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    Payne Carr tech's #1 seed Cael Valencia first round and won his second match to reach the semifinals.
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    Sir this is a Wendy's drive-thru would you like to try our 4 for $4?
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    He had fastest pin in the tournament most pins least time and most points in championship rd in that 2012 tournament and he also became a NHSCS AA a few weeks later and CCs first ever sr AA the next yr trust me grappler of old if you want to compare HS accomplishments with any CC wrestler against Stephen's other than his brother your in for a big differential as a matter of fact same goes for any KY hs wrestler ever ...Stephen walked into the halls of moeller his first day as a fresh already a Fargo AA and was a double AA the next yr and beat kids at Iron Man And powerade that beat the best KY wrestlers ever ,Dont be stupid and act as if any CC wrestler was ever his equal he wrestled up because of Khsaa rules his jr yr and wasnt allowed to even practice for months before the state tournament and he ran through it with ease ...no cc kid ever came close to him in HS not yenter not anyone from the past not Fausz ,he beat Reuschell 14 to 1 when he was a freshman lol beat cooper twice in same yr and on and on you and anyone else want to compare wins that matter step up because you will be left looking the fool his Fargo wins alone put him ahead of everyone ..a double AA as a soph lol when no Ky kid that yr managed to AA at all as a matter of fact I probably have more Fargo AA plauques on my wall than exist in the rest of KY combined ...your idiotic talk of cc past champs is a joke none of them did squat outside the confines of ky let alone starting out as a Tulsa AA and on and on you people are pathetically illiterate when it comes to telling the caliber of any athlete let alone the worth or accomplishments of a true wrestling phenom and yes Phenom is what he was called he tore through Ohio ky and most of the nation from youth on ....multi x 3 way nat champ and on and on he is a coach at Moeller just finished a great run helping Walton...lol you pathetic idiots are all the farthest things from athletes commenting on a kid and family you couldn't comprehend on even being a part of ..all champions lmao