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  1. Any current seniors wishing to go to college should have already submitted their FAFSA for 2017-18 school year. If you've not done so yet, you need to do this immediately so that you qualify for in-state grants. These grants are going to run out very soon, and it is strictly based on a first come/first serve basis. Just by filing your FAFSA in time means you may qualify for a lot of free money. The cutoff deadline could be tomorrow or it could be in two weeks. It all depends on when the state reaches it's quota of FAFSA applicants. 

  2. Here are some details that may be helpful for this weeks camps:
    We have 3 out of state programs bringing 8-10 wrestlers from each program (2 from Indiana and 1 from Virginia).
    Camp starts Wednesday, June 24th at 9am CST. Registration and dorm keys will be distributed at Smith Hall from 8-9am. We have 3 sessions on Wed/Thur, and 2 on Friday.
    Rooms are very nice, with 4 single beds in each. I'll match them up by age. Have their own bathrooms, free wi-fi, cable.
    Campers will need enough gear for 8 practices. Towels, toiletries, swim trunks, blanket, pillow, and wrestling shoes. They will have plenty of free time to watch TV/play video games, so they are encouraged to bring a TV and/or game system.
    They will check out with returning room key by 4pm Friday. And they will work hard and have a lot of fun.


  3. We will not turn away anyone interested in attending. If you are not preregistered, don't worry about it but please send an email ASAP letting me know if you're coming 


    Campers will be staying in our newest dorm facility and meals will be provided in our dining center. Each room has it's own bathroom, cable, air conditioning, and wi-fi. Televisions and game counsels are not provided, but you are welcome to bring them. Bedding is not provided so please bring a blanket and pillow and a bed-sheet for a single bed. Each camp has 8 wrestling sessions so plan accordingly with workout gear. 


    Camp sessions for each day will be at the following times (Please note that all times are CST):



    Registration 8-9 am

    Session 1 - 9-11 am

    Session 2 - 1-3 pm

    Session 3 - 6-8 pm



    Session 1 - 9-11 am

    Session 2 - 1-3 pm

    Session 3 - 6-8 pm



    Session 1 - 9-11 am

    Session 2 - 1-3 pm


  4. Congratulations to Nathan Boston, Brock Ervin, and Sean Fausz for earning their way onto this prestigious poster. This may be the first time the state of Kentucky has had three representatives appear on this annual honor.


    Two other outstanding talents that made the poster will be bringing their skills to Kentucky this fall. Michael Pixley and James Flint will be wrestling for Lindsey Wilson. Congratulations to all


  5. We did not accomplish our team goal, but a couple more national championship charts hanging in our room will ease the pain and provide more motivation for the future. Thanks to those of you who followed and supported us throughout the season. We will try to get to the top of the team standings again next season (I'm already busy trying to do that today). There is no off-season!

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  6. Brackets should be out Wednesday. We do not seed the national tournament, but we are working on accomplishing that for next seasons national tournament. Coaches know the matrix, and have 16-man brackets where the top 4 from each regional are separated. We are waiting for the at large qualifiers (50 total) to be drawn in.

    Cozart left Iowa State after his redshirt freshman season planning to take a year off while searching for a smaller school that was closer to home. He came for a visit to LWC in September and committed about a month later.

  7. Here is your opportunity to get ahead of the competition, and greatly enhance your chances of becoming a state champion. 
    Every Sunday, Lindsey Wilson Assistant Coach, Charlie Pingleton, and the LWC wrestling team will be hosting a clinic/practice for all ages. There will always be an abundance of coaches/wrestlers to ensure one on one instruction for all whom attend at a ridiculously cheap price. Train along side, and learn from, some of the finest NAIA wrestlers in the country. We will have a minimum of 20 sessions beginning on October 6th through the end of March every Sunday afternoon from 3-5 pm CST. 

    Coach Pingleton is climbing the coaching ranks, and is recognized for his attention to detail, work ethic, technique, and integrity among many other fine qualities. He and the entire LWC Wrestling program will be involved in this attempt to help Kentucky wrestlers improve their growing reputation across the country. 

    We are limiting the registration to the first 30 season pass holders. Reserve your spot today!

