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  1. . 48 Wrestling Poems, for your enjoyment and review, with thanks to all from the wrestling and poetry communities who helped and submitted: The Mixed Classic & Amateur Wrestling Poetry All World Meet--48 Poems .
  2. rusbowden

    The Wrestling Poetry Project

    This is a last period "call" for wrestling poems, which I intend to put up at Clattery Machinery on Poetry on November 29th, depending on the usual contingencies. This should be perfect timing. Wrestling is a winter sport in our high schools and colleges. It should be good for the athletes to take the poems into a new season, and for the poets to take wrestling into the future. And maybe through this project, more people outside wrestling and poetry will come to appreciate the good that both communities are up to. By the way, a strong percentage of the poets contributing to this project are former wrestlers, and there are wrestlers' parents contributing as well, myself included. To submit either artwork and/or poems, do not e-mail me, but do it online instead at the forum called Babilu, in the Wrestling Poetry Project Submission Area. This keeps the project growing before everyone's eyes. Posting is as easy as e-mailing, and you can revise in time. Here are the instructions: Preliminary steps: 1. Register: 2. or Log In: How to post your work: 3. Go to the submission area: 4. Click "New Topic": 5. Put your submission into the message box, and/or attach a file 6. Click "Post this message" The wrestling poetry project is not about professional, staged wrestling, but about the collegiate, Olympic and amateur styles of wrestling. The initial announcement of the project went out four months ago, in a call for both poems and artwork to go along with the poems. That announcement, which includes guidelines for submission and tools to help with the musing and writing of a wrestling poem, can be found here: Wrestling Poetry Project Guidelines and Discussion. Here's another tool I just came across: Basic Wrestling Fundamentals prepared by Warren Applegate. It's a pdf file, with a glossary of wrestling terms, for you more language-oriented writers to become inspired through, and to help others simply to find the right word or phrase. A second update went out a couple weeks after the first, and was primarily a call for translations, which yielded some remarkable work from Homer, Rilke, and more, and now includes from just this past week, a translation out of Kitchener Ontario of Rakana's wrestling with the Prophet Muhammad into English. A third update went out last month, with a second call for artwork. This has not been fulfilled. I will go with photos in the public domain, but would love to have some original work. Artists? Photographers? In this, what should be the final update, I would like to make a special call to those of you who publish books. The Wrestling Poetry Project now has over 20 poems, including fresh original work, English-language classics, and translations. See the submission area where they are collecting: Wrestling Poetry Project Submission Area. At this point, we cannot know how many will be in the full collection, but maybe two or three dozen, and I want to scan through Emily Dickinson's work to see which of hers to include as well. The submitted poems are excellent, and worthy of gathering into book form and placed onto shelves in homes and schools. I am not in this to make any money, nor are the poets necessarily. And this side of the project is not up my alley. But it seems the project has reached a point where this should be given serious consideration. I have all the contact information of the poets whom a publisher would need to e-mail. Contact me at If no one comes forward, I will make a further call for a print publisher at least after the poems are up at Clattery MacHinery on Poetry. It seems too, that if no artist or photographer submits work for use at Clattery Machinery, that this aspect can be addressed by a book publisher, to make a wonderful and valued edition. This message is going out to: 23 of the best US amateur/collegiate wrestling forums 24 of the best online poetry forums in the world Over 2500 of my Facebook friends, plus others via e-mail Thanks. Yours, Rus Bowden You may know me as: Managing Editor of the InterBoard Poetry Community Poetry and Poets in Rags columnist dansdad at ~~~~~
  3. rusbowden

