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    Spatola Wrestling SPRING CLUB Schedule March 9-May 24

    Good stuff this week , nice series work , always great to see a room full of enthusiastic youth wrestlers , and it's easy to see why some kids are successful in HS and others are left scratching head when things go wrong . Word of advice young guys - never lose your drive to succeed and you will be one of the few HS kids who will enter the room full of youth wrestlers one off season that every kid in the room is striving to overtake one day. Love the energy , hate seeing HS kids lose it .
  2. Tarzan


    I saw Sliga at Fargo he was impressive , Ben Whitford who won Stephens class was a double nat champ and ow winner at cadet Fargo that yr. Ohio is very competitive and did well Ill won I think with a big crop of recruits and more than their share of calls in my opinion . . Ohio had a few doublers that yr .and Walls from eds won a cadet title if I'm not mistaken .
  3. Tarzan


    No not a double champion a double All American - meaning he made top eight in Greco then top eight in Freestyle the same yr meaning the same week at Fargo he placed sixth his first cadet yr in free then returned and placed fifth and fourth I'm Greco and freestyle , he just missed making the finals his match with Bryce Brill is on you tube many thought Stephen pinned him in the match but the ref did not give it . Either way it was always his goal to double his coaches at Prodigy had always pushed him for the double rather than to focus just on freestyle which was what he seemed better at to most people and he had win schoolboy as well as cadet fr and gr state in Ohio as well as KY ,. He had some great matches in Fargo nearly beating Ben Whitford and beating Hayden Tuma , his classes there were always amongst the toughest , Collica Ward and Fahy were all in his class the first yr he Became an AA and none of them placed !!! Its a different sport and a different level than HS state .
  4. Tarzan


    And make no mistake the buckeye posters on this site understand the obstacles in the road for KY wrestlers at Fargo and choose to rub salt in a wound by trying to make ky wrestlers fans etc feel inferior for not having a strong Fargo tradition . Lol its hardly mandatory for being a great wrestler , just ask almost all the graham wrestlers who are in college they never put on a red or blue singlet in their live unless their college team wears those colors . And before anyone feels inferior Dont sweat ottos taunts there are wrestlers in ky that can beat any wrestler in Ohio in those styles and has .
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    As I said before , to think you could put together a successful Fargo jr nat team is a bit of a stretch even for a state on the rise in the sport . Going from only having ever placed there eight times total as a state in the history of the sport to wrestling against teams who probably have wrestlers who combined have more than that on it presently , will not happen . Ky is not a fr gr state and it would be very hard to train a person who could double or win in Fargo , by double I mean place in both classes a feat that is considered the ultimate by some in the sport even better than winning one style because you have to wrestle multiple days on end and make weight multiple times , many of your champions stick to one style and hope to get an edge on those who are tough enough to double , I'm sure after NHSCA nationals and national duals , there may be a bit more to discuss on the topic , let the young lions focus on the tasks at hand before thinking ahead I'm sure ky could pick up a few AA plaques in Fargo if some of the best set their mind to it . I actually could see some doubling and making a nice run at a title , it would surely be a big moment for ky and actually the sport , the real problem is ky does not have proper camps and coaching to prepare for Fargo like other states do , when my son wrestled on the Ohio team and Doubled , Fahy actually went to the st Ed's Ohio Fargo camp with team Ohio and I'm certain it would not be allowed any longer .
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    That's very honorable as it becomes unclear as to your intent when you post along with those whose intent has been obvious since the day Stephen and Austin came to KY . And thanks for the compliment there have been some great wrestlers in Ohio buts since Austin was about six he dreamed of being a four timer , his hero was Max Thomuseit and his good friend and former coach Ryan Root , he and Koz were very close when KOZ was at LaSalle .
  7. Tarzan

    Kyle Dake To Headline Inaugural Wheeling Jesuit Camp!

    What days will Dake be present and Will there be group rates available .
  8. Tarzan

    State Scoring Without Seniors

    Removing the srs does a lot more than just launch the team with the highest score minus srs into the top spot it moves many around and brings kids who scored lower in some classes automatically higher due to the absence of higher placing srs , you could break it down further and take out the srs and move everyone up in their spots and look at what the scores would be to get a more realistic view of what scores can be projected to look like next yr .
  9. Tarzan

    Abbreviated Ranger Report

    Like I said lol no
  10. Tarzan

    Best Kentucky Wrestler Ever?

    Thanks , I am Very confident even arrogant on purpose at times I would love to predict 4 NCAA titles for ATM , and if I thought it could Help Make it happen I would but I also would not claim Anything so monumental without just cause , now if ATM tears it up like never before or pretty much as he has done every yr in HS , I may make a few statements
  11. Tarzan

    ky state champs vs in state champs

    Seems you have some friends in high places on ky wrestling site , perhaps a scheme to push buttons and get responses , also seems a few are on to you and your pals games ,you your inconsequential pals team kids and buddies are nothing in this sport and have been shown up by someone light years ahead of you . Keep bashing NAIA and changing your story meanwhile enjoy the rest of the yr and next as well as the bar reaches heights you or anyone you have anything to do with will ever be able to reach
  12. Tarzan

    Abbreviated Ranger Report

    Woodford loses Boston and Courtney . Even with two returning champs I can't see them as front runners ,looks like Trinity CC Fern Creek will be tough , match ups at state will be crucial such as Frankrone - Mathews , Myers - Corrolla - I'm which cass I expect trinity to stick to their MO and run someone around for a win . CC has a lot of good young lightweights Wells Krebs Moore Yenter , not all Can be 106 or 113 upper weights CC will do well and I see some who made it to state placing easily next yr , Krebs and Grazziani , Trinity looks to be loaded and knowing the way it is will probably pick up some More transfer talent .
  13. Tarzan

