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  1. RYP

    tournament dates for 2019-2020

    Fern Creek Gladiator has openings for Dec 27th and 28th. Email mark.hitchings@americanmortgage.com. Duals for day one, individual tournament for second day. Flyer is attached. 2019 Fern Creek Gladiator Flyer.pdf
  2. Fern Creek HS is accepting applications for Head Wrestling Coach. Fern Creek has a great tradition in wrestling including 3 team titles(latest in 2015) and 32 individual state champs. Outstanding facilities including one of the nicest wrestling rooms in the state. Unbelievable support from administration and football coach who supports his kids wrestling. To apply email Troy Johnson, AD troy.johnson@jefferson.kyschools.us or former coach Mark Hitchings mark.hitchings@americanmortgage.com OR call Mark 502-445-6862 or Troy 502-553-6577.
  3. Fern Creek HS has an assistant wrestling coach position open. If interested, call me to discuss. Mark Hitchings, Head Coach, 502-445-6862
  4. RYP

    Fern Creek Gladiator

    The Fern Creek Gladiator will be Thur and Fri, Dec 22nd and 23rd. We will be returning to a two day format with day one being a dual tourney, and day 2 being an individual bracketed tourney. We still have openings if interested. Email: mark.hitchings@americanmortgage.com
  5. RYP


    Has anyone else put the math to how long the final round will last? Tell me where I'm wrong: 3rd thru 8th matches....10 minutes Championship match....10 minutes Awards ceremony.....5 minutes Total 25 minutes per weight class X 14 weight classes = 350 minutes.....divided by 60 = 5.8 hours. Finals end about midnight!!!
  6. RYP

    Region 3 Rankings 1/12/16

    Mike is back. He just needed a short break.
  7. Early season fireworks tomorrow at Big Brother Duals: 106: X- 6th ranked Nate Wheeler vs Mike Klein # 5 at 113 113 X- 9th ranked Konner Kraeszig vs Colton Lampe #14 at 120 120 X- 5th ranked Austin Cook vs Jordan Sawyer - unranked 126 X-4th ranked Clayton Hanson vs Connor Cambron #6 132 X-21st ranked Kaden Darbro vs Jeremy Henehan #6 at 145 138 X-6th ranked Dallas Miles vs AJ Binder #4 145 X-Tanner Demuth(guess) vs Travis Roberts #12 at 152 152 X-Cameron Ward(guess) vs Jared Branch #13 at 160 160 X-Zach Cumella(guess) vs Devaughn Richardson #22 at 170 Fern Creek big boys all still playing football. St X's should be ready to go. Definite edge to St X.
  8. RYP

    2015-2016 Tournament list

    Sat, Jan 2nd: Fern Creek Gladiator Tournament Accepting HS teams Contact: mark.hitchings@americanmortgage.com for more information
  9. Fern Creek's Gladiator tournament has openings available. The tournament is Sat, Jan 2nd. Contact Coach Hitchings for additional information. Email mark.hitchings@americanmortgage.com or phone 502-445-6862.
  10. The cost is $15 per style(freestyle and folkstyle). Weigh ins are 7:30 to 8:30am for those that did not go to a remote weigh in. Morning session will start at 10am and the afternoon session will start at 1:00pm. We need all wrestlers to arrive and check in no less then 1 hr prior to the start of the session.
  11. Still time for someone to host a remote weigh in in Lexington. Any takers? Remember: You can weigh in Saturday morning at Fern Creek from 7:30 to 8:30am. Please register on Track Wrestling in advance. Anyone can host a remote weigh in. Just complete the attached form and email to mark.hitchings@americanmortgage.com 2015 Remote weigh-in sheet.pdf
  12. John Hardin is holding a remote weigh in Thur @ 7 and No-Ox (N. Hardin) is holding a weigh in from 8 to 8:30pm on Thursday.
  13. Male will be hosting a remote weigh in from 6:30 to 7:30 on Thursday.
  14. Remote weigh ins so far: John Hardin HS @ 7:00pm on Thursday. Looking for someone to host a remote weigh in in N. Kentucky, any takers?