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  1. naplesme

    State Tournament Follow Up

    Maine, Vermont and Hawaii. However ingnorance abounds in those 3 states. IMHO I know that in Maine every other winter sport had their season. Every state that boarders KY had seasons.
  2. naplesme

    Ky wrestling history 2021

    GOO: question for you: What schools did all of the "no longer exist" schools on your list become? Who is Owensboro's one champion?
  3. For those of you who said it's not a money grab by the powers that be explain why we weigh in at 9 a.m., start wrestling at 10 a.m. but finals do not start until 5 p.m., after placing all 8 wrestlers. It's 100% of money grab, rob from the coaches, force everybody to stay there all day so they can make more money on concessions. Seed the tournaments in the worst way possible, so they can then say "See you ask us to seed it, We did and you're still not happy" This is stupid and ridiculous, with absoulutly no common sense injected to the tournament. It is been made patently clear that they do not give a crap about our sport, they just want to get it over in time for basketball to start next week, where I guarentee no coach will have to pay to enter and there will be food to feed their coaches. Am I bitter, yes our sport deserves so much more it terms of respect.
  4. naplesme

    Horrible brackets.

    Forcing any coach past #3 to pay is clearly a money grab by those in charge. Which I could almost live if they would have used some semblance of common sense in seeding the Semi-States. It is clear however, that they couldn’t give two craps about the wrestlers, coaches, or fair and equal competition. Money is their only motivation. Highly disappointed with the powers that be.
  5. naplesme

    semi state brackets

    The seeding is absolute garbage. Preference given to record over common sense. Multi-time State placers seeded below a State Qualifier. Region runner-up seeded below the 3rd-place finisher, multiple times. One weight class the 1 through 4 place finisher (Region 1) all seeded above the 1 through 4 placers (region 2). Stupid. I agree with seeding, but it feels like they did it in the worst possible way, just to say “see we finally seeded it and you’re still complaining”
  6. naplesme

    Region 1 rankings 3/3/21

    That's because unlike some of the coaches in the region. I update our records every week. Why hide, it will all come out in the end. js.
  7. naplesme

    Trinity Duals 1/30/21

    J.T. Adams did not lose to Richmond. That is a misprint.
  8. naplesme

    1/23/21 Duals

    Now I just have to figure out who to contact to get that changed.
  9. naplesme

    1/23/21 Duals

  10. So, will the state reconfigure the regions or just add the 3 Bullitt, St. X, Trinity, and DeSales to another region? Will we still have a 32 man bracket? I know no one knows the answer to these questions right now, just wondering out loud.
  11. naplesme

    rumor mill talk

    I agree with this except for the doing away with the 2 lbs. Instead of doing away with the 2 lbs. let's go back to wrestlers having to make scratch weight one time to qualify for the weight class.
  12. naplesme

    discussion to take minds off of COVID-19

    Against. Keep the weight classes as they are. If it is not broken, don't fix it.
  13. naplesme

    tournament schedule for 2020-2021

    Christian County Invitational: December 23rd, 2020 These teams are the teams that attended last year’s tournament or have shown interest in this year’s tournament. Possible 2020 Varsity team: 1. Anderson Co, KY 2. Beech, TN 3. Caldwell Co, KY 4. Calloway Co, KY 5. Cape Central, MO 6. Cheatham Co, TN 7. Christian Co, KY 8. Fort Campbell, KY 9. Hopkinsville, KY 10. John Overton, TN 11. LaVergne, TN 12. McCracken Co, KY 13. Memphis University School, TN 14. Northwest, TN 15. North Hardin, KY 16. Ohio Co, KY 17. Paducah Tilghman, KY 18. Taylor Co, KY 19. Trigg Co, KY 20. Union Co, KY Tournament Schedule: (All Times are Central Standard Time) December 23, 2020 Varsity 6:30-7:00 a.m. Open Scales 7:00-8:00 a.m. Weigh-Ins 9:00- 9:30 a.m. Coaches Meeting 8:00-9:00 a.m. Team Warm-Ups 9:30 a.m. Wrestling begins If interested in getting in our event, please email me at
  14. naplesme

    Youth State being only youth

    You would be able to make it a stand alone event. It would run on a Saturday rather than a Sunday, so no matter where it was loacated parents would have Sunday to recover. Instead of having 2 or 3 champions per weight class you could have one true champion. It should be K to 6th grade. Run it the first week of March like some wanted. You would get wrestlers from all over the State. For those of you who say "we would lose wrestlers to Spring Baseball, we already lose wrestlers to Junior Pro Basketball. Either way we are going to lose wrestlers to some sport, but we would gain many from Western Kentucky. Wrestlers who wrestle in both elementary and middle school would be able to participate in both tournaments, instead of choosing to stop wrestling halfway through middle school regionals. It just makes sense to seperate. The Middle School wouldn't need a huge stadium for its Championships. The biggest thing is the elementary would get their own Saturday to wrestle. Having one true champion would allow each weight class to wrestle on a full mat rather than a 1/4 or 1/2 mat. Of course this jm2c.
  15. naplesme

    Youth State-issue

    So instead of 2,3, or 4 champions per weight class have one. One big bracket, one champion. It will run faster and the Finals can be a big deal. jm2c