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  1. I think this is a spot where the old saying...."Arguing with a fool only proves there are two". Now, back to what this thread was intended for......rankings! Anyone have anything new to add to that. I can say we scrimmaged against Central today and Omar Jarvis is going to have a legit shot at a state title. Shoulder looks strong and he's improved a ton.
  2. Charger Coach

    2011-2012 Master Schedule

    Region 3 duals are at Southern again this year.
  3. Charger Coach

    Where do you practice ?

    We practice in the cafeteria for about 2 hours; 3 hours on weight lifting days which is twice a week. Every day we put up the lunch tables, transport the mats from the equipment closet in the gym and roll them out. After practice, repeat the process in reverse . Our locker room is the PE locker room when they actually open it for us. Most of the time, the kids just change in the cafeteria.
  4. Charger Coach

    Region 5 Predictions

    I talked to Coach Speer @ Spencer County and knew they were headed to Region 5, but I thought Male was suppose to go to Region 4. I guess this was a late change then?
  5. Charger Coach

    Growth in Kentucky

    Spencer County is adding a program this year as well. I have been e-maling back and forth with their coach. I think it's important to help out these programs (the new programs this year and the programs who are just now finding coaches) to find meets, get acclimated into the wrestling community, etc. Please, if you're a coach of a program and in charge of scheduling for your team, take the time to visit the KHSAA website and look these coaches up. Send them an e-mail welcoming them to the Kentucky wrestling community and extend them an invitation to a Saturday tournament you might be hosting or invite them to a Wednesday meet. It will make their transition that much easier.
  6. This is getting absolutely ridiculous. Mathound has warned all parties involved previously and yet it still persists. I for one try not to pass judgement on anyone, especially high school wrestlers, until I have met them myself, seen them wrestle and watch how they conduct themselves. Even then, I tend not to pass judgment because they are just that, high school wrestlers and thus still kids. It seems as if almost everyone else is passing judgment on the Myers boys due to the postings of one individual and most, if not all, have never met them. Sadly, it's not all his fault either. Even when he's never posted anything on a topic, somebody tends to want to take it there almost knowing he's going to respond. I use this website as an informative tool to help myself as a coach and help my wrestlers. I like to see what all is going on throughout the state with other programs, but it's getting to the point that I don't even want to hop on the site because almost every topic gets way off point anymore. So as a coach, former wrestler, fan of wrestling, etc I ask to please keep the topics on track for those of us who are tired of reading all the banter and bullcrap. I know I'm not alone on this. If you wish to constantly take everything off topic to talk about the Myers boys then please start a topic that says Myers boys and type until your fingers are numb. Now, I am looking forward to seeing the Myers boys wrestle. I have never met them and don't know anything about them but I'm a fan of good wrestling and it appears they are excellent wrestlers. I know we are at the Derby City Classic with Grant County so I'll be fortunate enough to see them in person. I know if any of my wrestlers faces off against them they won't fare very well, but let's give it a shot anyway.
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    I think dual tournaments are the best way to go for a young team. It will ensure the most mat time for each wrestler regardless of experience or talent level. I mostly go with dual tournaments or even just a Saturday 6-way and sprinkle in a few invitationals. The kids still have to get used to that format because obviously they need it come postseason. Looking at our schedule this year, if a kid wrestles in every competition, they will be guaranteed 49 matches before regionals even if they go 2 and out at the invitationals and that's with only 15 events currently scheduled (We have 6 dual tournaments / 6-ways currently scheduled and I'm looking to add another). I know they won't wrestle every time and forfeits will account for some of those, but still, that's a large number of potential guaranteed matches and valuable mat time gained. In Kentucky, it's not out of the question to see a kid potentially have 60+ matches heading into state.
  8. Charger Coach

    Region 5 Predictions

    Jefferson County really needs to go down to 2 regions. Make regioins 3 & 4 for Jeff Co schools only. Take Meade County out of Region 3 and drop them to Region 2. Take the 3 Bullitt Co schools and move them to Region 5 with the Oldham County schools. Pull Western Hills and Franklin County from Region 7 and drop them into the new Region 5. Maybe a minor move here or there (Scott County from Region 6 to Region 7 or Region 5, etc), but I really don't see where it's that difficult. It would give you Regions 3 & 4 somewhere in the neighborhood of 10 teams each and give Region 5 a total of 8 teams. Still not completely even numbers-wise but whole lot better than it is now with 13 teams in Region 3, 8 teams in Region 4 & 6 teams in Region 5 respectively. I know geography plays a part but considering how far some of the Region 1 & Region 8 teams have to travel within their own region, asking some schools to travel and hour or just over that is not asking a whole lot. Then again, I don't think the KHSAA really cares enough to do anything about it considering they haven't updated their regional alignments on their website in over 2 years to reflect new programs added. They still don't have schools like Trigg County, Barren County, Bullitt East, North Bullitt, Scott County, Grant County, Belfry, etc even on the regional alignment page and all of them are going into at least their 2 year as a program!!! Now back on track, Oldham County is without a doubt the favorites to run away with Region 5 and I agree 2nd place is up for grabs. Fern Creek will be much improved and I think will be "relevant" in Kentucky wrestling again soon. They went through a period where the kids from their Optimist Club where coming through that program then going off to other high school and not Fern Creek. They're starting to keep some of that home grown talent again so expect the high school program to be back on track in years to come.
  9. Charger Coach

    Growth in Kentucky

    Yes, Coach Reed resigned to focus more on his business. And John Hardin has a coach now. I believe he was previously their MS coach.
  10. Charger Coach

    What does your team do for fundraising?

