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  1. In other KHSAA state tournament championships, the state pays for the referees. If semi-state is part of the KHSAA state championships shouldn't they pay for the semi-state referees? Do they pay for the Semi-State referees? If they don't then why not? The KHSAA keeps the Semi-State gate, so they can't expect the host school to pay for the Referees, right? If the host school is supposed to pay the referees- Why? It's a losing proposition, host schools would have to make a minimum of $4000 in concession stands profit, just to pay the referees and for Track, or does the state pay for Track? Then they would only need about $3000 in profit. If the host school is responsible for a majority of the fees and gets to collect none of the gate what would be their incentive to host semi-state?
  2. 2021Christian County Middle School Invitational Team Scores 11/20/2021 1. Tornado Wrestling Club 187.00 2. North Posey, IN 183.00 3. Apollo 144.00 4. Union County 132.50 5. Carr Wrestling Academy 121.00 6. Christian County 107.00 7. Calloway County 91.00 8. Fort Campbell 65.00 9. Fern Creek 59.00 10. Warren County 54.50 11. Henderson County 51.00 12. McCracken County 42.00 13. Hopkinsville 39.00 13. (tie) Trigg County 39.00 15. Tigers Wrestling Club 36.50 16. North Oldham 23.00 2021Christian County Middle School Invitational Place Winners 11/20/2021 Weight: 70 1st: Landon Byers, Tornado Wrestling Club 3- 0 2nd: Charles Pace, Apollo 2- 1 3rd: Braxton Stockton, North Posey, IN 3- 1 4th: Gage Wozencraft, Union County 2- 2 Weight: 75 1st: Case Simmons, Tornado Wrestling Club 3- 0 2nd: Joseph Carr, Carr Wrestling Academy 1- 0 3rd: Devin Brumley, Warren County 2- 1 4th: Kayden Teas, Warren County 2- 2 Weight: 80 1st: Parker Wehmer, North Posey, IN 3- 0 2nd: Cooper-Michael Adams, Trigg County 2- 1 3rd: Eli Campbell, Trigg County 3- 1 4th: Lance Adams, Calloway County 2- 2 Weight: 86 1st: Brady Elder, Union County 4- 0 2nd: Brycen Grey, Carr Wrestling Academy 3- 0 3rd: Joey Bratcher, Apollo 4- 1 4th: Sam Winders, Union County 4- 2 Weight: 92 1st: AJ Brady, North Posey, IN 4- 0 2nd: Jacob Brown, Carr Wrestling Academy 3- 0 3rd: Trey Buecher, North Posey, IN 4- 1 4th: Zaven Branch, McCracken County 4- 2 Weight: 98 1st: Lucus Barrett, Fern Creek 5- 0 2nd: Corbin Nance, Carr Wrestling Academy 3- 0 3rd: Aslan Templeton, North Posey, IN 4- 1 4th: Lereyl Rogers, Fort Campbell 5- 2 Weight: 105 1st: Donovan Rogers, Tigers Wrestling Club 4- 0 2nd: Sutton Fuller, Union County 3- 1 3rd: Mason Gipson, Fern Creek 4- 1 4th: Kayden Neudecker, Warren County 6- 2 Weight: 113 1st: Jacob Ramsey, Apollo 5- 0 2nd: Garrison Thomas, Union County 4- 1 3rd: Titus Newman, Tornado Wrestling Club 7- 1 4th: Eithan Cassell, Fort Campbell 3- 2 Weight: 121 1st: Jayven Williams, Tornado Wrestling Club 4- 0 2nd: Ethan Avila, Fort Campbell 3- 1 3rd: Bryson Calloway, Apollo 6- 1 4th: Demotae Allen, Calloway County 3- 2 Weight: 130 1st: Tyson Barrow, North Posey, IN 4- 0 2nd: Landon Crawford, North Posey, IN 3- 1 3rd: Yasha Lee, Henderson County 4- 1 4th: Cody Fitts, North Posey, IN 3- 2 Weight: 140 1st: Wyatt Gamblin, North Posey, IN 4- 0 2nd: Dane Miller, Christian County 3- 1 3rd: Zach Stout, Carr Wrestling Academy 4- 1 4th: Makenna Hendricks, Trigg County 4- 2 Weight: 152 1st: Deameion Leavell, Christian County 3- 0 2nd: Braijon Brooks, Tornado Wrestling Club 2- 1 3rd: Isaiah Harris, McCracken County 4- 1 4th: Asa Spencer, North Posey, IN 4- 2 Weight: 168 1st: Brady Lamoureux, Tornado Wrestling Club 4- 0 2nd: Kenny Lira, Calloway County 2- 1 3rd: Logan McKnight, Calloway County 3- 1 4th: Brodie Smith, Christian County 4- 2 Weight: 190 1st: Ben Hall, Tornado Wrestling Club 4- 0 2nd: John Morton, Hopkinsville 2- 1 3rd: Jamari Nall, Tornado Wrestling Club 4- 1 4th: Justin Cunningham, Christian County 2- 2 Weight: 240 1st: Caleb Cowan, Calloway County 4- 0 2nd: Jimmarion Byrd, Christian County 3- 1 3rd: Andy Avila, Calloway County 4- 1 4th: Wylee Elders, Union County 6- 2 2021 MS CCI Place winners.htm 2021 MS CCI Brackets.htm 2021 MS CCI Team Scores.htm
  3. naplesme

