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    Please help me wish these girls good luck. They are heading to Budapest Hungary tomorrow to represent USA. Olivia Messerly is our KY girl on the team. Go shock the world girl.
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    Try not attacking one of the best wrestler ever out of kentucky and the best ever out of CC.
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    He is still wrestling Heavyweight ...he chose not to diet himself to death and wrestle men instead of Skeletons who look like they never made it out of Auschwits
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    Well using your criteria goo of state or national level who do you think would be the best....if it went by just record and big wins during regular season...189 and 0 with a fr win over a returning state sr champ ...Austin....who never gave up a single td to any ky wrestler in khsaa HS event.as for rank and name wins Stephen ..has in season. Wins on Reuschell,Dance ,French,Keener ,Cooper ,Jones ,Scheidell,Collica ,and many more .2 undefeated seasons 1 in Ky 1 in Ohio and only 2 losses in both states at state tournament both to champ both by 1 point.....out of season it's a no Brainer 3 Fargo plaques a piece for Stephen and Austin double ows at central regionals for Austin AA at 220 and heavy.Folkstyle jr and sr AAs for Stephen at NHSCAs CC first ever sr AA .4 for Austin CC and KY first ever OW winner 2 x OW winner and Only NHSCA wrestler of the year ."Look up that group"SR YEAR Dapper Dan at hvy,Flo 220 champ and NHSCA champ in less than one week.Missouri border wars champ 220 ,and Fargo AA at hvy .you didnt see a run like that in one off season. From anyone in ky or anywhere else period .Its a useless debate I state wins and losses in season or out and everyone else produces nothing to compare because there is no close comparisons ..not only in CC but in ky and while Austin wasnt a 5 time ky placer lol it would not have been a question He was an Ohio jr High ow winner his 8th grade yr ...just like his brother ...the first and only kids from Cincy to win that award..as for the excuse of internet now and whatever lol I didnt use the internet to find any national tournaments my kids ever did ..if you beat everyone in your state 20 yrs ago but didnt compete outside that's great but dont pretend kids coaches and parents were so dumb as to not know of outside tournaments ..that's ridiculous. IF YOU DONT LIKE THE COMPARRISONS BECAUSE YOUR PALS OR GUYS FROM YOUR ERA ARENT TOP DOGS THATS OKAY JUST SAY IT BUT DONT ACT LIKE NO ONE KNEW ABOUT FARGO OR NHSCAs 20 yrs ago...that makes people from ky sound like the stereotype we all know is not true.How many years has say a coach Bankamper been at CC I'm sure he knew about Fargo and NHSCAs way back and I'm sure many others did as well..As for college Kyle Reuchell has done the best easily I think and Reed has stepped up NAIA very impressive .Of course Fausz jas done very well even without AAing and while some blast Austin he has a winning record and is a nat Qualifier at D1 heavy and was a freshman NCAA hvy freshman of the year.Not bad for a kid under 5 10 who was a 4 x 220 .When you go to bash him for his college run be sure and name the list of D1 starters at hvy from ky who ever wrestled for a top 5 team in the Country.From the age of 6 when he won his first state title to now he has no equals ever from ky .And he was born here like his brother lol .