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  1. Byrddog

    Updates from Day 2

    Union Consolation 4th Round 106-Dezember-won 120-Wurth-won 138-Gahafer- 152-Risinger- 160-Sheffer- 220-Wilkins-
  2. Byrddog

    Updates from Day 2

    Union Consolation 3rd Round 138-Gahafer-won 195-Smith-lost 220-Wilkins-won HWT-Brown-lost
  3. Byrddog

    Campbell vs the world

    Like I said before "Anything" for a State Title ! lol
  4. Byrddog

    Updates from Day 2

    Union- 106-Dezember-lost 113-Blackwell-won 120-Wurth-lost 126-Ervin-won 132-Carr-won 152-Risinger-lost 160-Sheffer-lost
  5. Byrddog

    Iowa v Okie State

    yea I watched it the Bigten Network. It was a great dual. The match was decided by the last 2 weight classes were 1 of the 4 were ranked, and he lost (Iowa).
  6. Byrddog

    Chattanooga Wrestling anyone?

    149: Caleb Ervin (unattached), r-Fr., Morganfield, Ky. 1st round: Pinned No. 9 Kaleb Friedley (Northwestern) 4:17 2nd round: Dec. No. 8 Steve Robertson (Penn), 3-2 Quarterfinals: Dec. by No. 1 Mario Mason (Rutgers), 4-1 Consolation round of 8: Dec. by Mike Kelly (Iowa), 9-3 Ervin eliminated Mason(Rutgers) got 2nd Kelly(Iowa) got 5th Way to go Caleb! Some good wins there
  7. Byrddog

    Update from Super 32?

    this is what i found on 112-Blackwell-1st-w-14-2/2nd-w-pin:24/3rd-L-9-0/4th-w-dq/5th-L-3-0 138-Fahy-1st-w-14-1/2nd-w-12-0/3rd-w-10-0/4th-w-2-0/5th-L-3-1/6th-L-7-2 138-Hamiton-1-bye/2nd-w-5-1/3rd-w-4-3/4th-L-1:15/5th-w-pin3:53/6th-w-1-0/7th-L-7-3 152-French-1st-L-5-4/2nd-w-1-0/3rd-w-3-0/4th-L-5-1 220-Darrow-1st-w-5-4/2nd-w-4-1/3rd-L-def/4th-L-for thats all i could find....
  8. Byrddog


    Going by what it says in the Official Programs I have: Livingstone Merrit: 92-8th -140- 5th 93-8th - 152- 4th 94-9th - 189- 3rd 95-10 - 215- 1st 96-11 - 215- 1st 97-12- Hwt- 1st I was a Senior in 93 and in his wt class but never got to wrestle him.
  9. Byrddog

    nhsca update

    is there a web page where we can see the brackets?
  10. Byrddog

    This year's champs vs. champs of the past

    yea yea, I know I was there....How about you? lol
  11. Byrddog

    This year's champs vs. champs of the past

    103-Storms-7-4 112-Ervin-3-1 119-Smith-8-6
  12. Byrddog

    This year's champs vs. champs of the past

    Man I thought some of you would have caught this and be letting me have it. 125-Carr-4X 103,126,140,145 & Runner-up 95, 5X Finalist Don't see how I messed that one up.
  13. Byrddog

    This year's champs vs. champs of the past

    103-Garth Yenter-Campbell vs. Tom Storms-Simon Kenton-1991 112-Brock Ervin-Union vs. David Richie-Caldwell-1985 119-TJ Ruschell-Ryle vs. James Smith-Union-1983 This could be a little unfair for this yrs winners because my guys won state more than once 103-Storms-2X 103,119 & Runner-up in 1992 at 130, got a bad call for stalling in OT 112-Richie-3X 105,112,112 119-Smith- 2X 112,119 - Runner-up 80,81, 4x state finalist 125-Carr-3X 103,126,140 & Runner-up 94, 4x finalist 130-Wilkens-2X 130,130 135-Cooper-3X 119,130,135 140-Selke-2X 135,140 145-Hagen-2X 145,145 152-Blevins-2X 152,152 160-Ennels-3X 135,152,160 & Runner-up at 152, 4X Finalist 171-Tendai-3X 160,172,171 189-Miguel-2X 185,189 215-Livingston-3X 215,215,Hwt Hwt-Frank-2X-Hwt,Hwt
  14. Byrddog

    This year's champs vs. champs of the past

    went "Old School"
  15. Byrddog

    This year's champs vs. champs of the past

    125-John Fahy-Trinity vs. 126-Joe Carr-Woodford-1995 Really good match, Close one too - Carr 6-4 130-Jayce Carr-Union vs. 130-Brandon Wilkens-Campbell-1994 - Wilkens 8-4 135-Kevin Cooper-Simon Kenton vs. Brad Cooper-Simon Kenton-2003 - Cooper 140-Zach Salyer-Johnson Central vs. Brian Selke-Trinity-1991 - Selke 8-2 145-Joe Whalen-Henry Clay vs. Chris Hagen-Campbell-1992 - Hagen pin 152-Caleb Ervin-Union vs. Don Blevins-Fern Creek-1994 - Ervin 8-6 160-John Lampe-St.X vs. Willie Ennels-Hopkinsville-1992 - Ennels 8-4 171-JJ Jude-Johnson Central vs. Tendai Charasika-St.X-1996 - Tendai 8-4 189-Thomas Buckman-Union vs. Miguel Merritt-Hopkinsville-1996 - Meguel pin 215-Kyle Durbin-Eastern vs. Livingston Merritt-Hopkinsville-1996 - Livingston pin Hwt-Aaron House-North Hardin vs. Frank Wolnitzek-Covington Holmes-1993 - Frank pin