm not trying to insult either school b/c 15K fans at a football game is fairly impressive so don't take it the wrong way. I have much respect for both schools especially they're wrestling coaches. Both are quality coaches and individuals. Anyway, yes Dunbar vs. Henderson Co would have far less fans, but what does that have to do with what I was saying? Point being what both myself and Nathaniel (I believe) are saying is that bigger isn't necessarily better. Frankfurt is a good place atmosphere-wise to host the tournament. Move it to a venue twice the size or even bigger such as Freedom Hall and you lose that component which IMO is one of the best things about the tournament. If the tournament was moved anywhere in Louisville, I would suggest Broadbent Arena right next to Freedom Hall. It has a seating capacity of around 7K (a little bigger than Frankfurt) and logistically should be able to hold 6 mats. I guarantee the concessions would be better as well. But on the other hand, you run into parking issues, etc. There would be plenty parking, but you pay $6 for each car each day which always sucks. Who knows, maybe the Fairground Board would be willing to cut the KHSAA a break on cost since the Cards are leaving Freedom Hall and Six Flags is jumping ship as well. They might need the business.
  6. Charger Coach

    2011 State Tournament Will Be @ Frankfort Again

    Yeah, I have to agree with Nathaniel on this one. St. X vs. Trinity didn't come close to filling Papa John's in 2007 for the Class 6A final and that obviously was in Louisville. I like the atmosphere in Frankfurt, but just hate some of the amenities there. As I said, the atmosphere is a plus, so to is the free parking. But wrestling on 4 mats, the seating and the food are all terrible.
  7. Charger Coach

    Girls wrestling

    I know they will work as hard as most of the guys. I coached 2 on my team this year. And yes, they could practice with the guys, but when it comes to tournaments / duals, that's where the problem would be. The scheduling wouldn't be as easy as you may think when it comes to having to schedule, Varsity, JV & Girls tournaments/duals.
  8. Charger Coach

    Region Realignments for 2010/2011

    KSB is on the list. They're listed with Region 4 and they're just to the right of Central on the map Mathound has provided.
  9. Charger Coach

    Girls wrestling

    Great idea, but who's going to coach them? We barely have enough qualified coaches in the state as it is to fill positions at the middle school and high school levels right now.
  10. Charger Coach


    Strength and power in the hips are very important, but don't underestimate the importance of hip flexibility. It's just as important to have flexibile hips as it is to have strong, powerful hips IMO.
  11. Charger Coach

    Region Realignments for 2010/2011

    And I still can't believe how many schools that compete in Class 5A and 6A in football don't have wrestling programs. In 6A Graves Co, Henderson Co, Marshall Co, Muhlenberg Co, Greenwood, Butler, Male, Shelby Co, Ballard & Scott Co don't have wrestling teams. In Class 5A Madisonville, Owensboro, Barren Co, Bowling Green, Grayson Co, Warren Central, Waggener, Grant Co, Covington Catholic, Highlands, Lincoln Co, Pulaski Co, South Laurel, Southwestern, Clay Co, Harlan Co & North Laurel don't have wrestling programs. Now I know a few of these use to have wrestling teams not too long ago and a few more are getting ready to start programs, but still, that number is staggering. That's almost 40% of the schools who compete at the top 2 classes in football who don't have wrestling programs.
  12. Charger Coach

    Region Realignments for 2010/2011

    Mathound, how recently was this map updated?
  13. Charger Coach

    Hospitality Room at State

    I went back to there once on Thursday, looked around, grabbed a bottle of water and left. I never went back the rest of the tournament. That's how disappointed I was.
  14. Charger Coach

    Who is your top 3 next year?

    You have to throw LaRue Co in the mix. I believe they only lose their HWT next year who was 2-2 at state this year. I look for Coach Canter and crew to make a serious run at a state title next year.
  15. Charger Coach


    State titles aren't usually won due to the 3 or 4 kids you have on your team that you know will do well. State titles are won by the 3 or 4 kids you have on your team that somehow find a way to either make it to the finals and aren't "suppose" to do so or find a way to place higher than expected through the wrestle backs. Trinity's state title was no different. Brendan Darrow and Erin McCauley making it to the finals and Brandon Birk, Brent Hitchings and Will Flynn wrestling back and placing high is what won the title for Trinity. Congrats on a 2nd straight state title Coach Brown and Trinity.
  16. Charger Coach


    I think the correct wrestler won MOW. Caleb Ervin & Grant Ohlmann were also deserving and I wouldn't have questioned it had either won the award, but there is a lot to be said for a kid who pins his way to a state title including 1st period pins in the semis and finals such as Osbourne did. You see a lot of wrestlers get 1st and 2nd round pins on their way to a state title, but rarely do you see a kid pin his way through a tournament. I don't remember the last time that happened.
  17. Charger Coach

    Biggest Shocker or Let down: Individual and Team

    I don't agree with how Myron reacted after winning the 119 title. But I do realize Myron is still a high school kid and after everything that was said about the whole Hall-Bradbury situation leading up to the title match, he simply let his emotions get the best of him. That I can excuse. However, I think it was absolutely pathetic how he was booed by many in the crowd after he took his position on top of the podium. Now that was nothing but classless on the part of many fans and parents.
  18. Charger Coach

    Region Realignments for 2010/2011

    I don't think KCD will have a team in a year or 2 when Hendren graduates so that will leave Eastern Jefferson with 8 teams and Western Jefferson with 12. Also, I believe you omitted Trigg Co. from Region 1 and I didn't know Barren County had a team.
  19. But Cooper is on the same side of the bracket as Troxell. If Ranger is picking Troxell to win that means he would beat Cooper in either the quarters or the semis, which also means the best Cooper could wrestle for would be 3rd. I'm pretty sure that's why Ranger picked Cooper 3rd and Palmer 2nd.
  20. Charger Coach

    Toughest Region to qualify from

    There's nothing to really be sorry about. Your information is only as good as your source and obviously the khsaa isn't a very good source, lol. In Region 3 the teams are Southern, Meade Co., PRP, Fairdale, Doss, Shawnee, Western, Holy Cross, DeSales, Bullitt Central, Bullitt East, Iroquois & Valley.
  21. Charger Coach

    pray before we play at state tournament.

    There's not many of us, but count the Bullitt East kids in as well.
  22. Charger Coach

    Toughest Region to qualify from

    Region 3 has 13 teams, not 11.
  23. Charger Coach

    Region 3 Draw/Brackets

    Still injured, not wrestling at regionals.
  24. Charger Coach

    Region 3 Regional Predictions

    Saturday at DeSales. Weigh-ins are at 7:30 and wrestling hopefully to start by 9:00-9:30
  25. Charger Coach

    Are teams having practice on snow days

    I had to get permission from the AD before I could hold practice. There's not a policy in Bullitt County to my knowledge, but it's highly frowned upon unless you seek permission 1st and are granted it to do so.