    Unfortunately, high school athletics in Bullitt County are 100% self-funded. Absolutely no money comes from the school board or high school itself for any expenses, equipment, uniforms, travel, etc so fundraising is something that seems like many teams are constantly doing. A couple of things the wrestling team does that has helped in the past is ESPN The Magazine sales which I belive someone has already mentioned. It's a pretty good deal and you keep a huge portion of the proceeds (something like 75%). One kid can sale just 3 subscriptions and make $90 for the team/organization. Another that is a good fundraiser is peeler cards. There is a company that distributes the peel cards with no upfront expenses. They will cater the cards specifically to businesses in your immediate area which makes them very easy to sell. The cards seel for $10 and you keep $5 of it. I think we made $2500 doing it last year. The bonus is that you can request as many cards as you want (again, they don't charge you for them upfront) and if you don't sale all the cards, you can return what you don't sale at no cost to you. Also, our booster club has a contract with a local bingo hall to supply the workers. The booster club will then take requests from the sports programs as to how many slots each program is requesting to fill. The wrestling team filled 30 of those slots last year and we made close to $3000 doing that. Finally, I have the parents go around to local businesses and ask for a $100 donation. In return, we put the names and logos of those businesses on the back of a t-shirt which comes in each wrestlers spirit pack so it's good advertisement for the business and doesn't cost the team anything as it's part of the overall cost of the spirit pack for the wrestlers. I think we made about $1500 doing that. We were like a walking billboard but I was disappointed because there was no Chico's Bail Bonds located in the area. Anyway, I hate fundraising as I'm sure most all coaches, parents, athletes, etc do so I always look for things that are easy and can make a bunch of money with very little effort and time. There are some athletic programs in Bullitt County that have to have 8-10 fundraisers a year to try and meet their expenses and to be quite honest, who wants to have that many fundraisers in a single year?!?! All the fundraisers I mentioned above were very easy and don't require a lot of time so it doesn't seem like that's all we're doing.
  11. Charger Coach

    Weight Class Change Petition

    Yeah, let's talk about teams needing coaches. It's hard to believe that Seneca is still without a coach right now. There has to be a former Chuck Anderson wrestler who will step up and take the reigns over there. Or maybe the old grizzly himself will pop another cough drop in and came out of retirement. That would be great to see.
  12. Charger Coach

    Region 3 Predictions

    I'm not for sure of what kids are going what weights other than my own so I won't comment on that much. I do see where Jeron Roberson from PRP is not in any of ManBearPig's top 4. He was injured last year and didn't wrestle at regionals. He's a top 3 at whichever weight he wrestles (138 or 145). Same goes for Josh Powell of Doss. Also injured and didn't wrestle regionals last year, but a top 4 at whichever weight class he goes (132 or 138). Cole Gilbert from BE is more than likely not wrestling this year as well. It's not definite, but it's looking like no. As for the team competition, I would say we're looking at Southern, Meade Co, PRP and Fairdale as the top four (no surprise). However, I'm going out on a limb and picking Coach Toy and Fairdale to win regions this year. Those kids did a lot of offseason work and I think it will show this season. Doss will be much improved as will Holy Cross. Both coaches are doing a good job at those programs of getting kids out and sticking with the sport. And then there's always DeSales who will have 3 or 4 kids who place high at regionals. For what he has and how he struggles to get kids to stick with the sport, I think Coach Martin is an excellent coach and doesn't get a lot of notoriety that he probably deserves. I can't wait for the season to get going. Good luck to all this year.
  13. Charger Coach

    2012 State Tournament

    Holy crap!!! Please not this thread now as well.
  14. Charger Coach

    Former KY Heavyweight Makes NFL

    Not trying to be the downer here, but he made the practice squad right, not the 53 man roster? Still, it's a huge accomplishment anytime you get on with a professional team in any capacity.
  15. I think when you have a kid who is as powerful as Jude is, it becomes easy to lose sight of the technique they may actually have. Sometimes you become so captivated by the power in which they hit moves, you don't see the technique that may be involved. Just my opinion anyway.
  16. Charger Coach

    Weight Class Change Petition

    And I might add that last rant of mine is coming from a guy who wrestled HWT in high school and might be too heavy to wrestle sumo now so the fat guys hold a special place in my heart. All we've really done (and I'm saying this is more than likely true for all states not just Kentucky) is make the lower weight classes tougher from top to bottom as far as quality wrestlers while making the upper weight classes more diluted than they already were as far as the talent pool is concerned. It's ridiculous!!!
  17. Charger Coach