    For more details or information, please email Lindsey Wilson's first National Champion, and current Assistant Coach at 



  8. Here is a press release for Friday's event:


    Projected lineups are as follows:


    Life University


    125 - Darius Graves

    133 - Chad Maldonado

    141 - #15 Dillan Schouw

    149 - Jeff Drever

    157 - Oliver Brukardt

    165 - Jason Fraser

    174 - Ryan Jacobs

    184 - #14 Trey Hicks

    197 - Matt Mannino

    285 - Chris Daniels


    #16 Indiana Tech


    125 - #16 Kris McKinley (SO)

    133 - #7 Travis Barroquillo (SO)

    141 - Travis Dragomer (FR)

    149 - Sidney Logan (FR)

    157 - Adam Fahs (SO)

    165 - #7 James Bennett (RS JR)

    174 - #6 Tanner Martin (SO)

    184 -  Kelvin Jordan (RS JR)

    197 - Dustin Boyd (JR) or Taylor DeLong (FR)

    285 - #12 Logan Rimmer (FR)


    #5 Lindsey Wilson

    125 - Ethan Miller (rsSR)

    133 - #16 Jacob McCombs (rsSO)
    141 - #3 Wismit Moinius (JR)
    149 - Zach McCormick (rsSO)
    157 - #7 Joe Cozart (rsSO)
    165 - #4 James Haywood (SR) or #13 Cadyn McKeeth (rsFR)
    174 - #5 Jameel Bryant (JR)
    184 - #2 Ian Stephens (rsJR)
    197 - #7 Jacob Bradford (JR) or #13 Andrew Hairston (SR)
    285 - #8 Teddy Furnish (SR) or Jonathan Hupp (rs SO)

  9. We came home with a 6th place finish this weekend through a great deal of adversity, and I am very proud of what this team accomplished. After everything that could go wrong, seemed to go wrong we came together and fought to bring home some much deserved hardware. I like to believe that things always happen for a reason, even if it is hard to find meaning. The adversity we face in our lives will always make us better in the long run (and this team has had it's share of adversity to deal with over the past two seasons).


    The short story that you'll see on paper is that two of our guys didn't make weight on Saturday morning, and thus we are not a disciplined program. Or those individuals can be percieved as undisciplined athletes. However, several things took place in the 36 hours leading up to the start of the tournament that hindered our chances of competing all together. To walk out of there with 6th place is something we can be very proud of. Here are the results, and if you care to hear the excuses of why we were in this position I'll explain below.


    Match #1 Champ. Round 1: Dickinson State defeated Lindsey Wilson 21-19
    125 - #3 Bryden Lazaro (Dickinson State) over Felix Casa del Valle (Lindsey Wilson) Pin 6:39
    133 - #11 Jacob McCombs (Lindsey Wilson) over Matt Chambers (Dickinson State) Dec 6-0
    141 - #3 Wismit Moinius (Lindsey Wilson) over Elias Armendariz (Dickinson State) Dec 7-2
    149 - #4 Brad Steele (Dickinson State) over Zach McCormick (Lindsey Wilson) Pin 2:57
    157 - Joe Cozart (Lindsey Wilson) over Sean Elkins (Dickinson State) SV-1 5-1
    165 - #11 James Haywood (Lindsey Wilson) over Jonathan Morales (Dickinson State) Maj 11-2
    174 - Cameron Schrempp (Dickinson State) over #15 Cadyn McKeeth (Lindsey Wilson) Dec 5-2
    184 - #3 Joseph Stephens (Lindsey Wilson) over #4 Jesse Hellinger (Dickinson State) Dec 8-2
    197 - #10 Jacob Bradford (Lindsey Wilson) over #9 Kevin Keisler (Dickinson State) Dec 7-2
    285 - #2 Jose Lopez (Dickinson State) over #7 Theodore Furnish (Lindsey Wilson) Pin 2:35
    Match #2 Cons. Round 1: Lindsey Wilson defeated Indiana Tech 19-17
    125- Felix Casa del Valle (Lindsey Wilson) over Kristopher McKinley (Indiana Tech) Dec 3-2
    133 - #5 Travis Barroquillo (Indiana Tech) over #11 Jacob McCombs (Lindsey Wilson) Pin 3:46
    141 - #3 Wismit Moinius (Lindsey Wilson) over Travis Dragomer (Indiana Tech) Maj 11-3
    149 - Sidney Logan (Indiana Tech) over Zach McCormick (Lindsey Wilson) Maj 12-2
    157 - Joe Cozart (Lindsey Wilson) over Adam Fahs (Indiana Tech) Dec 3-1
    165 - #7 James Bennett (Indiana Tech) over #11 James Haywood (Lindsey Wilson) Dec 6-3
    174- #8 Tanner Martin (Indiana Tech) over #15 Cadyn McKeeth (Lindsey Wilson) Maj 16-5
    184 - #3 Joseph Stephens (Lindsey Wilson) over Darryl Grayson (Indiana Tech) Dec 5-0
    197 - #10 Jacob Bradford (Lindsey Wilson) over Kelvin Jordan Jr. (Indiana Tech) Dec 9-2
    285 - #7 Theodore Furnish (Lindsey Wilson) over Logan Rimmer (Indiana Tech) TB-1 4-2

