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  1. myGSP

    congrats to all the seniors!

    Congrtas to all graduating seniors, good luck with the next chapter of life. I would also like to give a BIG CONGATS to Wade Holtsclaw who lost in the 3nd round in a 2-OT 3-2 match and came back to win his next 4 matches and pin in 00:57 to take 3rd place. Best of luck in your future.
  2. myGSP

    Caleb Irvin
  3. myGSP

    Caleb Irvin

    Caleb Ervin (Illinois) won by decision over Brody Grothus (Iowa) 5-0.
  4. myGSP

    Coach Branch
  5. Date of Drawing: February 1st, 7:00 PM during home dual versus Indiana Tech. Drawing will be webcast LIVE during intermission of the dual meet!
  6. myGSP

    This give "count the lights" new meaning
  7. myGSP

    Cooper- Myers Battle !!!!

    Stephan Myers vs Kevin Cooper
  10. myGSP

    Super 32 Hoosier open Sept. 9th
  11. myGSP

    Prayer Request-John Hardin Wrestling Family

    RIP Jordan, Thoughts and Prayers to the Murphy family. We lost a GOOD one.
  13. myGSP

    Howe and Rutt From UW Transferring

    Wrestling coach Barry Davis’s three-year contract was extended through May 31, 2015.
  14. myGSP

    Wrestler overcomes the odds