    Big props to Nick Sinclair CC state runner up

    Nick , Grazziani , and Austin all put in a lot of extra work towards the end of the season training and drilling after each workout after their regular wrestling practice , No one else "I saw "paid the price these young guys did in our area and it showed ,Nick held on and won matches that I think he would have lost without the strength cardio and little bit of handwork pummeling that he got in extra every week / day , and Grazziani although he lost one I think he should have won came back got a pin and won two more one close one possibly two that I think he may have lost without his extra work , he has no problem training all day under the right circumstance and with a camp Or two and some extra coaching I think he can be a state champ and I'm sure he makes the podium next yr there wins at state for a 15 yr old soph is pretty impressive as is . And he's a Powerhouse in the gym for his age .
  14. Very rare to see a kid not wrestle for two yrs come back not make the podium one year then make the finals the next yr , very impressive this young man worked hard in the off season in the wrestling room and in the gym the last part of the yr even suffering a broken bone in his hand he came with it , I said it earlier he would be the Most improved wrestler in the state and I stand by that , he watched as everyone else on his team got all the attention all yr Fausz ATM Mathews Turner and the rest and although he was always noticed he still never got his dues coach B and the other coaches noticed him getting better immediately this yr his handwork pummeling and just effort jumped levels every week , Just think kids like that should be noticed from not placing to state runner up and at the gym after discussing some of his rivals he pulls out his medal and says so and so ain't got this and everyone cracks up , Good stuff congrats To Nick and everyone who sticks with it in the sport of wrestling it pays off .
  15. Tarzan

    Best Kentucky Wrestler Ever?

    I meant ATM would be a four xer next yr like Dake , but you never know lol . All the kids who have been mentioned , I doubt Were actually as good as Brock ,Or Boston , and being as it is in Ky , I would expect a unanimous decision for - Brock :)for now - kids a beast .
  16. Tarzan

    Best Kentucky Wrestler Ever?

    And it seems Sam and ATMs old teammates from Ohio would have beniffited more from ATM and SAM than vice versa feel sorry for them Actually such a talented group falling victim to internal issues not one title from the whole sr core , that's a shame .
  17. Tarzan

    Best Kentucky Wrestler Ever?

    Well where Sam is or is not is not your buisness nor is the reason he' is wheee he is and whatever tou read on orher boards was probably garbage instigated by wannabees like yourself . Set back and watch what happens with ATM . regardless from a wrestling standpoint he has beaten D1 kids this yr , and I have never called you out it commented on your kid because I don't know you or care about him , he is irrelevant to me just spent the day in Columbus talking to trainers for ATM it will be interesting next yr there are a lot of advancements in the sport and with MMA guys coming in from different styles actually starting to focus on wrestling and working with young wrestlers it could be very benificial for the sport . Fun times ahead and coming at the sport from different angles will become more crucial to a kid succeeding eventually to hit the upper levels like a Brock or Boston you will have to focus on these other aspects or fall behind .
  18. Tarzan

    Best Kentucky Wrestler Ever?

    Never called anyone that but it sounds like wildcats description
  19. Tarzan

    Best Kentucky Wrestler Ever?

    That's funny I seem to brag on the coaches they had the longest continually , me talking about or claiming to be a good trainer is not a knock on any coach and I have never said I am a great coach although I am a lot better than some and way better than most would think . Not sure why you keep Bringing up D1 offers but I have never lied about any and only replied when asked , your infatuation with d1 and blasting my son for going NAIA is pathetic and shows your character and real intention , your simply a jealous p/i(k . And if I say I am the best trainer for my kids then I mean just that I know wtf I'm doing more so than you or any coach that's not saying I'm a better coach although I would have done a few things differently the same as every coach does things a bit different . You constantly try to get a response from me that will insight others against me lol I don't care really but its obvious your intent is to get me to piss people off you even try to get me to say stuff against my own kid ho are you to try lol ur garbage .
  20. Tarzan

    Best Kentucky Wrestler Ever?

    Look at the ohio results and ATM s record against them , Jennings in the finals of HVY , Nye who Austin teched and nearly pinned twice barely losing to Pfarr who is in the finals . No one in Ohip can beat him he has reached his goal and now it's time to reach further .
  21. Tarzan

    State Venue

  22. Tarzan

    Best Kentucky Wrestler Ever?

    Funny I recall Fahy coming to KY hahahah
  23. Tarzan

    Best Kentucky Wrestler Ever?

    Boston is tall enough and has the space to fill out at 126 no problem , and yes I couldn't understand what they did to Fahy in Fargo that yr it made no sense DQ him at skin checks for cadet but ok him the next day or whatever for jrs it was dumb he had a good shot at AA ing those classes are tough in Fargo vey high contested . Strange things happen out there anyway I have seen whole crowds cheering saying he's pinned and a Fargo ref not give a pin and pins in fs and gr are supposed to be touch , who knows . Don't know where ATM ends up weight wise hes Definatly not big heavy and while he can and has cut its been a while and he enjoys being and getting strong hard to do when your to worried about cutting all the time , we will see .
  24. Tarzan

    State Observations

    If you seed a tournament properly it doesn't matter if your a reg winner or not !!!