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    Up and Coming Programs

    This was Meade County's 5th year as a wrestling program. Their 1st year was 06-07. Still, Coach Davis has done a really nice job bringing that program along in such a short period of time. They have all the ingredients to continue to be successful, i.e. great administrative support (Assistant principal Scott Bogard was a wrestling coach @ Waggener so that helps), great community support, tremendous parental involvement, youth program, etc. Southern is still a little ahead of them in Region 3, but the gap between the two is very minimal now.
  2. Charger Coach

    Ranger's state tournament report

    Ranger, Around the state, we appreciate the time and effort that goes into your rankings. I think predicting 10 state champions and 8 of 14 finals correctly speaks for itself.
  3. Charger Coach


    "215: Eli Meredith (Larue) vs. Samuel Vanover (Whitley)-2nd Round" Should be Kyle Durbin (Eastern) vs. Samuel Vanover (Whitley) - 2nd round
  4. Sorry to hear that Bryce. I guess you can always feel fortunate that you still have another year left.
  5. Charger Coach

    Region 2 first-round pairings and seedings

    Is Warnock the kid who had the broken hand for Boyle?
  6. Charger Coach

    Lindsey Wilson welcomes Campbellsville
  7. Charger Coach

    North Hardin Trojan Invitational

    You do get a pound tomorrow.
  8. Charger Coach

    Wrestling Tournaments vs SNOW

    Well, first of all, JCPS being closed on Friday has no effect on Bullitt East. We're not part of JCPS schools since we're in Bullitt County, lol. Second, we'll be at the Trojan Saturday. It's generally up to each schools AD/Principal and since our AD and Principal are big advocates of athletics, we generally go on as planned.
  9. Charger Coach

    Region 3 Rankings 1/18/11

    Incorrect; as for everything else, I can't speak for that
  10. Charger Coach

    North Hardin Trojan Invitational

    Here is the list that was sent out. I don't know if all have confirmed for sure or not, but anyway....
  11. Charger Coach

    Region 3 Rankings 1/12/11

    189 had a family member pass away and both my guys at 215 are currently injured, but one will be back by Saturday.
  12. Charger Coach

    2 lbs

    Yeah, that's what I do. I have my wrestlers weigh-in and I've even let some of them go out and take forfeits as well to help with the 4 matches/weigh-ins.
  13. I thought Belfry had a program now, don't they?
  14. Charger Coach


    It was JV quad with PRP, Corydon Central, Holy Cross and Bullitt East. I don't know about the other duals, but BE was 3-0. PRP had some pretty good looking young wrestlers as well.
  15. Charger Coach

    Football coaches Vs Wrestling.

    Here are some of the articles I used in case anyone is interested. I even used a brief article on JJ Jude from the Courier-Journal
  16. Charger Coach

    Football coaches Vs Wrestling.

    Last year, our football coach was hesitant to have his kids wrestle. I had 1 football player on the roster. That kid went from being a part-time starter on the varsity last year to the team's leading tackler this year. Needless to say, things have changed. The football coach came to one of our practices, liked what he saw and asked me to come down to the locker room for a football weight lifting and talk to the kids to encourage them to wrestle. He also encouraged the kids to wrestle. In fact, he made a deal with the football players where he is paying for the singlets out of the football account for the 1st 20 football players who signed up to wrestle. I had 10 football players come out yesterday and I'm expecting about 5 or 6 more today. That puts our roster total up to 50 wrestlers now. I used some internet articles I found to emphasize the point of how wrestling helps football players become better. There were quotes from college and pro football coaches on the subject and also a huge list of current and former NFL players who were state champion high school wrestlers. It definitely helped my case.
  17. Charger Coach

    State Tournament venue change

    It's different in Indiana. There's a lot more interest in wrestling therefore you have a lot more fans to draw from. Other differences between Indiana and Kentucky are the Indiana state tournament is 1 day not 3 days. In Indiana it's a 16 man bracket not a 32 man bracket and if you lose your 1st match at state in Indiana, your done. There is no wrestle back for you. That's partly why they can have it in 1 day. Try moving the Indiana state tournament to 3 days and a 32 man bracket and I guarantee you Conseco Fieldhouse wouldn't be nearly as packed for anything but the finals and that's in a state with over 350 high schools that have wrestling and numerous middle school programs (more middle school programs than Kentucky has high school programs)
  18. I'm looking for a 3rd team to complete a tri at BE on Wednesday 1/19. Nelson County is the other team that has committed. If anyone is interested, please send me a PM.
  19. Charger Coach

    Charger Wrestling Club Looking for Duals / Tournaments

    Guys, I do appreciate the help. At this point, any info helps a great deal. Please keep posting on possible middle tournaments. ManBearPig, as far as BC is concerned, I spoke with Coach / Mr. Taylor. I even sent an e-mail to the AD, Mr. Rogers. I've had little success with either. Both were concerned with the numbers in the program this year. I've had more success trying to set something up with North Bullitt.
  20. Charger Middle School Wrestling Club is looking for a few duals and / or tournaments. We are located in Mt. Washington. Please send me a PM if you have anything close to the Louisville area.
  21. Charger Coach

    Charger Wrestling Club Looking for Duals / Tournaments

    Yeah, I'm having a hard enough time trying to set something up with their high school team. If anybody knows of any tournaments for middle school kids that are within an hour or so of Louisville, please let me know. I have about 10-12 middle school kids and don't want to just have them wrestle JV on the high school level. I would like to have a few tournaments and matches for them against their own age group.
  22. Charger Coach

    Junior Varsity Schedule

    Seneca has the Lonesome JV tournament on December 21st.
  23. Charger Coach

    New Wrestling Programs This Season

    I've spoken to the North Bullitt coach and I believe they are just going to run a JV schedule this year.
  24. Charger Coach

    Middle Schoolers banned from varsity for Jefferson Co Public Schools?

    Good thing to know GOO. I know our varsity 103, 112 & 119 are probably going to be 8th graders this year and even though we're not in the JCPS, we wrestle most of our tournaments in Jefferson County.
  25. Charger Coach

    North Oldham- New Head Coach

    Rob, You'll definitely be missed among the coaching ranks. Good luck at New Haven. I know you were always willing to help out however you could when I was trying to get the Bullitt East program started and I'm very thankful for that.