    Match #3 Cons. Round 2: Lindsey Wilson defeated Baker 19-16
    125 - Alan Callahan (Baker) over Felix Casa del Valle (Lindsey Wilson) SV-1 4-2
    133 - Blake Pursel (Baker) over Leo Hardy (Lindsey Wilson) Maj 16-2
    141 - #3Wismit Moinius (Lindsey Wilson) over #10 Joel Olivas (Baker) Dec 8-1
    149 - Zach McCormick (Lindsey Wilson) over #8 Nick Haugen (Baker) Maj 11-2
    157- Joe Cozart (Lindsey Wilson) over Connor Middleton (Baker) Pin 2:43
    165 - #11 James Haywood (Lindsey Wilson) over #10 Nathan Sommer (Baker) Dec 6-2
    174 - #6 Parker Owen (Baker) over #15 Cadyn McKeeth (Lindsey Wilson) Dec 3-2
    184 - Jarid Price (Baker) over Thomas Buckman (Lindsey Wilson) Dec 9-2
    197 - #10 Jacob Bradford (Lindsey Wilson) over #11 Robert Shadrach (Baker) Dec 5-2
    285 - #1 Brandon Gebhardt (Baker) over #7 Theodore Furnish (Lindsey Wilson) Dec 2-0

    Match #4 Cons. Semi: Lindsey Wilson defeated Missouri Valley 26-15
    125 - #14 Ryan Stearns (Missouri Valley) over Felix Casa del Valle (Lindsey Wilson) Dec 11-6
    133 - #10 Logan Welch (Missouri Valley) over Leo Hardy (Lindsey Wilson) Pin 5:22
    141 - #3 Wismit Moinius (Lindsey Wilson) over Willie Essex (Missouri Valley) Dec 6-2
    149 - #6 Jake Ekster (Missouri Valley) over Zach McCormick (Lindsey Wilson) Dec 11-5
    157 - Joe Cozart (Lindsey Wilson) over Dylan King (Missouri Valley) Maj 10-2
    165 - #11 James Haywood (Lindsey Wilson) over #12 Gian Traverso (Missouri Valley) Maj 13-1
    174 - #15 Cadyn McKeeth (Lindsey Wilson) over Jamaal Bufford (Missouri Valley) Dec 8-2
    184 - Brett Bader (Missouri Valley) over Thomas Buckman (Lindsey Wilson) Dec 10-3
    197 - #10 Jacob Bradford (Lindsey Wilson) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
    285 - #7 Theodore Furnish (Lindsey Wilson) over #6 Dan Mueller (Missouri Valley) Pin 5:31