    Weight Class Change Petition

    I think this could have and should have been done a little differently. I always thought the reason why the weight classes from 125-145 were so close was because that was where a majority of your kids who wrestled actually were weight-wise. Essentially, the weight class they added was 182 and the one they took away was 140. I think a better solution would have been to take 215 to 220 as they did, move 189 to 195 as they did, but instead of adding in 182, simply bumped 171 up to maybe 178 (still a 17 lb difference between the classes). Then you take 160 and move it to 167 or thereabouts (Again, still an 11 lb difference between classes). Take 152 and move it to 158 and 145 to 151 (Again pretty much the same difference). From there, take the rest of the weight classes and make it a 6 or 7 pound difference between them which was essentially was done (IE 103 to 106 or 107, 112 to 113 or 114, 119 to 120, 125 to 126, 130 to 132, 135 to 138 and 140 to 144. You still make the upper weights more managable without really affecting the integrity of your lower weight classes which is, like I stated, where most of your wrestlers are weight-wise. The problem is they didn't touch 152 or 160, which is they would have, everything would have worked out better for pretty much all teams as a whole (or at least I think). I can understand being concerned about a discrepancy in weight, but were we really concerned about a possible 18 lb difference between a 171 and 189 so much so that we had to add another weight class in there? You still have a 25 lb difference between 195 and 220 so is that really better than a 26 lb difference between 189 and 215? And did we really do the HWTs any favors? So we closed the possible huge weight gap in the HWT class by 5 lbs, big deal. When a kid weighs about 1/8 of a ton or a little more, 5 lbs really doesn't matter. Five pounds to a HWT is like flicking an ant off and elephant's don't notice it. HWTs lose 5 lbs by taking a crap!!! Am I making sense here or just rambling?
  18. Charger Coach

    Meet Needed

    Bullitt East is looking for a meet on Wednesday 1/25 preferably in the Louisville area. If you have any openings, please send me a PM.
  19. WOW, I wish somebody had informed me of this, lol
  20. Charger Coach

    Coaches needed for MALE High School

    I have to think the KHSAA will add them to Region 5 in order to up the number of teams there. I know Region 4 doesn't have a lot of teams either, but something has to be done with Region 5.
  21. Charger Coach

    Regional alignment map

    Shawnee started out the year with 2 wrestlers, but by the end of the year had 0. KSB has not fielded a team for 3 or 4 years now. Prestonburg has not fielded a team for at least the last 5 years. I think Jenkins is a new team, but not for sure.
  22. Charger Coach

    State tourney stats

    The list of teams provided above doesn't take into account some of the programs started in the last couple of years (i.e. Bullitt East, North Bullitt, Barren Co., Scott Co. and Trigg Co. to name a few). I think there's a better solution to realignment. Louisville needs to move to 2 Regions. Take Meade Co and drop them down to Region 2. Take the 3 Bullitt County schools, Franklin Co and Western Hills and move them to Region 5 with the Oldham County schools. Then take Danville and Boyle Co and move them to Region 7. That would even it out a little bit in Regions 2, 3, 4, 5 & 7 anyway. Either way, there's no perfect solution, but there has to be a better way than what we have now. You're still going to have teams all over the place in Regions 1 & 8, but that's going to happen since they're the least popluated areas (or most rural areas) in the state with wrestling.
  23. The banquet is Saturday, March 26th. It's at 1:00 at Kettle Creek in Mt. Washington. If you want, you can ride out with us. Just let me know. A lot of food and all you can eat so bring an appetite. Shouldn't be a problem there, lol.

  24. Charger Coach

    6A schools without wrestling.

    More so than the 6A schols that don't have wrestling, personally for me, it's more shocking the number of Catholic schools in Kentucky that don't have wrestling. I'm particularly curious why an all boys school like Covington Catholic that is a 5A school, doesn't have wrestling. Maybe it has something to do with the football coach. Again, I'm not from Northern KY so I don't know. Regardless, it's pretty perplexing to me. Maybe schools like Owensboro Catholic and Newport Central Catholic are too small, but Holy Cross (1A) and DeSales (2A) have wrestling in Louisville so I don't see why they can't do it. Then you have Lexinton Catholic. I know it's not all boys, but still I don't see why they don't have wrestling. Anybody else know as to why they don't?
  25. Charger Coach

    6A schools without wrestling.

    Shelby County is no longer a 6A school. When Collins opened up this year, the students were split between the two schools and they are now both 4A schools. As for Butler, they are the only other "true" traditional school in Louisville other than Male. It's not rivalry purposes, but may have something to do with that as to why they have not started a wrestling program. As for Redman over at Jeffersonville now and it potentially harming their program, trust me it won't. The wrestling program at Jeffersonville is too established, not to mention Redman may be done at Jeffersonville soon. I have a few friends who are assistant coaches with him at Jeffersonville and he's not happy with the overall situation over there when it pertains to football. At Male, football is king so he had pretty much had whatever he wanted. At Jeffersonville (and any other Indiana school for that matter), basketball is king and he doesn't like it. Kind of ironic actually.