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  2. gameface

    New Program- Need of Mats

    I sent a message to you on your profile. Ryle has a couple mats. Contact Coach Tim Ruschell with the number I provided.
  3. TrinityWrestling

    New Program- Need of Mats

    Coach, We may be able to help you out. Please email me at: -Patrick Fleming
  4. Ranger123

    2019 Ky All Star Classic

    As usual we have the support of a couple of great clubs around the state (Invicta, No-Ox, and Ky Extreme). Coach Burroughs and Coach Knable have been behind this event from day 1 and every year help to make sure it continues. Two great coaches but more importantly two of the best people you will ever meet and I am very glad wrestling has brought these guys into my life. We do have a new gear sponsor this year as Barbarian Apparel will be providing the gear for the event. Glad to have a more local company supporting us going forward.
  5. Regulators

    FallGrappling/Strength Club

    @BFHSwrestling @RegulatorsC @fenwicksports #RegulatorsC #RegulatorsGrappling Grappling-Strength September&October Monday-Thursday GAC Fitness 827 W Central Ave, Springboro, OH 45066 6PM 7-12 7:30 K-6
  6. panthers

    2 new programs

    Do you have the contact info if so I would like to have it please they aren't that far away. Thank you.
  7. Ranger123

    Match day at Madison Central

    Sorry for the change, but the August 31 match day will be cancelled. I’ll take the blame for not noticing that August 31 was Labor Day weekend and we have heard from a significant number of last weeks participants that will be out of town for the holiday. But that gives everyone a few more weeks to plan and get geared up for the next match day on September 21 at Madison Central. Hopefully we will see even more kids come out and get some mat time in. It’s a great opportunity to get 3-4 matches in a morning and likely get on the mat with some state placers from around the state.
  8. Woodford guys and girls are in. Girls side is full. Need one one more guys team.
  9. Yesterday
  10. coachteater

    2 new programs

    Yes, varsity.
  11. naplesme

    2 new programs

    As I understand It. Tood County is going to have a program. They have a coach and I've spoken to him. So maybe they have not spoken with KHSAA yet.
  12. Louden Swain

    MS/Youth State will be in Pikeville???

    I would call that a fair assumption but what is more important here is the understanding that we as a whole need to make the most of the situation because it beats the alternative. Like I said before, it beats canceling.
  13. Bearcats Coach


    Still need several teams. Let me know if your interested. Thanks
  14. take em to the mat

    2 new programs

    Are these new programs jumping right into varsity?
  15. halfhalfhalf

    2 new programs

    Maybe @naplesme can answer that question. We were told TCC would have a team this year.
  16. gameface

    Indianamat preseason open

    Rusty Craddock from Ryle will also be signing up. Hopi g to have a couple more
  17. coachteater

    2 new programs

    They are not placed in a region on khsaa website regional alignment. And if you go to khsaa directory and look them up, they show no team
  18. halfhalfhalf

    2 new programs

    Todd is supposed to be back from what @naplesme has said.
  19. Hello everyone, my name is Coach Ramos. This past year we just got approved for a wrestling program here at Lynn Camp high school. We are located in Knox County (ky). My program is currently looking for cheap or old mats that anyone or ay school might have for sale. Other than that pointing me in the right direction for some would also be greatly appreciated. Looking forward to a great upcoming season and to be apart of Region 7. Best of luck to everyone, Coach Ramos
  20. DrBaker

    Indianamat preseason open

    Add in another state champ- Dalton Russellburg, as well as Carter Messerly and Zane Drury. That make a state champ in half of the classes. Gonna be a tough tourney.
  21. coachteater

    2 new programs

    Green co is on khsaa list. Todd co cent doesnt show a team
  22. Still looking for 2 more guys teams and one more girls team.
  23. CUTiger184

    Currently Wrestling In College

    Can we update the list of KY boys represented at all collegiate levels? Harrison County: Campbellsville: Colin Coy Chase Blanton Midway: Brent Hudgins
  24. panthers

    2 new programs

    I heard some about a 3rd and 4th Green County I thought & Todd Central any truth to that
  25. Tito

    Middle School Tournament Dates 2019-2020

    OCMS DUALS DEC 14 full again. Here is a list of teams: Ashland, Holmes, Scott, Taylor, Belfry, Madison (Indiana), Greendale (Indiana), Floyd Knobs (Indiana)Silvercreek (Indiana) *if you are one of these teams and cannot make it please email me ASAP because we have some other teams interested that are trying to fill their schedules. Thanks 5026041791
  26. DrBaker

    Region 1 returners

    That will be a couple chapters in Nickal's book. I'd buy it.
  27. DrBaker

    2 new programs

    That's awesome. Good luck to them.
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