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    Region 3 rankings 12-31-2006

    Seeders wrestled 130 on Saturday at Valley and Ringo wrestled 135. I'm assuming that's where they will stay.
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    Yes I do also think it was pretty funny. It was just a joke and teammates just poking fun at one another, but someone must have thought it was not funny. That's why he got the negative karma. Just tell the person why, that's all.
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    jefferson county

    Wrest 65, I agree with you. Jo Momma, if you want to bash coaches, that is your business. They are adults and I'm sure can take anything you wish to say. However, don't bash the kids! Please leave them out of it. They didn't do the seeds. All they do, is show up and wrestle who their respective bracket says they are supposed to.
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    jefferson county

    First off, to the question that water the flowers had, no this is not all the wrestlers. It is only the wrestlers that are seeded. I'm not for sure exactly how many wrestlers are in each weight class, but I would venture to say that at least all weight classes will have 12 to 16 wrestlers and most classes will probably have pig tails to wrestle into the 16 wrestler bracket. If that is not correct, and someone knows for sure please let all of us know. Second of all, NOHS Wrestler, Ranger, Grappler, and yes Gatsby, all very good points regardless if I don't necessarily see eye to eye with your point of view. Ultimately, that is the whole point of this particular discussion board. I believe the statement was said by Ranger in an earlier post that the point of this forum in to "speak up not shut up". I guess I'm speaking up and if someone thinks differently, I completely respect their opinion. Regardless of what is said on the forum, or whether we agree or disagree, I think I can honestly say we all agree on something. We all want the sport of wrestling to thrive in the state of Kentucky and we all want what is best for all the kids not just our own. That being said, yes I agree everything it is settled on the mat not in the coaches room. However, if all things are equal between two wrestlers, and it comes down to those two being seeded or not in their respective regionals, the results of some of these tournaments carry a lot of weight at Regional seedings, and usually the better the seed in these tournaments will help wrestlers to go deeper into the competition and place higher. Essentially, with seeds, the matches will get tougher later in the tournament. With a blind draw, matches could be tougher at the beginning or the end. Either way, most wrestlers will have tough matches on the day. In response to NOHS wrestler, I completely understand that the "love of the sport" sometimes is outweighed by other aspects in life (long practices, family at home, long drives to meets and practices, etc.) However, I do believe that seeding meetings should be open to all coaches. If you don't want to attend or are unable to attend, that's another subject. However, I do think they should at least be offered the opportunity! Just for my own knowledge, which eight coaches comprised the seeding committee?
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    jefferson county

    So you don't think that all coaches deserve a say in the seedings? To me that's CRAZY! O.K., so the committee consisted of 8 very respected coaches. I'm sure for the most part I would hold them in high regard the same as you do. However, just because they are an "elite coach" and the other coaches aren't, doesn't mean that what they say should far outweigh anything else any other coach has to say. To say that is just insane. For the most part, all coaches put in a lot of time during the season. Long practices, long Wednesday nights, all day tournaments on Saturday, and none of that includes the off the mat issues and problems and for what? $1000 to $2000 dollars a year to coach? No, they do it because they love the sport and care about their kids. To me, that demands respect and deserves the right to have a say in the "seedings". And why wouldn't that system work. Just about all coaches will vote the same as the respected coaches will. They're not stupid. But when it comes to seedings from position 5 through 8, that's where the difference is. Don't tell me seedings don't matter there! I will agree that the wrestlers still have to wrestle. You're absolutely right about that. But just let me give you an example of why it matters. Let's say a kid gets an 8 seed at 103. That means if everything plays out at 103, the way it should, in the quarters, he would have to face Elliot Martin. Where as, if he had the 5 seed, he would have to face Jake Maupin in the quarters. I take nothing away from Jake. He's a good wrestler and an even better kid but there's a difference. Would you like you're chances to advance to the semis better against Elliot Martin or Jake Maupin? Another thing, if you say seedings don't matter, let's just not have them. Let's just do a blind draw. No, seedings do matter. Would you want to tell the loser of the Dakoda Chaote and John Wolfseifer match that even though they should have met in the finals, they can finish no higher than 5th b/c they had to meet in the 1st round on a blind draw? I don't think you would and neither would I. the whole point of seedings is to get your kids the highest seed possible to try and get them the easiest route possible to a higher placing. Finally, I apologize to Coach Coomes. If he was not part of the committee, that's my mistake and I'm truly sorry. Gatsby, I truly respect your opinion and I mean no disrespect to you with anything I say. I truly hope you feel the same. Good luck to you this weekend.
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    I personally think that there should be a rule about the "karma". If you give someone a negative, you should be required to send them a personal message and tell them why. If you're not willing to do that then you should not be allowed to give them a negative. If this offends anyone, I apologize but have some guts.
  7. Charger Coach

    jefferson county

    I'm a little upset that all of the Jefferson County coaches did not have an opportunity to participate in the rankings meeting. If Coach Coomes wants to do his committee at his own Big East tournament, then that's fine. That's his tournament. However, the Jefferson Co. Tourn of Champions is NOT his tournament. It belongs to all of the Jeff Co. teams and as such all Jeff. Co. coaches should have at least a minor say in the seedings. I'm sure that the "reasoning" is going to be that it would take to long and their would be too much disagreement, but if we're going to put on this large two day tournament, then do it right. For next year, I recommend that all coaches be invited to attend a seeding meeting and be given a ballot. If you don't show up, then you can't complain about the seedings. They should be given a list of all the wrestlers that will participate at each weight class and do their own seeding from 1 to 8. Remember, the rosters for each team had to be turned in by 1 p.m today. After all coaches have completed their ballots, collect them and tally the votes. Give each vote a value. For example, if a kid is ranked number one, then he gets eight points, second gets 7 points and so on. The kid in each weight class with the highest number of votes gets the # 1 seed and so on. If there is a tie for any position, then go to head-to-head competition. If they haven't wrestled yet or have a series split, then common opponents. The state of Kentucky's wrestling community consists of more than just Coach Coomes. I don't think he sees it that way however. With all of that being said, Good luck to all participants tomorrow. I hope everyone competes at their best and ends the weekend unhurt.