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Region 3 Regional Predictions

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really yall still aint posted ne predictions for heavyweight are we serious come on give the big boys some love 2 :cry:

Here is prediction for seeds:

1  Chaz Nevitt (MEAD)

2  Trevor Ford (DESA)

3  Michael Jaggers (SHAW)

4  Jeremy Glass (HOCR)

5  Joey French (VALL)

I predict the top 4 to be:

1  Chaz Nevitt (MEAD)

2  Michael Jaggers (SHAW)

3  Joey French (VALL)

4  Trevor Ford (DESA)

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Daniel Smith seperated his shoulder and will not be wrestling.  It is ahuge loss to an already depleated team.  It is especially heartbreaking for us to lose a senior that did everything he was asked and showed up everyday for practice ready to work.

:cry: at 7:45pm sat Daniel Smith was lost at Baptist East Hospital, the family was notified after the doctors realized the lost had occured RIP Daniel "Danimal" Smith.

But at 9:45am sun morning, Daniel Smith was found on the 3rd floor telling wrestling stories to the senior citizens lol Amen. :mrgreen:

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Easy Tiger.  You might wrestle her only if I enter her so be nice.  As far as 189 is concerned, Justin Smith pinned Josh Stinnette in the 1st period the only time they met at Region 3 duals.  That was only Justin's 4th match ever.  Even so, I expect a better match this time around if they meet, but I wouldn't sell Justin short.  He's much improved since then.  He's learning quickly and I'm looking forward to seeing what he can do at regionals and on into next year.  Good luck to everyone.

aha no ill be nice it was just a joke but she is a attractive girl

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