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Region 3 Rankings 11/22/10

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Region 3 Rankings


Bryce Payton (PRP) 11

Chris Abernathy (MEAD) 8

Nick Douglas (SOUT)

Dillon Murphy (FAIR) 10

Austin Miller (DESA) 10

Chris Ray (BULE) 8


Romel Giddens (SOUT) 12

Gage French (VALL) 10

Lance Kelly (MEAD) 11

Camron Halton (PRP)

Ricky Standafer (DESA) 10

Chris Mudd (FAIR) 10

Jay Sims (BUCE) 10

Evan Norris (BULE) 8


Zack Tucker (SOUT) 12

AJ Roberson (PRP) 11

Randy Bauer (BULE) 11

Leonard Burks (VALL) 12

Quentin Newkirk (FAIR) 10

Marcus Pryor (DOSS) 11

Danny Mattingly (MEAD) 12

Bryan Spinnela (DESA) 11


Brandon Scott (MEAD) 12

David Beck (FAIR) 12

Brian Crawley (SOUT) 10

Josh Powell (DOSS) 10

Jacob McCarthy (BUCE) 11

Josh Pedigo (WEST) 12

Brad Sturgill (PRP) 10

Tim Capps (BULE) 10

Christian Goodyear (DESA)


Chad Edwards (PRP) 10

Jeremiah Cook (DOSS) 11

Reece Beck (BULE) 11

Johnny Wright (SHAW) 12

Marcus Dudley (DESA) 10

Christian Mann (BUCE) 11

Dylan Andrews (MEAD) 9


Garrett Kenealy (MEAD) 11

Jerron Roberson (PRP) 11

Quincy Jacobs (SOUT) 11

Steadman Shakelford (WEST) 12

John Hutchison (BUCE) 10

Montray Merrill (SHAW) 11

Jacob Brainer (BULE) 11

Tim Roberts (NBUL)


Jake Weedman (SOUT) 12

Zack Goldsmith (DESA) 12

Cole Gilbert (BULE) 11

David Jean (WEST) 11

Justin Estes (DOSS) 12

Alvaro Agular (PRP)

Billy Carter (MEAD) 10

Jake Allgood (VALL) 11

Ligo Pio (FAIR) 11


Anthony Wood (PRP) 12

Tyler Goldman (FAIR) 11

Robbie Valdez (HOCR) 11

Kendall Reeves (DOSS) 12

John Clark (MEAD) 9

Peyton Harris (BULE) 11

Brad Henson (VALL)

Ivan Rosenberry (DESA) 10


Camryn Fields (PRP) 12

Jordan Causey (FAIR) 11

Zach Uligh (MEAD) 11

Wes Miller (WEST) 12

Jordan Willenberg (HOCR) 10

Blake O

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man, its crazy seeing all the new names on the rankings. congrats to southern still being ranked first and as well prp is looking like they are going to have a good team as well.

and to all wrestlers in region 3, wrestler smart and wrestle hard. its the best sport out there. do your best and good luck to all of yall

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