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Avery Zerkle


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We have had 3 session for the Spring Club and things are going great! Last nights practice had lots of talent, great intensity! Have had 25-35 wrestlers per practice. Look at the full details here or at:

** Feel free to stop in and try it out anytime

There will be a mix of freestyle and folkstyle wrestling throughout the club. This club is designed for the committed wrestler who wants to continue to train through out the Spring and Summer. Training with other top notch wrestlers throughout the off season is where you can edge out your competition for next season. Each practice will physically and mentally challenge you. If you are serious about reaching your goals next season, this club is for you! Each practice will consist of a short technique lesson, intense drilling, and then live wrestling. Extra practices like these is what it takes to move ahead of the competition. The Golden Cross Wrestling System offers any wrestler K-12th grade the opportunity to participate no matter their age or skill level. If your wrestler has a good attitude and is willing to work hard, they will benefit from the Golden Cross System!

*All practices are held at: Cinn. La Salle High School

K-12th Grade welcome

Practice Days/Times:

Club begins March 22nd Club ends June 10th

*24 Sessions

Sundays & Wednesdays 6:30-8:00pm

Club Cost:

Full Membership: $200

- Two payments of $100

- save $40 with full membership

- First half of payment Due: March 29th

- Second half of payment Due: May 3rd

Per-Session Payment: $10

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The Spring Club is going well. There have been a lot of new faces from KY and IN.  It is great to have quality kids from 3 different stats. Please contact me any time with questions. Come Check It Out!


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We WILL have practice this Sunday 24th, Memorial Day weekend. Practices are still going strong and will continue through June 10th.

After that we will be busy with summer camps but we will be having open mat one or two days a week throughout the summer.

I look forward to seeing you there. Remember the deadline for camp applications is June 1st.


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