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    Fastest pins ??

    Just having fun , what was the fastest pin last yr this yr and every yr at state ,
  2. Tarzan

    Midwest Championships Freestyle/Folkstyle

    Bump - that's the sound of refs hands hitting the Mat . It's not Derby day it's pin day .
  3. Tarzan

    2014 Kentucky State Folkstyle Tournament

    Should have drove about eight hrs more there are some serious brackets in virginia .
  4. Tarzan

    Disney Duals

    June 26 - July 1 - not sure about all the rules , it appears that a state team would have to compete in the all star div against the best and it is very competitive , espn wide world of sports arena , pretty darn impressive looking , 10 matches guaranteed is pretty cool as well it says you have to compete in your area ??? Or something to go for a nat duals title ??? I my memory is correct wrestlers earn individual medals as well regardless of team outcome , 1 or no losses = gold 1 or 2 losses = silver and so on . Something like that at least that's how it was a few yrs back , There is actually time to prepare a team for this yrs event .
  5. Tarzan

    Disney Duals

    Seems like KY or Team Ky could send a crew to Disney , it's a high profile tournament and with all the talent in KY throughout the state I'm sure a trip to Fl and Disney duals could ignite a fire under some HS kids and at least get Ky a little more national exposure .
  6. Okay I guess its time to make everyone in my city mad at me .. I love kids athletes and pretty much all sports , I would exclude golf because I'm terrible at it but my grandfather was very good at it and loved it . No big deal realy except he only had one arm , strange seeing this country guy who loved to hunt with his dogs hitting golf balls out over the Ohio river every night from his yard , just didn't seem like the golf type , Anyway , I understand ky is a basketball state and its great to make it to the sweet 16 and win reg and do well or whatever . My beef is you take a team like CC who for all intents and purposes has been a powerhouse the last few yrs reg champs x 3 state champs runners up x 2 dual champs last yr , and everything else one of te top teams for sure with kids heading to and wrestling in college !!!! So when you see all the wrestlers you get to know ove the yrs get /)/$ dissed over some BB team that is good but nowhere near as successful as the wrestling team it kin if ticks u off , Pep rally's of school early can go in late and if tey win would have been allowed to take off , convoys heading to games and all the bells and whistles , kind of crappy considering CCs history in the sport , BB players do not train harder than wrestlers nor do they deserve any thing more or perhaps less than wrestlers any other sport . Businesses around town and all the other stuff , not really cool , when the wrestling team wins state and gets t shirts and the basketball team wins reg and gets hoodies lol nit cool nothing against the BB kids as I said I like all sports , But its straight up BS and the school is pretty crappy for showing different levels of love for its wrestlers and other sports athletes . But I guess its just another Burden for wrestlers , Another reason they are tougher and better than any other athletes , BB FB none of the others compare and as much as I like to try and fit in and nit be bias I have to say , shame shame , next time my son wins state he can take a week off , and I will take he and his teammates somewhere to watch a college match , if he wins four and gets ignored by the press as he did for winning three not much to say except I would probably leave my HS off of wherever I end up wrestling , and it will be D1 regardless if we're and how it ends up , while I see CC kids wrestling in D1 and becoming nat qualifiers in NAIA as true fresh and others heading to D1 I have to ask Just who the Heck do people think are good athletes , I google kids names my son will wrestle and see their schools totally behind them for accomplishing much less . Blast me say I'm a cry baby do whatever , all the wrestlers I care for at CC and the parents know its true , will there be a pep rally for all the CC kids heading to nationals wrestling comp far tougher than any BB fB Base Ball or any Other sports athletes faced , I would like to say yes , I don't like looking in their faces and seeing them feel second best to anyone , Pi$$es me off greatly , confidence training and support wins sports .
  7. Tarzan

    Wth is up with schools and BB

    I have heard about all the headaches of a tournament before , again I have to say that being one of the top teams in the state and only having one crappy dual at home that was basically a jv dual , was pretty much a joke , if they can have BB games all the time I'm sure they could spare the gym on one given date a yr for a tourny for the most successful sports program in the school .as for the little guy behind the desk if that was in fact my words , I doubt I would want him reporting to the press anyway , I would report everyone's results not just those of kids I like , I have seen first hand how the media is played and it ticks me off , cowards blaming a teams loss on one kid who scored more for the team in two yrs than anyone else easily ,they make me sick, good ole boy media , don't need it . Kind of like what was said about coach B being respected more outside the school , some kids are as well !!!
  8. Tarzan

    Disney Duals

    It may not be the best summer opportunity for national exposure but ky kids know how to wrestle folk style and I would think it would be easy to get a large amount of college wrestlers from ky to help coach there seeing as how they would enjoy the after hours in Orlando lol That said I have some ideas for raising some funds for Fargo if you are interested !!
  9. Tarzan

