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    Let me see if I understand the context here…Ranger has been around the world this year, has no kids in high school wrestling, 2 college seasons to follow; not to mention being a committed husband and girl dad. He puts hours of unnecessary work to release rankings (which are really guesses at this point save for a few) based on the NEW weight classes while not having a kid competing in KHSAA. But, we are complaining about rankings….in October? We are a bored group lol
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    Jayden will be number 1 at the end of the season. That's all that matters
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    My go to was a pin over Morris. It was at state duals. Listed as Jordyn. Everyone knows that National ms wins translate into high school wins. It’s no big deal. He’s got a season to prove it.
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    He has pinned Morris and McDonald. Beaten Vega in state finals twice. He wrestles live matches with his brother and keeps it within a point. He’s every bit as good as his brother, just 5 lbs smaller. He’s beaten Bruno Cassioppi.
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    I look forward to our many convos as well. I missed it last yr!!
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    His rankings are excellent. I just see 1 kid in a different light. I know he’s sees my side and I do see his. Where we see different is that he hasn’t proven it against Ky high school kids and I believe his body of work nationally is enough. It’s not a big deal. No fighting, cussing, and name calling.
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    After reading all this, the only thing l don’t understand is why Dr.Baker and UK Pride not doing the rankings, because they seem to have way more “ knowledge“ then RANGER !! Maybe its time for a shift ??
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    To be honest, I don’t have any evidence to back my statement up. But if I had to bet my horse farm on Jayden being the top 106lb wrestler, I wouldn’t blink an eye.
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    As a charter member of the Raney fan club, both have proven themselves to be number 1. They have been super busy at the National level, not only against middle school, but also high school kids.
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    Great job and thank you for your work. I will be surprised if any of the top 6 106 are back at 106. They are all pretty big right now. Also do you think Thornton will go 132. I believe he is signed up at 126 for super 32. Just an FYI both Ramey’s are ranked in the top 10 in the nation for middle school. Jayden just beat the number 4 kid in the country and super 32 champ. And I’m not debating or disagreeing with the rankings. I’m just creating some discussion as I’m bored waiting on the season to start and most places up here wrapping up their off season practices
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    I don’t log in much anymore to post but this topic hits me very close. Feel free to disagree with me...won’t hurt my feelings and I probably won’t login to reply or post again for a while regardless. I remember when the middle school STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS were an open tournament held at Campbell County High School. We have come a LOOOOONG way since then in this state, but I would like to ask everyone to evaluate a few things in regards to all of this. We are comparing ourselves to the states around us with pretty good wrestling...but let me ask why would we want to emulate most of them? Consider: ILLINOIS: pretty sure they are AAU sanctioned/have their own athletic association for elementary/middle schools. I pulled up their calendar for THIS season, and all pre-season paperwork has to be in by November 1. Practice cannot begin until November 29, regular season begins December 6, Regionals are Feb. 26, Sectionals March 5, State March 11. The latest they will schedule state finals is April 2 this year (I’m assuming COVID or snow related). INDIANA: I know for a fact because my brother has coached and taught up there in the Indianapolis area since 2016 they have ZERO organization state wide. His conference starts practice in December, wrestles duals and tris in January and February with a conference tournament the first weekend in March. The conference to the west of them? They only wrestle in January (practice December). He came down here last year around Christmas and was telling me he wished their coaches would organize state wide. It’s more of a localized thing in Indiana from what he says, with each conference doing their own thing. His conference doesn’t even have to use certified officials!!! OHIO: part of the STATE HIGH SCHOOL association which sets their season limits and post season...what I know I would like us to get to but others I’m sure don’t...which is ok! TENNESSEE: I taught and officiated down there in the Nashville/Murfreesboro area for a year...and it is by far a cluster. One conference I worked with literally practices for a week then wrestles duals for 2 weeks...a 3 week season all completed by the end of October. Another conference practices at the start of November, and wrestles the entire regular season in December...1 tournament after Christmas break. Others wrestle more of a true regular season (start in November with practice and season starts on the first day of December), but they are all finished with their conference tournament at the end of January/start of February. There are MAYBE 3 weekend tournaments for middle schools in Tennessee that I was aware of (and realize the officials association I was a part of serviced from the KY state line all the way down to the AL state line...biggest association in the state) all season long up until their “State” Tournament (which is an OPEN tournament). Their AAU state tournament is scheduled for March 5 with their State Duels being the next day this year. Our middle school regular season this year is literally 4 and a half months long this year if we hold states in March (Nov. 6-March 12)...for reference the high school season is 3 and a week (Nov. 24-Feb. 26). Both start practices officially October 15 (tomorrow). When I coached last year and the year before, I literally had parents tell me when they saw how long the season was they couldn’t commit to that type of time with a middle school athlete. What’s the solution? With the nationwide shortage of officials right now on top of this I’m not sure!! But it’s NOT extending the season past high school season in my mind. I’m not trying to call out anyone by any means and if you feel I am I apologize!!! I just wanted to throw some facts out there for everyone to consider. Is the answer to all of this asking to be pulled under the KHSAA banner like Ohio? Is it emulating Illinois and starting a middle school association as a separate entity for sports as a whole? Is it going to “pockets” like Indiana and Tennessee (my brother’s team in Indiana had 60 kids last year...for reference he teaches in a school district 5-square miles in size with no bus system and the middle school is literally the smallest in the conference size wise...I think they teach roughly 450 students grades 6-8) to grow the sport and then revisit coming together as a whole? Pros and cons to all. Like someone earlier said...we need to be finding solutions to these issues right now because if not...we are going to have bigger fish to fry soon.
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    Instead of being a pessimistic state full of excuses, it would be nice to have more optimism and find solutions. So, given the situation we are in, and knowing no one can change it, what are you going to do? (Same question I asked myself last year during a pandemic)
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    Small school here as well. Nearly all of our wrestlers play multiple sports so I am not sure why your kids will have moved on to spring sports. Ours don't until they are done. Our kids that play fball don't quit when we start wrestling practices. Why would it be different for spring sports? Again, why won't they have much left in the tank? If an early February Championship is already maxing your kids out maybe you need to change a few things in your program.
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    Bellarmine has struggled in the past, but none of their past struggles have been at the hands of Shuck. I’d at least give the guy a chance. If you think Iowa would start him just because it’s senior night, then I think the proverbial “you” don’t understand the standards and principles of Iowa wrestling. Shuck has had multiple seasons with winning dual records - something I’m sure Bellarmine would like 1 of.
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    So you want to start when kids are playing fall sports and no other states around us are competing and end at Thanksgiving essentially cutting the season in half? Great idea. LOL With the dates set(hopefully for at least a few years) starting middle school events after Thanksgiving wouldn't be a bad idea though. Or just give kids more weekends off during the season.