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TRAIN LIKE A CHAMPION is a motivational Wrestling Training Book written for the High School Athlete. Are you a wrestler or an athlete in another sport and want to succeed? Do you wonder how the ones that reach championship status got there? Why them and not you? What is unique about their training? What are they doing to prepare themselves? How do they deal with the same issues that you have? Train Like a Champion is a wrestling book that provides all the answers to the questions above and many, many more.

What people are saying about TRAIN LIKE A CHAMPION Wrestling book:

"A good book for wrestling can be a bible, this is one of those types of books." "It's a book every wrestler should read over and over again." "It's full of techniques of a championship nature." "I know you're going to want to buy this book." -Scott Casper of Takedown Radio

"I finished reading your book and i loved it. I am using your techniques and so far i have had success. Right now i am 12-2 and ranked 4 in Ct at 152. This book made me look at wrestling in a whole new way. Thanks." Oleg, Wrestler, Connecticut

Go to my BLOG to purchase or click on the link below:

Eric Bellas, Author of TRAIN LIKE A CHAMPION, is on Takedown Radio!!!

He's the 2nd guest about 20 minutes into the show. Click on the link below to listen:

Read headlines about Author Eric Bellas and his book Train Like A Champion

Click on the link below to read the article:

You can now buy TRAIN LIKE A CHAMPION the E-book in HARD COPY. Visit the website from my BLOG or click on the link below:

Want to ask the Author/Coach a question. Email him


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