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Region 6 (from what I can remember)

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103 Yenter CC beat Adams RY (well pin or tech or close to it) 3rd parrott SK over BrownWV

112 Ruschell Ryle beat Fausz CC (convincingly) 3rd Hamlin SK over Castellano DH

119 Hall RY beat Supe Sc (Convincingly) 3rd Sinkra DH over Yocum SK

125 Osbourne RY beat Woods CC (pin) 3rd Miller SC over Harris SK

130 Cooper Pin (but much closer match) over Palmer 3rd Supe SC over Hamilton CC

135 Hale CC over Lonkard (good match) 3rd Bergman SK over Wren HO

140 Roland RY teched Jones CP 3rd Herald SK over Spar CC

145 Shotwell CC over Bolog RY 3rd Bates CP over Stevens SK

152 Coyle RY over Brewer CP? 3rd Zink CC over Boesch BB

160 Lee CC over Mace RY (by 1 point, good match) 3rd Bahr SK over Gilliland CP

171 Sowder SC over Caddell CP (convincingly) 3rd Parker RY over Hoseous WV

189 Ilg  CC (pinned?) Dockery CN 3rd Buckler RY over Edwards BC

215 Vanwinkle SK over Day BC 3rd Pruett RY

285 Franck CC over Jones BC3rd Beal CP over Williamson RY

Ryle 1st

Campbell Co. 2nd

Simon Kenton 3rd

Cooper 4th

Scott 5th

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All of the region  results are on the KHSAA web sight along with the random draw for the state tournament.

except region 2... i can post 103 bracket as soon as i get results from region 2...

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