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  1. HWT

    Boston to be a Cyclone

    http://www.flowrestling.org/article/21090-Flo-Champ-Boston-Newest-Cyclone?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter Excited to have some Kentucky blood in the room for the 2014-15 year. I begin helping with the heavies at Iowa State University this fall myself.
  2. HWT

    Congratulations to Bobby Bryant

    Why the extra crap? Just state your peace and move on. Anyhow, Congrats Bobby. Look forward to watching you on the field!
  3. HWT

    New Finals Format?

    I have to disagree. If a heavy in the finals watches any of the other finals matches, they see a large crowd. When they go to step on the mat, the arena is nearly empty. I think that is more discouraging. Switching the arrangement of the finals is a great idea I think. Draw a start order every year so it constantly changes. You don't explicitly announce, "hey, heavyweights, we are going to switch the order of finals so more people watch you." You simply state the order of the finals will be 152 then X, Y, Z. Simple. Nothing demoralizing.
  4. Attached is the constitution that I created while at MSU to have it accepted as a campus club. This allowed us to recruit on campus and gave us and the university some coverage. MSU Wrestling Constitution.docx
  5. HWT

    Heavyweight Camp

    Exactly why I want to have a camp for them! In 06 Bryan Hall beat the returning state champion with a shot in the semi's. It was beautiful. I remember it clear as day. Several HWT that year moved like the lighter guys. 06 is the farthest back I can recall because it was my first!
  6. HWT

    Heavyweight Camp

    I can agree, just worried about having enough to fill the room. My ideal camp would be for 220-285.
  7. HWT

    Heavyweight Camp

    I in now way mean it towards say the top 8. I saw several 220's at state that looks like they could use a camp or two this summer to solidify basics. The core group of 220;s is extremely tough, I was just generalizing.
  8. HWT

    Heavyweight Camp

    Debating that still. I would say it depends on where the most interest comes from. I'd like to keep it centrally located for convienance but it depends on facility availability. Lexington or Louisville was my initial idea.
  9. HWT

    Heavyweight Camp

    I was thinking 220 to 285 or sticking to true heavies. I think competitively those classes need the most improvement- mainly the true heavies. If interest for a heavy camp is for 182 and up we will roll with it.
  10. HWT

    Heavyweight Camp

    Just curious as to how many coaches or parents would be interested in sending their heavyweight to an in state heavyweight camp. Want to make sure there is enough support before I drum up the resources and start organizing one. Let me know by PMing me or commenting on here!
  11. HWT

    Dual of the year

    http://www.blair.edu/about-blair/job-openings/index.aspx Hiring a wrestling coach for next season! Any speculation on who it will be?
  12. HWT

    Dual of the year

    Blair 32 St Ed's 20
  13. HWT

    Jv state

    It has been cancelled. We got the email a little while ago.
  14. HWT

    What's the norm for Senior Night ?

    Understand. CC recognizes their seniors at the banquet. Other schools do the same. Some do a senior night at a dual.
  15. HWT

    What's the norm for Senior Night ?

    Willing to move schools simply because a school doesn't do a senior night? Kind of crazy in my eyes. I've coached at a few different programs. One did a senior night the other two did not. Let the awards speak for themselves.