    Match #5 5th Place Match: Dickinson State defeated Lindsey Wilson 29-13
    125 - #3 Bryden Lazaro (Dickinson State) over Felix Casa del Valle (Lindsey Wilson) Maj 11-1
    133 - Matt Chambers (Dickinson State) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
    141 - #3 Wismit Moinius (Lindsey Wilson) over Elias Armendariz (Dickinson State) Maj 10-2
    149 - Nester Ruleas (Dickinson State) over Zach McCormick (Lindsey Wilson) Maj 11-3
    157 - Joe Cozart (Lindsey Wilson) over Sean Elkins (Dickinson State) Dec 5-3
    165 - #15 Cadyn McKeeth (Lindsey Wilson) over TJ Poole (Dickinson State) Dec 8-3
    174 - Cameron Schrempp (Dickinson State) over #11 James Haywood (Lindsey Wilson) Pin 6:58
    184 - #4Jesse Hellinger (Dickinson State) over Thomas Buckman (Lindsey Wilson) Pin 4:30
    197 - #10 Jacob Bradford (Lindsey Wilson) over Skyler Carroll (Dickinson State) Dec 12-7
    285 - Brian Klevis (Dickinson State) over #15 Jonathan Hupp (Lindsey Wilson) TB-1 2-1
    Here is a timeline of the events that occured which ultimately cost our starting 125, Ethan Miller, and our 174, Jameel Bryant, to make weight on Saturday morning.
    At the conclusion of our afternoon practice, our scale starts acting funny and gives a different reading each time someone steps on. The variance is in pounds, not tenths of a pound. After several shutdowns and disconnections/reconnections, the scale begins to act normally again (giving the same reading at least). There is some question on it's accuracy, and as a precaution we get the digital scale from our athletic training room which is generally pretty accurate. That evening I get a call from our bus driver, and he informs me that he has whopping cough and that a driver we've never had before will have to transport us to the event. No problem, right?
    Well, our bus driver is a great guy but he is not in a hurry to get us to our destination. Rather than arriving as planned at 3:30-4:00, we arrive at 5:15. This forced me to leave my staff in charge of getting the team to the venue for checking weight as I had a mandatory coaches meeting at 6:00 (checking into hotel and registration for the event occupied all of my time). Upon arriving at the coaches meeting, I find out that the check scales are heavy and all of the teams are freaking out a bit. They tell us that the scales were certified by a professional, but that they will look into the issue and get back to us ASAP. The meeting ends around 7:00 and my staff is out getting a bit to eat, so I scramble to get in touch with each of our wrestlers to inform them that the scale issue may be resolved but I have no idea what they weighed (or if they were using the check scales in question at the venue). At 7:30 we recieve word that the scales were indeed 0.8 to a pound heavy, but the 12 scales we are using in the morning are accurate. What really sucks is that the venue is closing at 8:00, and this literally leaves me no time to gather everyone (different rooms on different floors plus guys are working out and I have no idea exactly where). In hind sight, I should have grabbed our scale and headed to the venue to check if there was any difference.
    Everyone is on weight or under on our scale at 6:00, and we are set to meet in the lobby at 6:15 and walk over together for 7:00 weigh-ins. We get there to find out that everyone on our team is up to a pound over, and the frantic attempt to get weight off ensues. 12 mats with 64 teams and roughly 20 minutes before we have to line up for skin checks...all added up to a disappointing morning. Four of our guys missed the initial weigh-in, and were then allowed to check on all 11 other scales one by one. After all of that, Ethan and Jameel both were 0.2 pounds over and eliminated from competing for the entire two-day event.
    After all of that, we proceeded to win 6 of 10 matches versus 9th ranked Dickinson State, but three of those losses ended in devastating pins (all of which could have easily been avoided). I have never seen a college wrestling meet lost in that fashion (winning 6 of 10 individual matches), and it is was even more frustrating when we seemed to be handling the #2 ranked HWT with relative ease until catastrophe happened with a moments loss of focus. It was an incredible amount of hard lessons to learn in the span of a few hours, but we definately learned a great deal about the makeup of our team as the weekend continued. We protected a few minor injuries, and after the first two duals were completed we had four backups in the lineup. What a great experience they all recieved. We are really charged for the stretch run, and got back to work today in preparation for the postseason.
    Hope to see you all on February 1st.

  10. Wrestling fans,

    Another season is in full stride, and the stretch run is upon us all. I wanted to get some exciting news to you, some important news, and just some friendly conversation going.