    Semi state

    So if it's going to be an extension like last year, will they actually abide by the rules as stated? For example they should have taken all of the points a certain Paducah Tilghman wrestler earned at semi-state, when he got kicked out of the State tournament but they didn't. So will they continue to make up the rules as they go or actually enforce the rules as stated?
  4. naplesme

    Expand Regions

    Which sounds great until a state champion goes unseeded and then blows up your seeding. I don't know the best answer, but I do know that almost every state that surrounds us figures out how to seed the state tournament and doesn't use a random draw. Our supposed goals is to insure the best 3 or 4 get to the Semi's and the finals. There will always be someone who blows up a bracket and wrestles out of his mind, but why do we continue to allow State Championship matches to occur in the quarters rather than where they are supposed to take place? Yes use track, but force/require coaches to imput results weekly. Then is we see a clear and obvious mistake: i.e. Region 1 Semi-State, 106, 145, 220 as examples, then fix them and roll on.
  5. naplesme

    Expand Regions

    The only problem with using track is that until Mike Barron and the KHSAA actually hold coaches feet to the fire as they threaten to do in the past. And actually require all coaches to imput their results in a timely manner then Track Seeding will be useless. Really we do not even have to look to the NCAA, we can just look to Tennessee. They seed their state tournament. Why couldn't we use the same criteria.
  6. Coaches, We have gotten a lot of interest lately for MS and HS kids to join wrestling for next season. This is a big "if" but if we get enough MS and HS kids I would love to be able to have an official MS, JV, and Varsity team individually. With that said I would need enough coaches to do so in order for each of them to travel to separate tournaments any given weekend. We will be promoting/advertising on our end throughout the district to get some more coaches but I figured I'd throw this out to you all as well in case you have any recent HS/college graduates that would like to look for work in the Bowling Green area. All 3 teams will still practice together, but I'd like to have a different head coach for each level for tournaments. No problem if you don't have anyone in mind just figured I'd ask. Thanks, Thomas Carta -- Thomas Carta Warren County Wrestling: Head Coach Phone: 270-253-2554 Email: Facebook:
  7. naplesme

    State Tournament Follow Up

    Maine, Vermont and Hawaii. However ingnorance abounds in those 3 states. IMHO I know that in Maine every other winter sport had their season. Every state that boarders KY had seasons.
  8. naplesme

    Ky wrestling history 2021

    GOO: question for you: What schools did all of the "no longer exist" schools on your list become? Who is Owensboro's one champion?
  9. For those of you who said it's not a money grab by the powers that be explain why we weigh in at 9 a.m., start wrestling at 10 a.m. but finals do not start until 5 p.m., after placing all 8 wrestlers. It's 100% of money grab, rob from the coaches, force everybody to stay there all day so they can make more money on concessions. Seed the tournaments in the worst way possible, so they can then say "See you ask us to seed it, We did and you're still not happy" This is stupid and ridiculous, with absoulutly no common sense injected to the tournament. It is been made patently clear that they do not give a crap about our sport, they just want to get it over in time for basketball to start next week, where I guarentee no coach will have to pay to enter and there will be food to feed their coaches. Am I bitter, yes our sport deserves so much more it terms of respect.
  10. naplesme

    Horrible brackets.

    Forcing any coach past #3 to pay is clearly a money grab by those in charge. Which I could almost live if they would have used some semblance of common sense in seeding the Semi-States. It is clear however, that they couldn’t give two craps about the wrestlers, coaches, or fair and equal competition. Money is their only motivation. Highly disappointed with the powers that be.
  11. naplesme

    semi state brackets

    The seeding is absolute garbage. Preference given to record over common sense. Multi-time State placers seeded below a State Qualifier. Region runner-up seeded below the 3rd-place finisher, multiple times. One weight class the 1 through 4 place finisher (Region 1) all seeded above the 1 through 4 placers (region 2). Stupid. I agree with seeding, but it feels like they did it in the worst possible way, just to say “see we finally seeded it and you’re still complaining”
  12. naplesme

    Region 1 rankings 3/3/21

    That's because unlike some of the coaches in the region. I update our records every week. Why hide, it will all come out in the end. js.
  13. naplesme

    Trinity Duals 1/30/21

    J.T. Adams did not lose to Richmond. That is a misprint.
  14. naplesme

    1/23/21 Duals

    Now I just have to figure out who to contact to get that changed.