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  1. Southridge needs one team for the Old Barn Brawl on 12/03/22. This is an individual pooled tournament. Each wrestler will have 4 matches in their pool and then one placement match for a total of 5 matches. Southridge High School is located in Huntingburg Indiana about 35 minutes North of Owensboro and one Hour West of Louisville. Current teams are: Southridge Baylor School, TN Northview, IN Fairdale, KY Corydon Central, IN Madison Consolidated, IN Bedford North Lawrence, IN Center Grove, IN Varsity 2 Brownsburg, IN Varsity 2 \ Contact Coach Kurt Collins kurtacollins@gmail.com
  2. 8224

    Bluegras State Games- July 23rd

    Is there anywhere to see results?
  3. I am sure it has nothing to do with the bigger kids being involved with football this time of year.
  4. 8224


    What is the rule on wrestling out of state schools?
  5. 8224

    Region 1 Rankings 2/1/19

    In Indiana for the state tournament series we start at the sectional level with 8 or 16 man brackets. Out of 32 sectionals there are 5 with only 8 teams. The other 27 have between 9 and 12 teams per sectional. To avoid a team getting an advantage by drawing forfeits vs. byes (Yes you can get points from the bye if you win your next match but those are just advancement points. You could get 2 points for the bye if you win the next match but another team that drew a forfeit would get 4 points) the first round in a 16 man bracket is not scored. For example one year about 15 years ago the team I coached started the sectional behind by 32 points to the one team that had a real chance of beating us for the championship. They had drawn 8 forfeits in the first round while we did not get any forfeits. They went on to beat us by 2 points that year. Even in those 8 classes where they got the 4 points for the forfeit and we did win our next match after the bye we could only gain 16 points compared to their 32. That is after we actually won a match compared to them just being lucky in the draw.
  6. December 7th and 8th is Wednesday and Thursday this year. Did you mean December 8th and 9th? That is Friday and Saturday.
  7. No. Lee was injured all year and did not wrestle before the state series started except for 3 matches at the state duels tournament
  8. 8224

    Watching State

    You are wrong about how many kids advance to state from semistate in Indiana. The top 4 kids from each of 4 semistates advance to the state tournament. It has been that way for over 25 years. Nathan Boston was the State Champion at 103lbs in Indiana as a freshman. His one lose came the next year in the state championship match.
  9. 8224

    Watching State

    The Indiana wrestling tournament starts out with the sectional. Top 4 advance to regional. Top 4 from regional advance to semistate. Top 4 from semistate advance to state. How do you get the second best kid in the state not advancing? Sectional has a 16 man bracket although most sectionals have fewer that 16 teams. If you get beat in the first round you are done. If you get out of the first round you can still wrestle back to the 3rd and 4th place match. Sectional is seeded. If you are the second best kid in the state and the best kid in the state is in your sectional you won't be wrestling each other in the first round. So no matter when you meet up in the round of 8, semifinal round or final round both will advance to regional. Top 4 advance out of the regional from an 8 man bracket. Because you came from the same sectional you wont wrestle first round. First round losers are out. If you are both the best and 2nd best in the state you both advance to semistate. Because you came from the same regional you wont see each other at semistate until you both have qualified for state.
  10. 8224

    Jessamine County Wrestling

    Evansville North High School in Evansville Indiana needs two teams Dec 29th and 30th Evansville North's Jordan Hill Classic has two openings for the 10 Way Duel Tournament on December 29th & 30th. Teams will wrestle 5 matches first day and 4 on the second day. If interested, contact Joe Hancock @ joseph.hancock@evsc.k12.in.us
  11. 8224

    tournaments this weekend

    Tell City and Evansville Mater Dei are both within a mile or two of the Ohio River. Does it make more practical sense for the kids that live in KY but are just 15 minutes from one of those schools to instead drive 2 hours or more to a tournament that is in KY?
  12. 8224

    Indiana State tournament

    Its at Bankers LIfe Fieldhouse where the Indiana Pacers play.
  13. 8224

    Kentucky Teams @ Mater Dei Holiday Classic

    Copied this from the Indiana forum. I think the guy was from Union County. "Before the finals, the crowd rose for the National Anthem. And then....nothing. It looked as if technical difficulties would prevent the playing of the tape. Sometimes in America, someone steps into the breach. This guy strolled out of the stands like he owned the place, and proceeded to own the place."
  14. 8224

    Rumble in the hive

    do we know who is in each pool yet?
  15. 8224

    Need to get in to tournaments

    Sent you a pm