    The Wrestling Poetry Project

    Wrestling Poetry Project -- 2 months to go This is a reminder call for wrestling poems, with some updated information. If you've been mulling, it's time to bring the inspiration to the tabula rasa. I'd like to get this online by the end of November. We have some excellent translations and original poems by some very fine poets already. Here are links to the wrestling forums around the USA that are looped into this project: Wrestling forums looped in. Here are links to the poetry forums looped into this project: Poetry forums looped in. I am calling for original poems on wrestling and translations as well. But we also need some artwork to go along with the project. Here is the write-up on the project at Clattery MacHinery on Poetry: The Wrestling Poetry Project Submissions are by online poetry forum here: Submission forum To submit, simply register ( or log in if you're already registered (, go to the submission area (, and click "New Topic" beneath the photo of the wrestlers. On the translations, we have an original translation of Jacob wrestling with the angel, a translation of Rilke's "Der Schauende", and an original of the wrestling scene in Homer's Iliad. More of these are welcome. However, I received this note from Jayson Iwen: "There's also a famous wrestling account in the life of Muhammad, not in the Koran, but in the most famous/accepted biography (I think it's called something like "The Life of Muhammad"). He converts a town by beating their unbeatable wrestler in a wrestling match. Probably also a must have for the project." I agree, but cannot find any trace of it online. It would be fabulous if one of you could take that on. There is also the Wrestling Poetry Workshop, where you will find some of the entries here: You can use that if you wish. I'll be popping in from time to time to read and give constructive feedback, and you are welcome yourself to give feedback to anything there. Thanks. Feel free to ask questions. E-mail me at Yours, Rus Bowden
  4. rusbowden

    The Wrestling Poetry Project

    Wrestling With Rilke, Homer, & God This is for the Wrestling Poetry Project (which I speedily add has nothing to do with big time wrestling, nothing whatsoever). I am calling for and giving the tools for fresh translations of wrestling poems written in languages other than English. These three are on my "must have" list: 1. The wrestling in The Iliad. I've posted tools for this at Calling for Translation of Homer, tools supplied. 2. Thanks to Coach J, I am calling for a translation of the poem Robert Bly rendered as "The Man Watching the Storm Approaching." Here is the original in German: Calling for translation of Rilke's "The Man Watching", original in German supplied. 3. Of course, Genesis 32:21-31, in which Jacob wrestles with God or the angel. Different versions of Genesis will help you if you cannot read the Hebrew. I drafted a translation myself, and posted it in the Wrestling Poetry Workshop for constructive feedback. Please do one too, workshop it if you like, and submit it for the project. ~~~~~
  5. Announcing the Wrestling Poetry Project. For you good poets, editors, publishers, illustrators and/or, yes, wrestlers, here are the pertinent links: At Babilu: Wrestling Poetry Project Guidelines and Discussion At Clattery MacHinery on Poetry: The Wrestling Poetry Project Submission guidelines for artwork and poems are unique and progressive. This submission call is going out to the poets on Facebook, because some of the best in the world have FB accounts, through the finer online poetry forums, and to wrestling forums around the USA. So this is unique and progressive in how it brings different communities together to work on a project. The Wrestling Poetry Project is also unique and progressive in that I am inviting editors and publishers to look into this project as it progresses, in order to find poetry to publish before November, when the poems will be displayed at Clattery MacHinery. Thus, publishers of periodicals and anthologies can scoop the finest poems produced through the project, and receive due credit. Yours, Rus ~~~~~
  6. Here are this year's links to US colleges with wrestling programs: 2006-07 US Wrestling Colleges w/Rosters & Schedules 2006-07 US Wrestling Colleges by State w/Rosters & Schedules Let me know if something needs changing: Rus Bowden .
  7. US College Wrestling Teams, with Rosters & Schedules, A to Z That's alphabetical. We now have the colleges by state here: US College Wrestling Teams, with Rosters & Schedules, by State You may want to click the rosters to find your local wrestlers. For Mass, I plan on making a directory of all the HS wrestlers from our state, like I did last year. Maybe one of you could do that here. Other than that, I hope you find the lists useful. When I was looking for a college for my son, there was no such resource handy. Let me know if anything is wrong or missing. Rus Bowden ~~~~~~~~~~~