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  1. naplesme

    Open Jobs

    I know Calloway County is looking for a new Head Coach WRESTLING HEAD COACH Position: 602062 Code: 1049-2 Type: INTERNAL & EXTERNAL Location: DISTRICT WIDE Group: PARA-PROFE Job Family: PARAPROFESSIONAL Job Class: HEAD COACH - PARAPROF Posting Start Date: 05/10/2022 Posting End Date: 06/15/2022 Apply
  2. naplesme

    Middle school state > high school

    Great looking venue, but let's be honest the KHSAA is NOT going to host any Championship anywhere they would be required to sleep somewhere other than their own beds. God forbid they do something in the best interests of anyone but themselves. JS
  3. naplesme

    KFWC Bylaws

    gator1 Nevermind: apparently it's ok to just let anyone wrestle MS. You have an undefeated High school State Champion who's in Middle School- to heck with it let him wrestle. You have a repeat 8th grader, Spend $30 to object to it and submit a complaint to the President, but he still gets to wrestle. How about this: throw out the By-Laws that you are clearly not going to pay attention to and just let anyone wrestle. What a bunch of BS. Sour Grapes much Yes.
  4. naplesme

    Middle School Regions Seeding

    Then go to a prep school focus on sports and get that extra year.
  5. naplesme

    Middle School Regions Seeding

    Repeat years have always been a no go in Middle School, it's in the By-Laws every head coach signs at the beginning of the season. Covid repeat year or not, a student repeating a grade, is able to wrestle during regular season, non- USA Wrestling events, but are not allowed to participate in Post season or regular season USA wresting events.
  6. naplesme

    Not good KHSAA

    They use to give us an evaluation form in our packets every year. Coaches had to print and sign their names to the form. Why not bring that back?
  7. naplesme

    Where Was The Podium?

    But at least they got a venue commensurate with the atmosphere a state final should create and generate.
  8. naplesme

    KHSAA Hall of Fame

    Jim Ploesser: Coach- Hopkinsville Jim Perrin: Coach- Christian County Marshall Patterson: Coach- Fort Campbell
  9. naplesme

    State Tournament Hope

    I should have remembered that. So I'll change it to the basketball purists would be Apoplectic if we laid down mats on Rupps floor.
  10. naplesme

    State Tournament Hope

    WKU, EKU, Freedom Hall, KFC Yum Center, Rupp I don't care that Adolph would roll over in his grave), etc. If Colorado can host in the Home of the Denver Nuggets- the Ball Center, then why can't Kentucky host in a facility that is in line with the pomp and circumstance that should go with hosting a State Championship. js
  11. naplesme

    State Tournament Hope

    Anyone think the powers that be in Lexington will ever give us this? One can dream. In order: Washington, Colorado, Missouri, Montana, Illinois, and Texas
  12. naplesme

    Semi state seeding

    Thanks I was going to mention that Missouri does this. So the KHSAA could actually do it's job and hold schools resposible for inputing their results, as they threaten to do, but never backed up.
  13. naplesme

    Semi state seeding

    But there-in lies the problem. Coaches are required to put the information into track, yet no one enforces this rule and teams don't always put in their results. Some wait until the end of the season, others never bother to put in anything. Until the powers that be back up their threat of sanctions for those who do not update their track records, track will not be as effective as it could be.
  14. naplesme

    Top picks for Middle School

    Or maybe they will realize that they are beyond Middle School and not bother.
  15. naplesme

    Pre-season tournament.

    Pre-season is limited to one 6 hour tourney or 2 3-hour either combined team practices or tourneys that dont exceed 6 hours total. This has been my understanding for years now. We had a 4 or 5 team practice this year at GRC for a 3 hour session which was great for all the kids to roll with new kids from other regions. Unless you are wrestling as a club, i.e. over the summer, then you can wrestle as much as you want. Now if you are wrestling a school representative then all of the above applies.