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who will win it  

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  1. 1. who will win it

    • John Fahy
    • Nick Paden
    • TJ Ruschell
    • Robert Bracco
    • Pat Milford

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Have seen most of the top 103's in action Top eight in my humble opinion are 1.  Fahy no brainer 2.  Goff getting better and better  3.  Bracco  know he beat goff but that was early  4.  Schuyler  spell check  he looks 6 foot 3  5.  Yenter told he was as strong as goff 6.  Milford  solid but has trouble beating the top guys  7.  Anderson  MC  if he can keep his head on straight  8.  Abney TC  he has fallen off a bit of late but capable of placing.    Obviously have not seen Ruschell ,Reburn or Paden .  What I have noticed is region 7 is loaded at 103 Feel sure that Bracco will advance but any of the others could easily miss state.  Hanley Laf Asbury BC  or Shirley HC  could all upset the brackets.  Whoever does advance should be ready for state.

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Thats why I said I haven't seen Ruschell.  C'mon TC125

i know you havent seen him, thats why i told you of at least one accomplisment hes done recently. beating your number three ranked guy, should at least make him top 8.

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