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  1. 19 hours ago, Elite Training Center KY said:

    Indiana use to do true second for middle school (maybe they still do idk) and It was terrible. Just get better and don't lose in quarters is all I can say. Realistically what's the difference between second and third.

    Bingo, can't be a state champ anyway unless you beat the top guys, so what's it matter if it's in the quarters, semis, or heck even the first round. Good friend of mine made a mistake our senior year and had to wrestle the eventual champ second round. Didn't hear him complain once, he owned it, lost in a tight one and wrestled all the way back to get 3rd. This late in the year there is only win or lose no more no less, doesn't matter how ugly the wins are either W's are still W's in the long run.

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  2. 8 hours ago, Elite Training Center KY said:

    I completely understand why someone would want seeding. A year ago I would 100% agree. I moved to Iowa right before season and have finally got to be up to date on a state that "loves wrestling" and I can say that Iowa wrestling is a joke DUE TO SEEDING. Coaches are doing everything in their power to protect kids seeds so everyone is ducking each other after the second or third week of season. I watched a rivalry dual of 2 pretty tough teams and 80% of the matches were 2nd and third string kids. I asked the coach why and they straight up said "we have to protect seeds for state". NCAA did the same thing. I don't blame the coaches, end of year is what matters for most of these kids. 

    I can say as a fan AND coach I enjoy the Kentucky season much more than Iowa season because KY kids aren't afraid to wrestle each other. We are also not as far behind as a lot of people think. Numbers is the number one issue with Kentucky, we just need more schools with wrestling. 

    I agree. It sucks to see tough matches go down in the quarters, but then we get dodging and ducking and I'd rather see the top guys go at it throughout the year to actually propel the level of wrestling in Kentucky forward to new heights rather than ducking. Only way to get better is to wrestle tough guys and wanting to face those challenges head on, I've seen top guys from a weight below that have great mindsets bump up and risk their perfect record against a top guys but it tests their metal and shows them where they can improve. With the seeding region champs that doesn't really work out all the time because then you get kids from very week regions getting seeded over someone that is head and shoulders better than them but lost in the finals or semis of a tough region with 2-4 of the top guys. Ultimately if we want Kentucky wrestling to grow and develop the depth that some of the better states around us have we need to let these top kids clash and keep improving.

  3. I love dual meets for the atmosphere and team backing if you have the kids bought in and it's a highly contested, anticipated dual. I loved big duals with Campbell and Ryle when I was in High School when you had the team and crowds both getting behind their guys, and always dreamed of moments like in Vision Quest with the pep band from the home school playing the fight song after a big win, intermissions, packed stands,  cool entrances, etc. Hopefully one day Kentucky can get to that level.

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  4. As a wrestler who was fortunate enough to have parents that were willing to pay for big national tournaments like Flo, super 32, Fargo, etc. it's not easy on a family financially. Like @Dblev275 said these are easily $1000 weekend when include cost of travel to get there, hotel stay, food for the weekend, and entry fees (plus I mean you have to get some merch). So even if you're a wrestling fanatic family and you're entering multiple kids into it just makes it more expensive, is it worth it for the kids to get these experiences and be able to make memories and possibly get big national exposure, heck yes but it's a huge commitment if you don't do fundraising or get sponsorships. I hope one day to be able to send my future kids to these prestigious tournaments but won't go in debt to do so, and will probably have my children go look for local businesses for small donations to help with expenses.

    Won't disagree that I'd like to see more of the top kids in Kentucky try to see where they stack up on a national scale though, and coaching multiple wrestlers at tournaments like Super 32 and Ironman has been some of the most fun and beneficial experiences of my coaching career.

    Coach Parrott  

  5. The Rocks Solid Wrestling Camp starts this Friday at Simon Kenton High School and there are still some spots open! I'd like to get these filled with tough kids wanting to scrap with some of the top guys in Northern Kentucky and from around the area. We have a solid lineup for high school and middle school, at the high school level we have Brayden Blevins (SC), Jonah McCloskey, Logan Brown, Rider Trumble, and Johnny Nance to name a few, then in middle school we have Cody Blevins, Max Nance and a couple more middle school state placers. Not only do we have hammers participating but the guest clinicians are some of the best to come out of Kentucky in recent years.

    Ben Barton: 2x KHSAA State Champion, 5 Year D1 Varsity Starter, 3x NCAA D1 National Qualifier, MAC and SoCon Champ, 

    Keegan Duncan: 2x KHSAA State Champion, D1 Varsity Starter

    Hudson Heidorf: KHSAA State Champion, 2x NHSCA All American, Coach at ETC

    Simon Kenton Coaching Staff: 27 Individual State Champions, 2 State Tournament MOW, 1987 team State Champions

    If you're interested in reserving a spot reach out to me (Coach Parrott) at 859--445-9177 or

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  6. We're a little under two weeks out till sign in on the 16th, we've got a great line up of kids from lower weights to middle weights. State Champs and State Placers all around, plus some amazing clinicians if you're trying to get your kid some good work in while letting him compete and train with the best get them registered now! Just call or text me (Coach Parrott) at 859-445-9177 or email me at!

  7. A little under a month out, spots are filling up fast, and getting some big names in the room for both high school and middle school. Some of these big names are:

    High School: Brayden Blevins, Jonah McCklosky, Logan Brown, and Johnny Nance.

    in Middle School we got Cody Blevins and Max Nance already signed up.

    Lets keep filling these slots and make this a tough and fun camp to scrap, learn, and push Kentucky wrestling to new heights! Again if you have any questions or wish to register you can reach me at 859-445-9177 or email me at

  8. Hello everyone, this is Coach Parrott with Simon Kenton Wrestling, I'm sure as many of you know I coached at Louisville Trinity for a while early in my time as a coach. This summer SK Wrestling Boosters is putting on a camp June 16th and 17th at SK and the guest clinicians will be some of the guys that I had the honor of coaching while at Trinity. This is a great opportunity for experienced middle schoolers and high schoolers to learn from 3 state champs, as well as 2 of them being NCAA D1 athletes, and one being a 3 time NCAA D1 National qualifier. The flier is attached to this post (please excuse the formatting I'm new to graphic design). The camp is opened to experienced wrestlers and its first come first serve for the 60 open spots. If you have any questions feel free to contact me at 859-445-9177 or by email at Thanks and lets keep working to make Kentucky a great state for wrestling!

    SK Wrestling Camp Flier.docx

  9. Hey all, Coach Parrott here with Simon Kenton wrestling, we are providing FREE open mats Mondays and Wednesdays at Simon Kenton High School's practice gym from 7-8:30ish. All are welcome, and like I said it is a free opportunity, the only requirements are a valid USA wrestling card. We are looking to get a lot of tough guys and girls in the room to keep growing the sport in the area and have a summer full of growth in the sport. This will be open primarily to high school and middle school aged athletes.