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    I don’t know who you are or what exactly you know about all of that, but you are 110% correct. David overcame a lot of adversity that season. I text him after his big win over Caleb Young. He was quick to respond and humble as usual. Always giving the glory to God.
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    I agree there as well, we try to stay pretty loyal to our schedule. I think the KHSAA bumping the season around messed a lot of people up too.
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    Wrestling season is here! Everyone will be wrestling this weekend. The Turkey is done. The last couple of pounds need to come off. Time to get it on!
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    One of the classiest and most humble kids I've ever been around. A lot of people don't know what he went through as an 8th grader that season in KY but through it all he showed a level of maturity I have simply never seen in another teenage student athlete. His success at this level was inevitable, not because of his bloodline, not because of his strength or speed, it's because of his character, which is beyond exemplary.
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    106: 14- Spencer Moore https://www.trackwrestling.com/PortalPost.jsp?postId=1798049132&TIM=1575461040692&twSessionId=qovyngshpy
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    Here are all the ranked wrestlers at each weight class for this weekend assuming everyone is on weight. 145 and 138 could get interesting. While 170, 126, and heavy all have top 10 potential matchups. Oldham County Super Duals 106 #3 David Griffith 11 Meade Co 113 #6 Corey Westover 11 Larue Co 120 #7 Trevor Villums 9 Male #12 Robert Mckinney 12 North Hardin #13 Charlie Tucker 10 John Hardin #15 Gage Hill 11 western hills #16 Gabe Fortier 9 Larue Co 126 #2 Thomas Hoppes 11 Larue Co #10 Hunter Butler 12 Meade Co #11 Braedon Herron 9 North Hardin #13 Devin Armstead 10 Oldham County 132 #6 Devin Herron 10 North Hardin #12 Gabe Bobay 12 North Oldham #19 Levi Stull 10 Meade County 138 #3 Anthony Pierce 12 South Oldham #8 Scotty Villums 11 Male #13 Darian Camery 12 John Hardin #14 Jabin Hite 12 Larue County #15 Cohner Mullins 10 Oldham County 145 #8 Chase Fudold 12 South Oldham #9 Carson Deckard 12 Oldham County #10 Cooper Philpot 12 North Hardin #11 Brennon Conrad 11 Simon Kenton #19 Elijah Phan 11 Male 152 #8 Walker McCubbin 12 South Oldham #9 Cameron Baker 11 Apollo #11 Cade Cunningham 11 Simon Kenton 160 #11 Rictor Morgan 12 Simon Kenton 170 #3 Elijah McCune 12 Meade County #5 Thomas Boone 11 Larue County #7 Bryce Moberly 12 North Oldham 182 #11 Hunter Latin 195 #6 Dakota Brooksbank 11 Simon Kenton #11 Conner Lambert 9 Larue County #12 Cameron Brown 12 John Hardin 220 #16 Blake Fox 11 Oldham County 285 #2 Tucker Shelton 12 Larue County #6 Blake Young 12 Oldham County #8 Ian Hughes 11 Simon Kenton Team Dual Ranking #8 Simon Kenton #11 Larue County #14 Meade County
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    Show some respect. He's still in his adjustment year and by far the strongest in the field.
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    4th year of college wrestling and he can’t place at the Lindenwood Open!? Ygtbsm!!
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    Had to share...so so so true! I'd add cutting excessively is another major detriment to development for high school and below!!!
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    Nathan Marshall beat Nicholas Snider at the bearcat brawl and stayed 3 spots below him?
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    Hey guys about every two weeks rankings come out and that is about the same amount of time as last year. We will try to update them again on Wednesday. We always gather information from various parts of the state so it takes a while. Please be patient with the process. Also, please refrain from discussing issues on the thread, take your comments about kids to the private messages and move that somewhere else please.
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    No idea about the weight issue. Apparently he made weight or he would have not been wrestling. I’m not the type to get on here and bash middle school kids or refs. I’ll agree that match wasn’t called the best but the Warhawk kid would have won either way. We are all fans here and these are just kids. All practice at this point anyway, but no way you can’t say that kid isn’t one of the top kids in the state at that weight
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    I watched the video from that match and counted what the official scored and it was in fact supposed to be 6-5 going into 2nd period not 8-5, he was lost.
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    You talking about the "130" pounder that didn't initially make weight and then was allowed to come back to the scale and then he did make weight. Also blew my mind when Strayer who weighed in at 125 had him on his back and the official apparently didn't have himself in good enough position to see it. And to boot the official couldn't keep track of the score to save his life. But hey its early in the season.
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    Ryle kid (Trumble) 7th grade (True 7th Grader 12 years old no hold back) Is Bryant a true 4th grader ? If so he’s got a solid future... No offense but that seems to be the thing in east Ky
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    Wouldn’t really call Bryant under sized at 91lb when the kid that won from Ryle weighed in at 91lb
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    Let me guess Wrestling 1987 you are a Warhawk guy ?
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    Congrats Brandon REED on your silver medal. Proving time and time again that you're the greatest College HWT from KY of all time. Brandon majs Missouri's #2 HWT Diaz 13-5 and Reed loses in the finals 15-8 to Missouri's starter Elam. Hopefully will see some coverage on flo. Myers goes 1-2 loses early to Iowa soph backup 8-6, then immediately lost 4-0 to div 2 Jun Radick from Marysville with a 37-25 career record. Notes: 3 of the 4 Missouri HWTS placed in the tournament. Myers weighed in at 254, Elam 240, Diaz 237. Brandon Reed 237. Update: flos coverage is a mess. They have 13 mats of coverage with 10+ hours of replay on each, with no mat assignments.
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    What do I need to do to get it locked or deleted?
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    Saw some great wrestling at Woodford middle. Walton still looks amazing as usual. Very surprised at the 130lb kid from warhawks wrestling. Saw he took first place in a 28 man bracket. Also the little 4th grade kid from there looked good as well. His last name is Bryant. A little under sized for that weight but he looked good. Watched him beat Triton Moncrief 5-0 and stick a kid from Montgomery county in about 20 seconds.