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    Well spoken ,and Thanks .It will be a bit different for him im sure ,not the comp but he has never wrestled at this time of yr he ha played football since he was six yrs old untill this yr ,and his biggest issue seems to be mat time and partners ,I have no doubt that with a few weeks of in season training theres no one he could not beat ,he has wrestled against most of the comp there or others who have and done well minus one who has not wrestled him either ,hopefully he is on the money and has a run there and lives up to your prediction ,and thanks again he has his confidence but he is very humble almost to a fault ,Under the gun or spotlight except when being taunted or upset he has rarely even celebrated even when accomplishing his main goals at each level of wrestling he has competed at often more worried for his brother than himself ,perhaps following him and in his footsteps his own confidence being connected ,a few stories coming up in major tournys when steph would take a big loss his coaches would say Austin looked as if the wind was knocked out of his sails ,A good brother a good son a Good person Who will have his ups and downs but I am betting leaves this level of the sport with his name in everyones mind and more than a few college coaches scratching their head and wondering why or how they missed him ,Watching him practice last night was odd he looked like a man amongst boys and does so even in a room full of men ,Hes not just a tank hes a Panzer a scary beast who has many many more gears to shift and levels left to reach ,I know the super 32 is legit but to me nothing equals Fargo and if I were anyone at Either Austin would be the last person I would want to either wrestle or meet in a dark alley ,As for that NHSCA loss and Fargo I think he plans on rectifying any losses at either and he has absolutely no fear or even the slightest anxiety about facing anyone at 32 .