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  1. idk. He is long and strong... i got mixed up on the whistles in the beginning of the match because i was bleeding. Ended up being the wrong whistle and i got hip-tossed lol. after that i got aggrivated and tried throwing him the entire match. All credit to him though he did beat me. Congrats!!!
  2. okay you retard. I didn't walk off the podium as he walked up. i stayed and let everyone get a couple of pics then walked off. i was the first one to walk off but i didn't as he took the podium. Ya need to get your damn facts straight before you come on here posting stuff. it just makes you look dumb when someone corrects you on it.
  3. sheeves

    North Hardin: Trojan Inventational

    What time will weigh-ins be and when will wrestling begin?
  4. 103 Anthony Shirley (harr) majored Nathaniel Long (SO) at the 5 Star a couple weeks ago.
  5. sheeves


    lol na i'll have to disagree wit ya on that. He's pretty tough.
  6. sheeves


    lol jus a lil bit. Thanks you too. i think i'll give you your first applaud on here for your karma. :-D
  7. sheeves


    lol i kinda like the cool guy beside my name. :-D
  8. sheeves

    dragon 119 lbs

    Wow. thanks for the most ir-relavent post to ever be posted on kywrestling.
  9. there's a difference in losing and getting owned
  10. sheeves

    dragon 119 lbs

    I will agree that Zarth did not seem to be all there that match. In the first he came out and didn't set any sort of pace. In the 2nd though he did turn it on. He tilted me up twice but only got a 2 count he time. cut me and took me back down as well. Late in the 3rd i turned the pace up but was too late. I got in on a deep shot but his defense is way to amazing. I am satisfied with how i did though and a few calls are questionable. Overall though it was a good tourney and I definately enjoyed the spotlight finals. As for the dragon i dnt think we will be attending. I'd like to but i don't think we will be.
  11. sheeves

    Capitol city classic

    Yeah demery did pin hedges. Demery was up by 10 or so when it happened to. Demery dominated that finals match.
  12. sheeves

    Capitol city classic

    yeah i'll be back down in 2 weeks.
  13. sheeves

    Capitol city classic

    milford by forfiet Kalien fall over plowman zarth m-dec lenz demery fall over hedges norburry fall over thompson Podorgski dec over danville? guiler tech fall ? bolman over ? TC dec over Oldham co Bruning dec over Bryan station? Barnett fall over Bell Griggs fall over Wright Chiba Oldham co fall over ? Grigss dec over Mayes I am almost 100 percent sure these are accurate. I am just drawing on blank on the names.
  14. sheeves

    Capitol city classic

    Harrison Co. will be there. also im sure that Conner will be there.
  15. sheeves

    JEfferson County tournament

    Where was Jeff Warra?