    Disney Duals

    As much as I like to see everyone pushing for more people to wrestle in whatever style or tournament and would never say do not compete in any style or tournament because any and all mat time is important , I am afraid you just rubbed me the wrong way , I brought up Disney because it has become one of the biggest tournaments in the country as well as one of the funnest and exciting - fun and excitement equalling more participation - there are multiple div it's in a fun Florida vs - ugh the desolate place the other great tournament is in and it's actually cheaper , not going to try to talk people out of Fargo or play a this tournament vs that one because I would like to see more kids at Fargo but considering hardly any kids in ky know squat about fr gr Disney is and would be a great choice should an ambitious coach wish to lead a charge to take a team all those going would return with wide eyes and stories that would ignite the rest of the state to want to go back next yr !!! Team ky that is already put together would do rather well there not sure if srs are allowed but if so even better for team ky , I respect all events and coaches who push for them all no need to try to talk people out of an opportunity that actually fits the kentucky wrestler even better than the one you are pushing for , as I said I would rather see people headed to both . Please do not feel it was a hit on Fargo by myself it was just an option for kids to get more nat experience and mat time !! I still believe nothing touches Fargo !!!
  10. Tarzan

    2014 Kentucky State Folkstyle Tournament

    Weigh inns are in virginia beach Thursday . Why would anyone schedule a tournament the same weekend as Nhsca ??? Either way good luck hope numbers are high and wrestling is good hope Ky boys win everywhere this weekend !!!!!!!!
  11. Tarzan

    Midwest Championships Freestyle/Folkstyle

    Does it count for seeding at Fargo or is it just a qualifying event for the state team ????
  12. You going over any fr gr stuff this yr Mr Jones !?might drag some camels up . Next week
  13. Tarzan

    Wth is up with schools and BB

    CC had 1 home meet against Grant , not blasting grant but it was pretty much a joke with hardly any of CC starters wrestling . 1 chance for people at home to see its great wrestling team and most of its studs had to set the bench because their opponent was to weak . I like CC wrestling but for a team of this level to have I home meet and it only be a dual against an inferior team , and to have no home tourney , seems a big mistake to me ! There is really no excuse for it . Perhaps if the fans had a bigger opportunity to see and get whims its wrestlers they would make a bigger deal of their accomplishments
  14. Tarzan

    CWA Technique Clinic Featuring Zeke Jones

    Sounds like a great camp and opportunity to learn some freestyle wrestling .
  15. Tarzan

    Wth is up with schools and BB

    Strange, I doubt anyone in CC is better known than coach B and I never hear anything bad about him other than he took heat for allowing two kids who became solid parts of his team to wrestle after moving in mid season even though he followed khsaa rules to the t not even letting them practice till the week before reg when they were cleared . Football does get a lot of love and they do have a good team and it draws $ and attention , Coach B shows much more concern and knowledge for other sports than the coaches of other sports show for his wrestling team , I have to think some of it is jealousy for the success of his wrestling team I'm not sure either way I do know some of the coaches are lost as to what wrestling is all about , they think it is a totally individual sport and that their "team "sport puts them ahead of wrestling somehow and after thinking on it it makes sense that by them claiming wrestling is individual then their sports being team puts more meaning to their coaching ??? Lol considering most sports have an army of coaches I think wrestling coaches have just as tough a job although I would like to see more coaches doing even more I like breaking down comp watching film and such to find weaknesses and think teams should have coaches who focus on that . Didn't know about the charter busses or fire drills for the send off , that's great for the BB team and I thought CC had a nice following at state although if they would have had a pep rally and the school / city made a bigger to do about wrestling I'm sure more would have came . I have a 5 yr old who wrestled a little this yr just to get his feet wet his brothers played football wrestled took gymnastics and taekwondo when they were just a little older than him , they dropped everything but football and wrestling I'm sure in a little kids eyes participating in a more popular sport will give that sport an edge as far as kids entering it hate to think he may not wrestle because where he lives it is thought of as a lesser sport !!another thing to think about , youth coaches ,parents , all coaches and wrestlers should keep that in mind and always hype up wrestling I was at NAIA nat and I watched D1 nat , I found them both very exciting and full of great athletes a sport worthy of great hype and celebration . As I said I hate seeing our wrestlers feel second best to any sport from day 1 in youth it's harder to excel at wrestling than any other popular school sport any wrestlers parent can verify it .
  16. Tarzan

    Lindsey Wilson Wrestling Clinic March 23, 2014

    Sorry to have missed the camp "under the weather "wouldn't want to get everyone sick , Stephen Myers lol an e instead of an a and no e before the y . My spelling / typing is suspect but I do know how to spell my own name !! Sounded like a good camp with plenty of big boys glad to see kids getting in extra work before nat ,g
  17. Tarzan

