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  1. Southern112

    Region 3 Rankings 1/12/11

    Zach tucker will win 125.
  2. Southern112

    region 3 duals

  3. Wow. Im old. Its weird on these forums now. Everyone from my time has graduated. ugh
  4. Southern112

    Rock or Rap

    Did you not read the post where I said "im not claiming to be hood" I just lived IN the hood. Ive had family in sheppard square since i was 7 years old, and one of my best friends lived his entire life in clarksdale, so dont tell me somthing you know nothing about, and if you did you would be agreeing with me.. Let me PROVE to you.. why you sound like an idiot.. ^^Clarksdale Projects^^click this link^^ Tore down for a reason, am I right? YES, I AM. Because downtown Louisville was NOTHING BUT housing project's. Along with shepard square. Then you got the west end,Iroqois,park duvalle,etc. The crime rate was high. People didnt go downtown BECAUSE of the projects. So how the hell are you going to say louisville is being laughed at when we are one of the top cities with the most housing projects? Why your on the subject of LA.. im living in the westcoast right now. HAve you even BEEN to LA or you just going by what you see on tv? Like I said before. DONT ARGUE SOMTHING if you dont know what youre talking about.
  5. Southern112

    Rock or Rap

    Shortys is on broadway. Google map it! I know one thing DINO'S gas station has the best chicken in the hood! Its the only place in town I know of where you can get dinner,an outfit,an underground hiphop cd, AND some gas.. all in one place. haha! And the subs are hittin hard ALL hours of the night.. rockin the one.. AND only genre.. I like to call.. HIP HOP!!! "Remember Rappin' Duke, duh-ha, duh-ha You never thought that hip hop would take it this far Now I'm in the limelight 'cause I rhyme tight Time to get paid, blow up like the World Trade Born sinner, the opposite of a winner Remember when I used to eat sardines for dinner Peace to Ron G, Brucey B, Kid Capri Funkmaster Flex, Lovebug Starsky I'm blowin' up like you thought I would Call the crib, same number same hood It's all good" -REST IN PEACE BIGGIE
  6. Southern112

    Fat Analysis?

    Thats would be "FAT ANALYSIS FOR SHORT" smart guy.. lol
  7. Southern112

    Rock or Rap

    Sorry for cussin
  8. Southern112

    Rock or Rap

    WRONG you are again. Shortys gas station is on broadway. Nowhere close to dixie highway, and trust me, its in the hood bruh. Its owed by a guy named "Shorty", and I dont know of any gas station on dixie highway where you have to order everything through a window past 6pm. ha! I wouldnt make shit up. I lived RIGHT in front of it when they made that huge drug bust by my house and 2 cops ran through my front yard with machine guns as I sat there eating my ramen noodles o the porch thinking "WTF"..
  9. Southern112

    Rock or Rap

    21 sprout.. But uh.. dawg how old is grappler of old? If im too old to be on a forum argueing with high school cats you better mention somthing to him am I right? Im on this forum like once a year, and the ONLY reason ive been getting on here recently is because some fools made some STUPID remarks about an issue they know nothing about. :mrgreen: As for TRAVIS.. yo ask yourself this, would you really want to wrestle for central after being a TROJAN? come on now.. you want to win state, step in coach latshas dungeon. Not for the weak of Heart.. seizures, or epilepsy. haha
  10. Southern112

    Rock or Rap

    WHO went to eastern? What are you talking about? I comuted EVERYDAY my senior year FROM the west end. SO dont speak, if you dont know what you are talking about. Aint noone claiming to be hood anyway. I simply said go to the west end as far as the shorties gas station, walk up to ANYBODY and tell them that rap takes no talent. I bet you dont. Just sayin. I stick up for hip hop culture ANY day. Theres no argument. Check the charts. Hip hop is WAY on top. Country is on the bottom. And yes.. new rap is grabage. Check out old Digable Planets tracks. Theyre sick, and what hip hop was origionally about. Good beats, Breakdancing and graffiti Art culture. By the way, someone mentioed somthing about it taking no talent in rap because rap uses "beats". I have a cousin, who is going to college for audio, TO MAKE beats, and hes VERY talented at it. Its not as simple as you make it out to be, or anyone could pick up a mic and make a million dollars. "Sold out seats to hear biggie smalls speak"-RIP
  11. Southern112

    Rock or Rap

    WOW man, you really sound like an idiot. Plus I can tell youre whiter than clorox bleach because you just picked "soulja boy" out of A LOT of TALENTED hip hop artist's. Go to the west end and say hip hop takes no talent! Better yet go blair soulja boy and see if you dont get laughed out the hood bruh. Soulja boy sucks.. hes publicity nothing less. Listen to real stuff.. Gangstarr,tupac,biggie,dr.dre,snoop dogg,lil boosie,jadakiss,jay-z,d-block.. list go's on. HAHA cant beleive you just brought up soulja boy.. that made my day. I can definently tell your from south oldam.
  12. Southern112

    Food you most miss.

  13. Southern112

    Rock or Rap

    Yeah, Ozzy is ALWAYS good. No argument there. If were comparing music to fast food.. which would make a great thread for wrestlers by the way.. id have to order a Biggie sized Guns n roses,A side of aerosmith,and 2 for a a Dollar Miley cyrus(She makes one hell of an apple pie if ya get what im sayin)! Besides that the colts are 7-0. That has nothing to do with anything I just thought id point out random facts worth knowing.
  14. Southern112

    Food you most miss.

    When I was wrestling, the food I most missed.. was the food in my stomach.
  15. Southern112

    Rock or Rap

    Then dont click on the "rock or rap" thread then. I did read the name of this thread correctly right? and i'm argueing "rock or rap". He knows its nothing against HIM im just making a point and saying RAP over ROCK :-D