    This weekend all three of Kentucky's college programs will compete in the prestigious NWCA National Duals. Here is a link to the brackets: http://www.nwcaonlin...ts-are-released and you will be able to follow all of the action live via We square off against 9th ranked Dickinson State to start things off, and if things go as planned we will have the opportunity to knock off defending national champion Grand View in the quarterfinals. We have had a great deal of changes to our lineup since we returned to campus December 28th, and we head into the event humbly confident.

    We are also very excited about our upcoming home event on February 1st which is sponsored by We will host #16 Indiana Tech and #25 Life University. This is going to be a special evening as we will be donning our camouflage singlets in support of our military. We are also going to have branches of the armed forces in attendance to help us raise awareness to the charity "Wounded Warrior Project". The program helps foster the most successful well-adjusted generation of wounded service members in our nations history. We plan to host one home dual meet in this fashion every season, and being that this is our first time, we hope you can help us provide an exciting atmosphere. The evening will be exciting for sure. We will unveil a banner that hangs in our gymnasium of our program's first National Champion, Charlie Pingleton. Charlie is a member of the National Guard, and it is only fitting that we will present him with his National Championship ring that night as well.

    Also, we are giving away $10,000 in cash prizes on February 1st. We are selling raffle tickets that will raise funds for our program as well as the Wounded Warrior Project. Only 200 tickets are being sold at $100 each, and we have several tickets still available. Not only will you be helping our program, you will be helping our injured service members recover. We will select 8 lucky winners (need not be present to win) and the prizes are as follows:

    1st: $5,000

    2nd: $2,000

    3rd: $1,000

    4th: $750

    5th: $500

    6th: $350

    7th: $250

    8th: $150

    Not only are your chances excellent, but you will also receive a complimentary gift from Defense Soap worth $27.50. You can view this specific product here:

    To purchase a raffle ticket online, click here: https://portal.linds...affle/index.cfm

    Earlier this week Takedown Radio's, Scott Casber, called to get an update on what we're doing for this special event. You can hear the interview here: http://www.takedownr...m/articles/8077

    I hope your season is going well, and I truly hope you will accept this personal invitation to come watch some great college wrestling on February 1st. We are anxious to show off our new singlets, and very excited to raise money and awareness for a fantastic cause. The WWP is such an honorable thing to be associated with, and we hope to become more and more involved as time goes on.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this, and best of luck to everyone down the stretch. GO HARD!


    Corey Ruff

    Head Wrestling Coach

    Lindsey Wilson College


    P.S. Buy a raffle ticket, please.

  11. Lindsey Wilson will hold a public wrestle-off early this evening on our campus in Bigger's Gymnasium. Exhibition matches will begin at 5:00 central time. Posters available at the door (free). Admission is free. Fight shorts are for sale as well. All the information you need can be found on our facebook page:

    Exhibition matches 157 Mitchell Judkins Scott Flesher 165 Court Mace Taylor Doan TEAM KY TEAM USA 125 Myron Bradbury (#9) Michael Lovitt 133 Ethan Miller (#11) Keith Klink (#9) 141 Isaac Thomas DaMonte Riley (#6) 149 Josh Johnson Charlie Pingleton (#2) 157 Harrison Courtney (#6) Tyler Harshbarger 165 Aaron Back Cadyn McKeeth 174 Trenton Kulmer James Haywood (#6) 184 Aaron Edington Ian Stephens (#3) 197 Jacob Bradford (#7) Thomas Buckman 285 Derek Nickel Teddy Furnish (#7)

  12. Lindsey Wilson

    Aaron Back

    Robert Bracco

    Myron Bradbury

    Jacob Bradford

    Harrison Courtney

    Glenn Frost

    Kary Goff

    Rashaun Graham

    Josh Johnson

    Preston Lashley

    Andy Lenz

    Court Mace

    Alex Meads

    Ethan Miller

    Derek Nickel

    KT Routt

    Bill Semones

    Isaac Thomas

    Keaton Thomas

    Thomas Buckman

    Felix Casa DeValle

    Trenton Kulmer

    Cody Mink

    Jeff Perdue