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  1. If anyone has a trailer big enough to haul a wrestling mat and will be attending the elementary state tournament this year, please send me a PM if you can help haul a wrestling mat back from state. We may need help hauling 1 or 2 mats from elementary state.
  2. plee

    Currently Wrestling In College

    Jake Ilg is at Lindsey Wilson.
  3. Hey Coach, please check your emails. We need your roster asap if you plan on attending CC's tournament this weekend. Pat
  4. plee

    January 9th Tournaments

    Ryle is hosting a dual tournament, and I believe North Oldham has a tournament that day as well. Hopefully the snow holds off enough that these tourneys are not cancelled.
  5. plee

    Middle School Tournaments 2009-2010

    CC is now full on 1/9. Here is the final list of teams: Amelia Campbell County Fern Creek Conner New Richmond, OH Milton, W.V. Summit View Matre Dei, IN North Hardin Elkhorn Woodford County (Pending final confirmation) Montgomery County Thanks to all who responded.
  6. plee

    Middle School Tournaments 2009-2010

    You are in. North Hardin is in as well. 2 more spots left.
  7. plee

    Middle School Tournaments 2009-2010

    Campbell County still has openings for 1/9. Anyone looking for a tournament that date...please let me know through this website. This is a 16 man bracket tournament with teams from Ohio, WV, & In committed. Should be a tough tournament. We will only take 12 teams so we can have room for extras. So far we have 8 in: Amelia Campbell County Fern Creek Conner New Richmond Milton, W.V. Summit View Mater Dei, IN
  8. Campbell County Middle school has a few openings left on this date.
  9. Thanks for posting, I enjoyed watching them as well. He never slows up for a second on the mat!
  10. plee

    Clay Brown?

    He wrestles for Walton Verona as of this past Sunday and yes he will be very tough in the future.
  11. I completely agree, Rushell & Brad Cooper are the 2 wrestlers I remember watching and being "wowed" by. I also have to admit that John Fahy too. I remember seeing him as like a 6th grader wrestle and learning stuff from him. Old140, I would have the same exact list...might change the order, but those are the top 5 i've seen.
  12. Courtney wasn't as dominant his senior year as Ruschell or some of those other guys were, but remember he wrestled 152 before his senior year at Super 32 and went back up to wrestle 160 for the season. He looked smaller than normal down state and I think he was more suited for a 152 lber. He still only had 2 "fairly" close matches, 8-3 & 8-0. If he had went 152 for the year he may have been more dominating. You never know. However, look back at his junior year bracket. He had 3 pins & 2 tech falls, 15-0 & 16-0. He beat Kyle Griffith in the semis without breaking a sweat 16-0. Kyle was a very good wrestler. I'm not crucifying you in any way, but Harrison is definitely a top 5 best high school wrestler in the past decade and on my list he'd be #1. What has been accomplished after high school is a no brainer and goes to Ruschell. But in high school Courtney was the man.
  13. plee

    Jacob Bradford Camp who goin?

    Jake Lee will be there.
  14. Campbell County is hosting a middle school invitational on 1/9/2010. Milton W.V. team will be coming back this year, defending state champs in W.V. I believe. If interested please let me know. Attached is a flyer. Thanks, Pat Lee
  15. plee

    push for more KY college wrestling

    I think you are 100% right about that. When some of these guys start picking up head coaching jobs throughout the state I think you are going to see Kentucky take off. So here's a question to any of the college coaches I see logging onto this site. What do you need the public to do to show support? Show up at dual meets, attend camps, what else can help? Writing letters?