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  1. bigmeads


    Iroquois 2008-2009 Wrestling Schedule Day Date Event & Time (Weigh-in) Place Thur. 11/13/08 Scrimmage Manual, & Holy Cross tba Home Wed. 11/19/08 Scrimmage Central/ J-Town tba J-Town Sat. 11/29/08 North Oldham Dual Tournament tba North Oldham Wed. 12/03/08 N. Old., Doss, KCD 5:00 pm North Oldham Sat. 12/06/08 Cougar Hammerhead Duals 8:30 am Bullitt Central Wed. 12/10/08 Holy Cross/KSB/Atherton Quad 5:00 pm Home Sat. 12/13/08 Lonesome Tournament 8:30 am Seneca Wed. 12/17/08 Doss/PRP 5:00 pm PRP Sat. 12/20/08 Meade Co. Tournament tba Meade Co. Sat. 1/03/09 Central Hardin Dual Tournament? tba Central Hardin Fri. & Sat. 1/09&10/09 Jefferson County Tournament tba Valley Wed. 1/14/09 Meade Co./Bul.Cen/Fairdale Quad 5:00 pm Meade Co. Sat. 1/17/09 Regional Duals tba Southern Wed. 1/21/09 J-Town/Seneca/Central Quad 5:00 pm J-Town Sat. 1/24/09 Trojan Classic tba North Hardin Wed. 1/28/09 Central/Manual 3way 5:00pm Central Sat. 1/31/09 State Duals or Ft. Knox Tournament tba Wed. 2/04/09 Holy Cross/Western 3way 5:00pm Home Sat. 2/07/09 Mustang Classic tba North Oldham Sat. 2/14/09 Regional tba Bullitt Central Thur., Fri., & Sat. 2/19-21/08 State Finals tba Frankfort, KY.
  2. bigmeads

    Region 3 Pre-Season Rankings 10/03/08

    and greatgatsby no disrespect to you but if a opinion gets to u like that than i don't know I mean its just like politics everbody has different views on things and i'm not trying to insult you on your rankings, but for you to say that i'm whining thats disrespectful to me because I don't remember complaing last year about rankings actually i could of cared less about rankings and like you said it jus for fun. So what I say can't be for fun either huh?????
  3. bigmeads

    Region 3 Pre-Season Rankings 10/03/08

    wow is this really something to argue about. I say one small little thing and you turn this into a serious matter. I barely even say anything on this website and everbody has to pick on me you guys are bullies lol... Well if i'm going to get gang on jus for saying something as small as that i guess i have nothing else to say.
  4. bigmeads

    Region 3 Pre-Season Rankings 10/03/08

    don't know yet dusty
  5. bigmeads

    Region 3 Pre-Season Rankings 10/03/08

    rankings but its always like this
  6. bigmeads

    Region 3 Pre-Season Rankings 10/03/08

    this is horrible
  7. bigmeads

    Finals Predictions

    which ranked wrestler will see hitchings the most in the regular season before state and sum up who will meet him in the finals
  8. bigmeads

    '08-'09 Region 3 Pre Season Rankings (4/16/08)

    come on now all you guys can show iroquois a little credit
  9. bigmeads

    for class of 09 wrestlers

    what do you plan to accomplish for your last season and what do you want your record to be :?
  10. bigmeads

    region 3 wrestlers

    with some of the region 3 wrestlers coming into state and beating some good wrestlers its shows how far some are coming up and i just want to know if you think region 3 is getting better :?
  11. bigmeads

    Region 3 Rankings 12/31/07

  12. bigmeads

    Bullitt Central Results

    for 189 it was meade co. over bourbon co, irq placed third
  13. bigmeads

    Region 3 Rankings 10/12/07

    yes that is true and i cant count him out its just that everytime i get on this site i just see a lot about prp and southern and nobody has even wrestled each other yet and somebody just assumes that no other wrestler can compete or that they dont work as hard as somebody else
  14. bigmeads

    Region 3 Rankings 10/12/07

    yeah i can respect that's truly said