    Wth is up with schools and BB

    I wouldn't worry about recognition , for long when it becomes obvious who is top dog as far as sports go and there are those who constantly rise above the accomplishments of those in ither sports , people will wake up , I know the general public does not even understand the sport but I see kids like Garth Shaun my boys Wells and all the younger studs Krebs Holden Moore , how long can it be ignored , some wrestling swagger may be in order despite those pointing fingers and saying people are arrogant , perhaps wrestling parents should take it upon themselves for extras , Not going to down any sport or athlete but CC wrestlers are a cut above the other sports , not just my boys / Boy either , and make no mistake if I have anything to do with it CC will have a # 1 ranked wrestler in the country should he fall this summer I will make sure he is at Fargo and Iron man to take his shots at 1 don't get me wrong I do not think anyone can beat him at his best but even I am amazed and shocked he has not lost he defies odds an opposition , as I said he is on the verge of greatness , everything has lead to every next match , I love it , I do not think many understand it or those who shoot to be the best or what it takes , and sorry to say I would like to see more put into it becoming reality by everyone involved even Austin . The only time anyone will notice what was lost is if he loses . Not all about him of course I want him and his teammates to all win I hope they realsise teams like trinity are on the rise even as I think union and x are on the wane , I would like to see more from all the kids , I am impressed by the younger guys ATM and Grazziani I would like to see more from others who could make the difference , I would have went ape $ :it on some kids at duals for various reasons. Just me maybe but make weight on the big ones.
  18. Tarzan

    Wth is up with schools and BB

    I am very pleased to have some who have been around CC much longer than me feel the same . Makes it all good for me at CC never needed bells and whistles only need a few who actually know what it's all about behind you . Very anxious as I have pushed trained moved and spent a lot of time and energy on my boys and on the sport and with every new tournament there is a chance that something great can be stopped I hope everyone understands I only want greatness for my sons , just like everyone and anyone and anything that gets in the way of that I would gladly P!$$ on At any level from youth through college !!. I think CC should wake up and I think coaches like yourselves should stand up to whoever thinks wrestling is second best , I do not like ignoring wrongs and not making waves to fit in , I will do my best to give the school and it's team champions that are simply above those in other sports , just as you coaches have tried and done . A team that can win state my son and his partners on podiums I enjoyed having Sinclair Grazziani and austin training in my gym I like to think the extra weight training and drilling helped nick make finals and Grazziani win three at state and I like to think and know he will be on the podium next yr as will anyone else who wants to train extra with us . And that means with us not an inferior practice and weight training that goes on in the football program , I will not have a FB coach proclaim the superiority of his training over what my son does not would I have claimed superiority over there training , it's not what trainers or real coaches do they learn from everyone they watch and look at results , and I watched there's did not match mine Or my expectations , if they want to exclude my son from games or starting because he trains for team ky or any tournament then I hope he chooses to exclude himself from their field e en though he loves the sport ,as for me and My rep it is well deserved as I have told those who brought it up results are what matters not message board banter . I As for coach Goss , he showed up to the rumble to support the wrestlers don't k ow about anything else but that in itself was honorable to me .
  19. Tarzan

    Big 10 preseeds

    Dardannes got smoked !!!
  20. Tarzan

    Open mats at Simon Kenton

    That's stinks as nat are next week and team ky nat a week or so later , but good he will be back on the mat , I say Spatolas will Be the place to be on Sunday nights in NKY for HS wrestling hopefully some More HS kids show up duiring the week it gets difficult for those playing football or track . Will SK be having open mats on the weekends .
  21. Tarzan

    Open mats at Simon Kenton

    Any big guys there ???
  22. Tarzan

    Ironman openings

    You and Otto appear to have something in common with them .
  23. Tarzan

    Dapper Dan

    Great post , great career , greater person and kid , Nathan is and always has been one of the best . Anyone can see that it was a bit odd a 126 PA st champ dropping to 120 - and 5 lbs is basically a weight up to begin with . Not making excuses for anyone and none are needed , it's pretty self explanatory , as is the reason some People constantly try to down others , using someone else's over dramatic post in a quote to divert heat from your own intentions is typical of said poster , who obviously enjoys the sport that he more obviously so failed at , hence the constant knocks on wrestlers who have exceeded anything said poster could have ever done in the sport or even dreamed of doing . Congrats Nathan on stepping up and representing even against the odds . More to be said for the attempt than the outcome in this case . Not what I would call getting destroyed but hey expect drama from People who make their living off of drama , a tech or a pin is getting destroyed .